We've been having serious autumn storms the last few days.
Flower post have been crashing to the ground,
my Halloween display strewn across the patio.

Inside I have been feeling the same; raw and unstable.
The stress of the last month(s) is taking its toll.
I can't concentrate on things, my skin is breaking out.

Yesterday I couldn't get myself out of bed all day.
I hid under the covers with the curtains drawn,
even the laptop fan was too much noise for me to handle.

In desperation I reached for the nearest book
and spent the next couple of hours letting myself
get lost among crumbling stone walls covered in lichen
and hideous sights no man should ever gaze upon.

The gothics got it right. Maybe they had BD too?



The Halloween tag

I have been tagged! The lovely Sharon at Goth Gardening
tagged me in a Halloween tag, so without further ado:

Favorite Halloween song?
It's always changing. I have a loooong Halloween playlist.

Witch or Vampire?
Vampire. Hot broody pale vampires...
Though I would probably rather be a witch.

Favorite thing about Halloween?
Where do I begin..? :) I grew up without Halloween
and didn't start celebrating until I was in my 20's.
What I love most about this holiday is that I am responsible
for awakening the Halloween spirit in so many people around me.

Halloween party or Scary movie marathon?
Both! Preferably several of them too.
Though we will most likely only be able to do the latter this year.

Skeletons or Zombies?
 Neither up until recently, but this year I got myself, my man
and my three little nieces all matching skeleton outfits :)

Favorite Halloween candy?
We don't have any :(

Favorite Halloween movie?
Trick-r-Treat and Sleepy Hollow.
I have them on repeat all through the season.

Favorite Halloween costume?
I love all my costumes, and I usually sew them myself.
My least favorite one was probably a last minute witch costume.

Favorite Halloween store?
We don't have A SINGLE ONE! :(
Jack-o-lantern's - yes or no?
I love Jack-o-lantern's and we have far too few of them over here!
I'm lucky if I see any (except my own) around Halloween.
Bats or Black cats?
My black kitty is the sweetest, cuddliest and silliest
kitty in the world. I love him more than I love most people.
 My only experience with bats is when the fly in to
our bedroom in the middle of the night, and I have to
save them from my girl kitty. They're cute though!

Is Halloween your favorite holiday?
Yes. Halloween is number one, Yule is second.
It is also my man's favorite holiday, which helps.

Pumpkin spice latte or Hot chocolate? 
I have never had a real PSL, since we don't have
the pumpkin flavored syrup I think is required over here.
I do enjoy daily spiced lattes though, whereas I only make
hot chocolate once every two or three weeks.

I'm gonna tag a few European buddies this time,
because I'm curious about how they celebrate:

No pressure though - I know some of you are super busy!



The House of the Pumpkin Queen

The House of the Pumpkin Queen is a project
I began back in spring when my computer died.
Now finally the rooms are all done and have gotten lights!


Here's the Queen herself, hanging out in her pumpkin lounge.
The couch is an Ebay find that I painted, the pumpkin tables
are made from papier-maché. The vines and flowers are
paper crafts and the mirror was a gift from a blog friend.
(Thanks, Yvonne!)

On the top floor is also the Purple Witch's spell room.
It's hard to make out all the details, but there are spell books,
a broom and a pentagram made from paper and dry grass.
There's also a magical crystal ball and a black kitty.
(I wanted to show all the rooms in a dark spooky light, but it is very hard
to take a nice picture with the stupid Automatic White Balance 
button stuck, so I had to take new pictures in daylight.)

On the first floor we find Frankenstein's laboratory.
The generator was made from a match box and two light bulbs.
The slimy green effect on the walls was made by
alternating acrylic silver paint and green spray paint,
and using a paint brush before neither had dried properly.


Dracula's quarters are the most luxurious of them all.
He has a thick velvet carpet and wall paper from London
based Cole & Sons :) His candelabra is made from beads
and the candles are pieces of old phone wire.

In the cellar the Wolfman has ripped free from his chains
and is bursting through the doors. Next to him is the tomb
of the former owners of the house, a place for dark rituals
and really great parties. I plan to add some bats to the ceiling.

I still need to figure out some kind of casing for the house,
since the whole thing is made from boxes of varying colors
and depths, and since the back is a jumble of cords and tape.
But I hope you have enjoyed the tour!



Goodbye September

Ah September, the turbulence you caused!
Stressful new routines and complicated financial situations,
but also wonderful friends and lots of fun and games.

Yes, you took me for a glittery song and dance,
only to leave me exhausted and a bit bewildered.
Well played, Jokester. Now I bid you farewell!

October is my favorite month. It has knitwear, pumpkins
and turning leaves, it has my birthday and it has Halloween!
October is also one of my most creative times out of the year.
I paint, glue and build. I decorate, sew and crochet.

There are some sweet blog parties and challenges
coming up in October; Magaly's Witches in Fiction 2015, 
the Countdown to Halloween (starts tomorrow!)
and a creative challenge hosted by a friend on Facebook.

As you may already have noticed, I will be posting
more frequently in autumn, probably twice a week.
I hope you will come by for a visit, I want to show you guys
more of my (Halloween) home, and some of my creations!

I leave you for now with a picture of my black boy
on his bed on my crafting table - his new favorite spot.
But I will be back this weekend, with my first Halloween craft!


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