Spending time outdoors

I haven't been online much the last week, spring has come to southern Sweden.
The canola fields are turning yellow and the patio is heating up,
and me and the kitties have been checking up on the garden.
My potted walnut and Robinia survived the winter, one lavender didn't.
I will replace it come autumn, but for now I am growing sunflowers in the spot.

 These little darlings grow underneath the lilacs and make the wait for
the sweet smell filling the air a little less agonizing. May is the month of weeding,
it will be another month before the lilacs (and everything else) are in bloom.

I have a penchant for Mediterranean plants but most of them don't survive up here.
But when I came by bougainvillea in the supermarket yesterday I couldn't resist.
We have been thinking about adding a small 4-season room to the house this year.
I would fill it with bougainvillea, citruses, olive, fig, oleander...

My little boy was in a cat fight last week and was bitten right on the wrist :(
 You may be able to spot the part of his paw the vet shaved and cleaned.
He looks a bit suspicious in this picture because I just forced his antibiotics
on him before I pulled out the camera. Otherwise he's doing fine again now.

How is your garden doing?



April update, and earrings

 In Sweden, tax declarations are due this week. It effectively signals the book-end
of last year and harkens in a new (tax) era. Last week also surprised us
with sudden hail and snow, so I'm more than ready for April to be over.

We finally had a plummer out here to look at the leaky pipe. He flushed it
and dropped in a camera to check if anything was broken. Nothing was.
There will be no pulling apart the outer wall, no huge costs.
It turns out I have been fretting and stalling for a simple blockage...

My doctor signed off on my diagnosis last week and I have been granted
sick leave until fall. It's great in the way that it takes the pressure off
finding a job, but it makes me wonder if I should try to find something
to do with my time - like take a course in jewelry making or something.

I have been going a bit crazy in the jewelry department lately,
scouring Swedish Ebay for earrings. I pierced my ear as a lark
the other week, just to see if it was easily done - but I didn't think ahead
as far as earrings go... So I have spent the last two weeks remedying that :)

The two in the top left corner were left over from the sale of the store
and the ones with the purple leaves were a gift from sweet Winter Moon.
The big sparkly ones were only a dollar each, so if it turns out
I can only wear noble metals it's not a great loss.

Speaking of "jewels", I am packing everyone's gifts from the giveaway
last week and will get them in the mail soon. If you are a winner
and still haven't emailed me your address, please do so asap!

How have you guys been?


Giveaway winners!

It's time to announce the winners of last week's giveaway and I have
a confession to make: I have more than one piece left of some of the necklaces,
which means: EVERYBODY WINS!!! That's right, we have 12 lucky winners
and everyone is getting one of their top choices - congratulations!
So, all of you, please email me your addresses:

Goth Gardener
Jenny Minerva
Mary Mourning
Magic Love Crow
Magaly Guerrero
Samantha Scarlett
Laura M
Ronald Oliver

There were a couple of commenters who didn't enter or give their preferences
for one reason or another. To those of you, and to anyone who happened to
miss out on the giveaway entirely, I am offering one more chance to win
a pink or green/purple necklace (nr 1 and 3 in the picture in the giveaway post).
If you are interested please tell me in a comment on this post before Sunday!



Furry babies

Despite the weekend's bout of nightmares and the family dog dying
(and despite my mother crying on the phone to me, saying she thought
I was dead because I didn't reply to her text within 24 hours) I feel ok today.
Thank you to everyone who sent me hugs on Facebook ♥

I call him 'the family dog' because my parents basically shared him
with my brother's busy family, having been neighbors for many years.
Having two cats and living in another town, me and my man were not
as close to the big fuzzy boy as the rest, but he was a total sweetheart.
He died from acute pneumonia, 36 hours after starting to show symptoms.
His lungs were probably older than he appeared. He was 10 years old.

I have wanted a dog of my own for a long time. If it weren't for my cat lady
I would have a cute little pit-bull by now (my favorite dog). I think our
boy cat would come around to a puppy, just as he comes around to
any cat or human pretty quickly. But my girl kitty would probably leave,
and that would break my heart. She is 14-15 years old and my first cat,
and therefore she gets as much say in the matter as us humans do.
But in the future I see myself the mommy of a big mixed furry family,
who all love and play with each other. 

My girl kitty sleeping on my clothes.


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