Haunted Humpday IV and some news

I wasn't sure what to do for this week's Haunted Humpday.
When I get home at night lately it's already getting dark
and my camera just isn't any good without natural light.
So I give you this. I call it 'The Deranged Rooster'.

I'm looking forward to two TV shows in particular this fall.
Both are premiering in October, AHS on my birthday actually.

And it wouldn't be leading up to Halloween unless the amazing
Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist had a party brewing!
You know I'll be there, and won't you join too?


Now for the News: Yeah, I'm on Twitter now.
I'm not entirely sure how I ended up there...
but I suspect it had something to do with the wine :)
So if I follow you, it really is me. Just so you know.

I guess I joined because I sometimes feel the need for a more
"real time" relationship with my on-line friends, and because
there are some political groups I want to keep up with.

If I unfollowed some of you in the signing up process,
I apologize. Signing up I was automatically following
something like 60 accounts, so I just panicked.
If your Twitter name is different than your blog name,
please just give me a holler. I'd love to see you there.

And the other News: I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow.
I'm really anxious to sort my meds out asap.
It's been a weird and angsty couple of months.
 This time I will finally get to see a specialist,
and not just an intern on rotation (like the last 5 times).
I hope that means I'll get what I need.



The Swedish Feminist Party


Sweden has had coalition governments since the 1970's,
most often consisting of 40-50% social-democrats (labor)
and 5-10% communists, and I would say that our country
is at heart still a social democracy even though we've had
a right wing (lite) government for the last 8 years.

What many of you may not know is that by Monday,
Sweden may be the first country in the world to have
a Feminist Party in the parliament and/or government!

Feministiskt Initiativ has more ties to the left wing than
to the right wing, but they have a separate and clear agenda,
which includes such things as cheaper daycare, shorter workdays,
better pay for women workers, environmental issues
and better support for victims of domestic violence.

One of Sweden's MEP - and the only one in the entire
European Parliament - is a member of the Feminist Party.
She was voted in earlier this year, which looks promising
for the national elections this weekend.

I did my little bit for feminism today when I went to vote,
and for the first time in my life I feel like I can appreciate
what it is to have this right and responsibility. I actually feel
some excitement and hope about this year's elections and I am
thinking about buying some celebratory bubbly, just in case.

*** UPDATE ***

Well, all the votes are in and unfortunately Feministiskt Initiativ
didn't make it to Parliament this year. However, they did get a foot in
at 13 different districts all over the country, which is a start.

The Social Democrats together with the Environmental Party
and the Communists got the lead, but not by much. The big let down
was that the racist right wing party won 13% of the votes, and could
potentially shoot down the left wing's attempts at forming a government.



Humpday III and Halloween plans

Happy 3rd Haunted Humpday!

Do you guys remember last autumn, when I was bemoaning
the fact that no-one does anything for Halloween in Sweden
(except young adults dressing up and getting really drunk),
so I decided to organize it myself in our sleepy small town?

Guess what? This year I will actually get some funding!
A week from now I'm meeting with the town event organizer,
presenting my ideas and kicking off the season for real.

Because of this, a few weeks ago I began searching for a proper
Halloween supplier for my store. I found one (though they mostly
have cheap plastic products and none of the pretty things I see on my
American friends' blogs) and this week my first shipment arrived :)

Yesterday I just couldn't wait for our own to grow any longer,
so I went to the nearest garden store and got some pumpkins.
Aren't those gourds like something out of a Tim Burton movie?
I plan on using them in a Halloween center piece.

This weekend I will start decorating for Halloween
and next week I will start setting up for Halloween at my store.
After that I'm hoping the whole town will get in the mood :)

Thank you, Marfi, for hosting these Haunted Humpdays!



Drugs, disappoinment, mothers and booze

Some of you may remember that I started on new drugs a month ago.
By now the side effects have abated and I can somewhat accurately
assess the effects; Things are less heavy black, the world is not as much
the scary place I usually feel it is and I worry less, about everything.
 At the same time I seem to have lost most of my interest in cooking
and being creative, and my need for physical touch is all but gone.

Quite the trade off, huh?

I told my mother about the effects of the drugs and her response
made me feel like shit. My mother's need for me to be a healthy
and well adjusted person has caused me harm from time to time,
but yesterday she caught me off guard and really disappointed me.

So tonight I'm gonna put on my black lace dress and go out drinking
with my cousin. I'm gonna stuff my face and listen to live music,
and I'm gonna forget about toxic relationships for a while.

What are your weekend plans?


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