Haunted Humpday X + The Professor's monthly homework!

Happy 10th and last Haunted Humpday,
and Happy Halloween!

Sadly we have reached the end of the Haunted Humpdays
leading us up to, and getting us into, the Halloween spirit.
Thank you for all the spooky stories and inspiration, Marfi!
I have really enjoyed sharing my Halloween home,
and for this last post I am showing our front door
- properly decorated for Halloween for the first time!

Today we're also posting our homework for The Curious Professor Z.
Our generous head mistress, Frannie, was actually the one who
sent me these string lights almost a year ago - and she was thoughtful
enough to include a converter to the European power grid.
They fit perfectly and welcome me home every night!

I made these silhouettes yesterday. I used black cardboard
for the shapes and white tissue paper for the rest of the window.
It was actually much easier than I had thought it would be!
(Sorry about the crazy construction site light behind them...)

The flag is a gift from the States, we don't have those over here.
It's the first time I've had enough decorations to do the front step,
and I'm keeping it toddler friendly because of my little nieces.

(Can you spot the kitty?)

So what are you guys' plans for Halloween?
My weekend is absolutely packed, so this will probably
be my last Halloween post this year. I wish you all
a wonderful and spooky holiday, full of treats!



A Fanciful Punkin Party!

Welcome to our pumpkin carving party!

I'm in the middle of a 4-day weekend, resting up before all the (IRL)
Halloween craziness begins (the blog variety has already been going on
for a while). And the most important item on my to-do list for
the weekend is carving lots of pumpkins and drinking wine!

So grab a pumpkin and a knife and make yourself comfortable!
There's lots of snack food and the Halloween play-list is on repeat.
As always, Jack and Sally will be overseeing the progress.

Help yourself to a Pumpkin Spice cupcake with mascarpone frosting.
We're having my family over as usual for Halloween Sunday,
and not to be overwhelmed next weekend I made the dessert early.
So, obviously we have to sample it now, to make sure it edible :)

This is my first attempt ever to really sculpt a pumpkin.
It's supposed to be the Cheshire cat, but it's hard to see...

I love everything about carving pumpkins; the sweet smell,
the cozy warm colors - and the freedom of using one's
imagination and creativity without fear of failure,
because carved pumpkins will soon be rotted anyway.

There are also plain sugar and chocolate Halloween cookies.
I just learned that American sugar cookies are ideal for cutouts.
(Thank you, Marfi, for the pumpkin cookie cutter!)

Thank you, talented and whimsical Vanessa,
for (always) hosting such a magical party!
Please visit our hostess to check out her wonderful
party and to find links to the other participants.




Happy Humpday IX - glitter pumpkins!

Happy 9th Haunted Humpday!

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for your very kind words
on my little piece for Witches in Fiction in my last post.
I was blown away by the support and feel like maybe
I should pick up writing again :) Thank you so much!

Today I'm sharing pictures of my "Halloween shelf"
(instead of a proper mantle) and of my spray painted pumpkins.
For the pumpkins I used purple metallic and shiny black
acrylic spray paint, and lots of purple and silver glitter.

On the purple pumpkin I just sprinkled glitter on top before the paint
had dried. On the black and silver one I used tape to make a swirl
before I sprayed it black. Once the paint was dry I brushed on glue
in between the black paint and poured silver glitter on the glue.

If you don't want the stem the same color as the pumpkin,
put tape around it before you begin. (As you can see,
I forgot to do that on the purple pumpkin.)

Thank you, Marfi, for hosting! I hope you feel better soon.
And I hope to see everyone at Vanessa's party Saturday!



Witches in fiction - Crafting Blooming Howls

(This is only the beginning of a story, based on a dream I had.
There is no real ending yet, so please bear with me.)


Her dark coiled locks reach down her back, her face is creased from sun and wind and snow. The sealskins on her feet were thick and warm when she first set out, but now they are worn thin and offer little protection against the cold. She has walked for more than one moon and she does not know this terrain, but she eats the bark and berries her parents showed her during the winter moves. She has had almost as many winters as she has fingers and toes, but still she has no man. This makes her different than others. Some in her clan have stopped looking at her and speaking to her. They were happy when she was sent away.

At night the bones around her neck whisper to her, while she lies buried under the snow, sucking on the bitter root that her mother's mother, Batocke, taught her will keep the bad dreams away. She knows the bones are magical, as are the knots tied in between each smooth yellow piece. She touches the knots softly, one at a time, and speaks the names out loud to the night; Beautiful names of ancestors, of the lights in the sky, of the winds that carry Linash away each autumn and bring it back each spring, and of the Great waters to the west and south. She wraps the silver white wolf skin around her tight and most nights she falls asleep.

During day she walks. She walks across many different snows and ices. She kills a bird and eats it. The fire and the food warm her up a little bit, but the days are getting shorter and she has further to go. She has never been this far south before, but she has heard of the Great Water, a vast hunting ground with fish many times the size of humans. In her dreams she has seen what lies beyond the Great Waters too, for despite what the hunters say; It is not endless.

She does not like to think of another land, different from her own. It frightens her and the sights sometimes wake her up in a sweat. Instead she bows her head down and focuses on the rope tied to the kutie trailing behind her tugging at her waist, and the feel of the bones knocking against her breast. Her task is more important than her fears. She is to seek help, help for her clan. There is an illness spreading, one that takes children and grown and old alike.

Batocke said the hunters brought it with them when they came back from the summer wanderings. The old woman said they must have upset the Great Waters, that is why those that shared water with the hunters were falling ill. The hunters that lived Batocke sent away, but the curse had taken hold of the clan and more were still falling ill, several turns after the hunters left. Someone must go to the waters and make an offering, someone who had the curse but was spared.

When she fell ill she was scared and she thought of the things she never did, like lie with a man where the moss grows soft. But the fever ended and Batocke came to her and said; "You will go on a far away journey, alone, and you will save us". The necklace that holds the clans stories dangled around the old woman's neck when Batocke put a finger to her head and said: "Sights come to you". The older woman waited patiently until her daughter's daughter nodded, then she gave her the necklace and watched the younger woman's fear turn to pride.

She did not tell Batocke that when the sights come to her she does not see angry waters, and she did not tell the old woman that she does not intend to stop at the water's edge. As she closes her eyes against the snow wind she sees days on vast flat ice, she sees white birds and yellow land, she sees tall trees and greens she has never seen with her eyes open - and she sees other humans. No-one in her clan has ever met another human, and she knows of only one old story that speaks of them. But in the old story the other humans have a magic different from her clan's; the magic of healing.

Thank you, Magaly, for hosting such a wonderfully spooky party! 


As promised, here are the winners of

Meaning of Night - Strange Girl in a Little House
(Please email me your address!)

Twilight - Linnea på landet

Her Fearful Symmetry - Foxfire Musings
(Please email me your address!)

Micah + Strange Candy - Mindless Indulgence

The Dark Volume - Pagan Culture

Vampire Diaries - Roses and Vellum

The Little Stranger - Winter Moon

Congratulations to all the winners!
I'm not sure I'm able to get the books to you by Halloween
but I will try. Can you believe it's only two weeks away?

Happy Hauntings!


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