29 faces - Elven Queen

As I predicted, I am having a hard time keeping up with 29 faces.
For my 7th face, Elven Queen, I decided to go big and picked up a canvas.
As with the other faces I haven't painted on canvas in over 20 years,
and I experimented with glitter paint for the first time ever.
Then some life stuff happened and it's still not finished.

I want to fix her ears, the shading of the circlet and add some more "flames",
but I thought posting a work in progress was better than nothing
after more than a week of silence in what is supposed to be a daily challenge...

Going with the purple theme - and because tomorrow is Valentine's
- this was my gift to myself today, little purple rose lights.
(For any Swedes out there: they are only 29 kr at Rusta.)

 Happy Valentine's!



Moss dish gardens - healing things

Doing some light garden work is on my list of healing things this spring.
I love planting and potting (though I loathe weeding and cutting grass),
and I would like to spruce up the patio a bit for the outdoor season.

Living as we do, at the most southern tip of Sweden surrounded by water,
we have autumn weather 8 months out of the year. It's all winds and rain.
 I gave up on sun loving plants a while back, nature will have her way.
What we do have an increasing amount of though, is all kinds of moss.
I googled around a bit and found these beauties: Moss Dish Gardens.

So today I made moss dish gardens around two potted trees we have on the patio.
I made little mounds and used four different types of moss to create a landscape feeling.
One piece I left on the dead tree bark it was growing on and just dropped it in there.
They are still a bit flattened and muddy from the "planting" but will bounce back
in a few days. If they thrive I will make a separate moss garden in a prettier dish,
I will try to find moss in different shades and maybe mix it up with some branches.

There are a few things to keep in mind before making these:

Moss grows incredibly slowly and is protected in many places.
I only harvest from my own garden and only ever as much as I will need.
Always leave as much as you take, whether from a fallen tree or a rock.
Moss rarely survives indoors since it needs to be kept moist always.

 For those of you who happened to be stopping by looking for 29 faces:
I am falling behind (as I thought I would be) but I will be posting this weekend!
With the emotional ups and downs lately I have also been falling behind
in making my blog rounds, but this weekend I will try to visit you all.



Changes 2016

I am sitting at my new little desk, looking out over the lake
while contemplating some important decisions regarding my future.
With the beginning of the new year I was able to make some changes
in my heath care. My parents offered to pay if I found help outside of
the local psychiatric system (which has broken down completely now).

I think for the first time I may have found people who actually understand.
It's scary as shit, that shiny sliver of hope dangling in front of me.
My new therapist and doctor both think I should be put on sick-leave.
Since I've been out of a job for a while I may not qualify for benefits,
but it's an avenue I have decided to pursue.

Who knows, maybe 2016 is the year I finally start to heal?



29 faces - self portraits

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who commented on my
previous 29 faces post. Such wonderful encouragement - thank you!
I thought maybe the urge would dissipate once I sobered up, but I have been
drawing and painting ever since my last post - even on canvas and everything!

Today I'm sharing an impossible project, but something I was curious about 
- the self portrait. I switched the crayons for plain pencil and paper this time.
The hardest part was the eyes, I need a lot of practice there.

I don't know whether to call this first one Before Coffee or Morning Hair.
Both applied, and it came out looking as crooked as I was feeling.
It's strange to really study one's own wrinkles and sagging skin...
I'm definitely not 20 anymore.

This second one I like to call Midsomer Murders, because she came out
looking a bit homicidal and kind of British, don't you think?
Oh, and if you're wondering why the women in these pictures
look nothing alike, it's because I'm a shape-shifter - obviously.


Well, that makes 6 so far - only 23 to go....


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