Dissociative money moods

At one point, just after Jul, I almost ran out of money. I had some big bills
and a car service to pay, and I assumed that I had been wasteful
during the holidays. I vowed that the New year would see a more frugal me.

Then I noticed that I hadn't been paid for the month of October (!)
guess the Halloween craziness made me forget to check...
I called it in and suddenly I had an untouched paycheck at my disposal!

It all left me in a contradictory mood. On the one hand I am clearing out,
putting up things for sale - even furniture and heirlooms - to save money.
On the other, I am sales shopping and browsing EBay for new dresses,
games and - furniture. I bought this amazing sugar skull carpet last week,
and I have my heart set on this new couch at IKEA, called Stocksund.

It also makes me dread the aquiring of a new laptop,
while at the same time planning a rebuild for more closet space.
Oh, and I bought a minty tulle princess dress. I'm 37 years old.
They might have to change my diagnosis... :)

So, like in every January since I hit my 30's, there are no
resolutions made. There is only the increasing confusion
over time spinning faster and faster, and a growing wish
to hold on to life's little pleasures.

(None of these pictures are mine, but I think I have finally
figured out my camera situation - stay tuned!)


Life updates

Today I am finally off and at home at an hour when there is
a smidgeon of natural light left to use for picture taking.

So let's see, what have I been up to... Well, I've had some time off,
I've started the winter sale at the store, I've bought a black dress,
a purple sweater and glittery nailpolish, and I've played Thief (pretty but dull).

This was my most treasured Jul gift; A luxurious, blood red anklet.
And I have two people to thank for it; My man who gave it to me,
and the ever talented Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for making it!
Of course I will have to wait many months before I can wear it
without thick socks and winter boots getting in the way.

With all the spare time on my hands I have also embarked on
a few creative projects, like making this hamper. I love it!
Our old one was see-through and reminded me that I had
to do laundry each time I looked in the closet. Who needs that?

Here's my girl giving me her "What...are you doing?" look.

I finally thought I had figured out the camera settings
on this blasted thing, and the pictures looked all sharp
in the preview, but even my best kitty picture turned out blurry.

The coming month I have two big things coming up;
I will visit trade fairs and do lots of ordering for the store,
and I will host my first ever sleep-over for my nieces.
I have big plans for the latter, involving an Arabian Nights theme!

Do you have any plans in motion, to get through the winter faster?


Happy New Year and a giveaway winner!

Dearest, sweetest blog friends:
Happy New Year, and how have you all been doing?!

I have received such lovely emails and items these last few weeks!
I just want to thank you all, and tell you how much it irks me
not to be able to respond promptly to you - or at any length.

Tonight I'm quickly borrowing a laptop just to announce the winner
of my New Year's giveaway - Petoskystone! Congratulations!
Please email me your address (since I don't know if I have it).

I would have loved to show you guys pictures from our romantic
and ridiculously tasty New Year's soiree, of sweet gifts,
creative projects and of my pile of winter reading - but alas.
Fingers crossed, I'll figure out a new camera option soon.

Just know that I still try to visit you guys as often as I can,
even though blogger on the iPad isn't letting me comment.
And I hope you all have a great start to the new year!


My creative space

Once again I apologize for the crappiness of my pictures
(and the fact that I can't resize them - Aaaarrrgggghh!!!)
We finally cleared out the "hobby room" and threw out 3 garbage bags
full of stuff(!) and I have finally gotten my creative space back,
so I wanted to share (before we fill it up with junk again...)

This is my 15-year-old sewing machine, gifted by my mom
when I got my first own apartment. My desk is a vintage Swedish
dining room table, and the tiny dying Hoya that I inherited from
my grandmother 20 years ago is now taking over the window.
Don't you just love old things?

A typical Swedish electrical Jul candelabra, and the iron Kitty
I inherited from my best friend when she passed 7 years ago.
Outside is finally the snow we've been waiting on all December!

Obviously, the Swedish Pumpkin Queen needs a crown.

This is the wall opposite my desk, where we are planning on
putting my man's stand up desk (once we get him one).
I'm such a decorating nerd that I am actually looking forward
to setting him up with a chair, lamp, bin, stapler etc of his own :)

As you can tell, the dark purple theme has been abandonned
in favor of white and light in this space. My third favorite color
is teal/aqua and in here it's perpetual summer. My plan is to
continue the Indian style painted pattern all around the window.

My man's grandmother was a painter and when she died last year
he brought home all her old gear; oils, acrylics, crayons, coals and pens.
It was like going through a lifetime's worth of imagination.
I was honored and inspired to put her things among my own.

That's right. I kept some of the glittery sea creatures for myself.

The wall not shown in these pictures is one big shelving system
where I keep truckloads of cloth, paper and knick-knacks.
I always intend to improve the storage facilities in this room,
but decorating and creating is just much more fun :)

Don't forget to sign up for my New Year's giveaway in my previous post!

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