Dye and glue

I found an article about dying wool in the microwave, just using
food coloring and white vinegar, and I tried it out on some old gloves.
I used blue, red and black dye - all in all maybe 20 ml - in a glass jar
with 1 part vinegar to 5 parts hot water.

Microwave on full for 2 minutes, then stir. Repeat until insane...
It took me about 10 times to get the shade I wanted. You're supposed
to let it cool down in between runs to prevent it from boiling over,
but that took too long... Yeah, my microwave is a purple mess now :)

I made some cheap autumn and Halloween candle holders,
because clearly you can never have too many of those.
I'm itching for it to be September already so I can start decorating
my house for the fall season. I even called a nearby Garden Center
to inquire about pumpkins and gourds ('Not yet' was the answer...).

What have you guys been up to lately?



Distilling my style

Yesterday I packed away my summer clothes as I do every August,
but this year I only brought back out the autumn/winter clothes
that fit a certain style - I suppose you could call it Dark Mori.

It shrunk my wardrobe just enough for me to get an overview
and a new found appreciation for the lovely pieces I actually have.
I also longingly ran my fingers over my knitted scarves and cowls,
but it's still much too hot for those.

Now that I don't have to be a representative of a certain interior decor style
(a style that moved further and further away from my own over the years),
I have decided to let my true personal style run free this fall.

I've ordered permanent purple hair dye and I'm getting my ears pierced.
I'm gonna be that weird Emo 40-year-old in class this semester
(though I'm still only 37) and I'm going to rock every inch of it :)

I'm even considering doing a couple of 'Back-to-School' outfit posts.
What do you guys say to that, is that something you'd be interested in?
Above is what I wore to work today. Take away some color,
add knitwear and heavy boots - and you have my fall style.



Just a short life update today.

I got my dispensation to get my Uni degree (!), and I have a meeting
with the guidance counselor tomorrow. I need to know my options
and find out which classes I need to retake. The semester starts
already September 1st, so I don't have that much time to prepare.

I am only keeping the shop open about 20 hours a week now,
so I hope the Uni schedule won't be too difficult to keep up with.
 We signed the contract with the realtor today - finally - and next week
our entire small-town will probably know and talk about the sale.
I am preparing for unhappy customers and impertinent questions.

After the last few weeks' medicine debacle I have quit the horrible
mood stabilizers and am now put on an anti-anxiety drug instead.
It will be a few weeks before I know if it's working, but at least
it can't be worse than being a depressed dissociative zombie.

How are you guys doing?
Any big plans or changes for fall/winter?



Birthday dinner

It feels like forever since I posted about food. Honestly, it's been so long
since I really made a cooking effort that I feel a bit out of practice.
But yesterday I cooked my man a belated birthday dinner.


A while back I found this mouth-watering recipe by the incredibly talented
and versatile Jacqueline at Purple Chocolate Home: Carne Asada Fries.
With my man's favorite food being Carne Asada I made a mental note.
 (You guys should really check out her yummy cakes and themed parties!)


This was every bit as scrumptious as Jacqueline made it look and sound!
The only issue I had was that the time on the package of fries was off,
and they could have been left a bit longer in the oven to become crispy.

For dessert I made blueberry cobbler, served with vanilla ice cream.
It was delicious, though I measured the butter wrong and the crust came out
more flaky than anything else. (Told you I was out of practice).


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