First day of spring

I feel like for weeks now, maybe months, I have started writing this post
and then deleted it. But if there is ever going to be a perfect day
for looking back and summarizing the winter season - it's today, isn't it?

My winter has been shit. There, I put it out there, in to the blogosphere.
Now I have no clue how to continue... I guess first off, changing around
my meds a couple of times has been... problematic. Also, my store is not
going very well. And my man is having a really hard time finding a job.

A couple of weeks ago the flu hit my family with force. Being the only one
who didn't get sick I suddenly had a double work load, covering for
my mom at work and taking care of my man at home. That's when I broke.
I don't have much more to say about right now. Maybe I will later.

Some of you have sent me things over the last month, both in words
and in lovely gifties. I haven't had the strength to reply and thank you all,
but your love helps me through my lowest points and I am so grateful.
Some of you are also overdue an email from me (sorry!) and all of you
are overdue a blog comment from me (though I still visit and read).

I don't know what spring will bring in terms of... well, anything really,
but my intention is to come back to the blog world. In the meantime
I hope you are all doing ok and I hope to see you soon. Take care!


Arabian Nights, shoes and more dolls

 Happy belated Valentine's everyone!

It's been a crazy weekend for us, hosting our very first sleepover
for our little nieces (age 6 and 8). Everyone was a bit nervous at first,
but they are total sweethearts, so soon we were brushing Barbie hair
and talking about Disney movies.

They loved the tent I made in the livingroom
and slept like rocks all through the night under it.
The next day we played hide-and-seek and baked.
Time just flew by, but of course mine and Cinnamon man's
sleep and meal schedules are completely thrown off now.

 Sorry about the very dark pictures,
I am still learning about our new camera.
And with any luck I will have a working laptop
in a few weeks! I have so much catching up to do!

I did some more revamping of my old Barbie dolls.
Princess Laura is now a glam rocker and Hawaiian Kira
got an ethnic yet fashionable winter look.

Another project I've been having fun with lately is revamping shoes.
I used sand-paper, glue, lacquer, glitter, spray paint and nail polish.
I don't know about you, but that's all stuff I have in my house :)

 Did you guys do something special for Valentine's?
I will be visiting the lovely blog parties that went down
this weekend, and see what you all did!



Hello February - and dolls...

Lately I am relearning how to sleep and rediscovering music.
I am ordering shoes, clothes and decor for the store,
visiting trade shows and planning our livingroom make-over.

I have learned that selling one's old gold jewelry is alot easier
than getting rid of an old couch - unless you're giving it away.
And I have learned that one apparently is never too old for dolls...

At Christmas my mother asked me to go through my old Barbie stuff
and take home the things I didn't want my three little nieces to play with.
I grabbed some old favorite dolls, thinking I would stuff them in a drawer
and forget about them. Instead they awoke the 10-year-old in me :)

Inspired by Ms Insomniac's four-season room, I converted an old
mini-greenhouse/hotbed into an Eastern/Asian Barbie lounge,
And I have a not-so-secret fantasy about making a Halloween doll house...

I made some hippie style garments for my old 'Barbie and the Rockers' dolls
and (don't tell anyone, but...) I spent hours on their hair and jewelry.

Somewhat on the topic; for Valentine's Day we are entertaining
my two eldest nieces with an Arabian nights themed sleep-over.
I've gotten us some saree fabric and made us bindis,
and I put together a cozy tent for the livingroom.

We're thinking spaghetti and hot dogs, jewelry making, Frozen and Brave,
no-bake baking, blowing freezing bubbles and playing Pokémon (cards).
And then they can sleep under a velvet canopy with glittering stars.
I hope they'll enjoy it, it's their first sleep-over with us!

What are you guys up to for Valentine's?


Dissociative money moods

At one point, just after Jul, I almost ran out of money. I had some big bills
and a car service to pay, and I assumed that I had been wasteful
during the holidays. I vowed that the New year would see a more frugal me.

Then I noticed that I hadn't been paid for the month of October (!)
guess the Halloween craziness made me forget to check...
I called it in and suddenly I had an untouched paycheck at my disposal!

It all left me in a contradictory mood. On the one hand I am clearing out,
putting up things for sale - even furniture and heirlooms - to save money.
On the other, I am sales shopping and browsing EBay for new dresses,
games and - furniture. I bought this amazing sugar skull carpet last week,
and I have my heart set on this new couch at IKEA, called Stocksund.

It also makes me dread the aquiring of a new laptop,
while at the same time planning a rebuild for more closet space.
Oh, and I bought a minty tulle princess dress. I'm 37 years old.
They might have to change my diagnosis... :)

So, like in every January since I hit my 30's, there are no
resolutions made. There is only the increasing confusion
over time spinning faster and faster, and a growing wish
to hold on to life's little pleasures.

(None of these pictures are mine, but I think I have finally
figured out my camera situation - stay tuned!)

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