Finally, some good news

 Yesterday, Cinnamon man finally got a job offer,
after a lengthy interview and hiring process.
I say 'offer' because another company also wants him
and quickly scheduled a second interview tomorrow,
most likely to present a counter offer.
He is still undecided about which one to take.

My man is understandably pretty excited,
and I am very proud of him. I have never seen him
employed before, but lately I am getting to know a new
side of him - confident, studious, ambitious. It's nice :)

With a proper income ensured for us I can finally put
my store up for sale, and I will be out of a job by autumn.
It will be a massive shift for us, in our day-to-day life,
and it's both scary and exciting. I have no idea
what I want to do next, but we have agreed
on me taking some time off to figure it out.



Short recap

Just a few words to let y'all know I ain't dead.

I am still going through a rough patch.
Actually, this is what most of a depressed life is like,
and the better patches are few and far between.

Hmm. That paragraph went nowhere really fast.

We've had alot of family time lately. For my dad's 70th
he swept us all away for a weekend at a spa (my first),
and we just had my little nieces over for a monster themed
sleep over. It's all been pretty nice but also exhausting.

I am trying to catch up on my blog reading
and I finally put all my giveaway prices on the box.
I hope that they will reach their recipients soon!

Most else in my life is still up in the air,
and I feel like I am just waiting for it to fall
- either on its face, or into place.
I'll get back to you when it does.

In the meantime; Take care, and I miss you guys.



The Halloween house

You know it, you can feel it, right?
Only 6 months left now, better start the preparations!

Lately something has come over me.
It's something fiercely creative, but also complicated.
I am hesitant, protective and sensitive to criticism one moment,
bold, confident and experimental in the next.

I used to look at persons working with miniatures
as strange, quirky, "världsfrånvända" persons.
Of course, when I try to find the English equivalent
of that word, I get 'misanthropic'... No wonder
I am now finding myself making shadow boxes.

This is my Halloween house, a dollhouse-slash-diorama.
It all began with some 90's Burger King horror movie toys
and it just built from there. I need to add lighting, framing,
and the Pumpkin Queen needs more pumpkins.
When it's all done I will return with more pictures!


I am also making my father a shadow/memory box
for his 70th birthday. It's a bit too personal
to show here, so you'll have to take my word for it :)
And after that I have tons of other ideas/scenes
I want to make. The sky is really the limit.



April DIY and gifties!

Several years ago I bought this chaise-lounge at IKEA.
The only ones using it are the cats, who sleep on it every night.
I was never completely happy with it being white
and lately the busy floral pattern has started to annoy me.
But new covers aren't cheap, even by IKEA standards.

I had seen a few blog posts on painting upholstered furniture,
so I decided to give it a go. Not to waste too much paint,
I removed the covers and painted them twice before I put them
back on. Though, to completely cover the pattern it ended up
needing four coatings anyway.

 The chaise-lounge also has alot of surfaces and crevices,
so I used about 5 litres of matte water-based acrylic paint
(regular wall paint), 2 bottles of cheap hair conditioner
as a textile medium, and diluted the paint with 1/3 water.
 But a smaller project will not need much paint at all,
and the cost of the entire project was (except several hours
of labor) only about 300 sek/40 usd - 1/4 of what new covers cost.

The end result feels a bit like really coarse Gore-tex,
and is not especially nice to sit on, but all the cat hair,
dirt and grime just brushes right off. I really like it
and I can imagine it being the perfect solution for dog owners.

 For some reason, the color turned out much lighter and more blue
in the pictures. It's actually a pretty somber, dark greyish purple.
So are the candles and napkins in the picture below... weird camera.

Easter went by in a blur, with lots of family dinners
and socializing, and of course I forgot to take pictures
of all the food and cakes I made. So here's a picture
of the flowers my man brought me yesterday instead :)

These are the latest purple additions to our home;
large drinking glasses and the lovely Violet,
a wonderful gift from Emma at Little Gothic Horrors.
She has already made friends with another little
project I'm working on :) Thank you, Emma!

I noticed that I've gained some new followers over these last few weeks
away from the blog world. I'm not sure what I've done to deserve it,
but thank you very much - and I'll be visiting you all real soon!


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