An update, and a short hiatus

 I haven't been blogging much lately, and I have not been visiting
blog friends like I usually do. Honestly, since my break-up I have
been going through a no-words kind of phase. Instead I have been
redecorating, taking care of my cats and planning my trip (to the UK).

I know some of you might be curious, so I'll tell you right away:
No, I haven't met anyone IRL from any dating apps yet.
Truthfully I am not that interested, I signed up mostly out of curiosity.
I am concentrating on developing friendships right now.

In two weeks I am going on a trip to visit two of my blog friends,
and I am really looking forward. I haven't been abroad in years!
It's a short trip but I am in for an adventure - I will be celebrating
two birthdays (including my own) and attending a fabulous wedding!

Now, to the hiatus part:
I will be back from my trip in the beginning of October
and I will probably not blog before that. But when I get back
it will be all Halloween, all the time - I promise!



Oh. My. God.

 There are things you learn with age, like the difference between
real tasting vs artificial tasting raspberry, strawberry and banana stuff.
For me, it's dating and men. You see, depending on where you are in life
you may find yourself dating, and in the modern age that means taking
to your computer, or more likely, your phone. And yes, to Tinder.

You've heard about it, you've wondered about it, and you've loathed it
even though you haven't tried it. Or you've secretly coveted it
even though you aren't single and you know it's pretty much shit.
I'm here to tell you: It's fucking confusing!

So; Oh my god, it's like googling 'men'. There are literally thousands
of single people out there. And with so many hits you can't be bothered to look
through their profiles, so you just go by their main photo - and so you have
officially become the most shallow person on this planet.

I can tell you right now, after only two hours on Tinder,
the 10 things men do wrong when they take/post pictures:

- They wear sunglasses
- They look bored
- They look angry
- They are turned away from the camera
- They enhance their beards (above all else)
- They try to look intimidating
- They try to look arrogant
- They use a picture of a celebrity
- They take pictures in public bathrooms
- They include pictures of groups (so you can't tell who's who)


A new chapter

As some of you know, almost 2 months ago myself and Cinnamon man
decided to go our separate ways. We were together for 5 years
- almost as long as I have been blogging as Ms Misantropia.
It has been a difficult time, but I am ok and we are on good terms.
Now it's just me and the cats again.
Looking around the spaces he used to inhabit was quite depressing,
so I am using this time to redecorate and reclaim those spaces.
You can follow the progress on instagram.com/msmisantropia.
Later this autumn a full renovation of the kitchen is also in the works.
By next year I'm hoping this feels like a new house, with new memories.

This autumn I will be making some other changes in my life.
I am working with my doctor to get me back onto the job market,
I have begun "friend dating" - hoping to meet some new people who
share my interests - and, if all works out, I will be visiting two lovely
blog friends sometime in the near future :)



Late 2015 - early 2016 movie quick hits

They are in no particular order, simply because I wrote them down
in the order I remembered them - which in no way reflects on quality.

The Other Side of the Door: Jeeez. Don't waste your time. Dull and clichéd.

Deadpool: Despite the occasional sexist parts I found myself thoroughly entertained.

The Conjuring 2: Very good actors and scenes, just a bit slower than the first.

Zoolander 2: Unfortunately no where close to the first one.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Some silliness, but WAAAHOOO + strong female lead!

Keanu: I still don't know what to think, but I did laugh out loud a few times.

The Martian: Like an entertaining documentary for science students.

The Hundred-Foot Journey: If you like food (French + Indian), than YES.

The Good Lie: Toned down not to offend. Still makes its point.

The Witch: An old telling of an old tale, but beautifully done.

Zootopia: Lively animated tale with solid morals/points, but sucky score.

Joy: Good story. About time women get the time of day. Nothing special though.

The Gift: Tense, psychological thriller. Nothing new, but well acted.

Black Mass: The life of a sociopath mafioso, played masterly by Johnny Depp.

Still Alice: Sanitized portrayal of Alzheimer's, but beautifully done by Ms Moore.


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