Malmö Garden Show 2016

Today we visited the Malmö Garden Show, right here in Skåne.
It was free and much bigger than we had anticipated.
The warm weather also helped make it a lovely outing.

 What you see below is the plant market and food area, and to the left
was a second area with pretty and inspirational gardens and balconies.
They also had live music and lots of learning activities for kids.

I too learned some things and got ideas for the large neglected flower beds
I just took on, like what color schemes and plant mixes I want.
(I can't wait to share pictures with you once I have gotten them in order!)

Below is my small fair haul. Most of the planting will have to be done
in autumn this year, so these are just some fillers. You can't tell yet, 
but those are deep purple Heliotropes and black Irises in the front :)



Planning and dreaming

I have been asked more than a couple of times over the last month;
"Are you growing pumpkins this year?" The answer is 'no'.
The reason is that at the time of planting (Feb-March for the big ones over here)
I had no idea what the rest of the year would look like for neither myself nor my man.
And as anyone growing pumpkins knows; they need constant tending.
(Although, come Halloween, I will probably wish I had some of my own.) 

Akleja (European Columbine) and Bergklint (Mountain Cornflower) in bloom,
and a couple of Irises just about to pop in between.
(Please don't mind the weeds, this flower bed is next on my to-do list...)

Not growing pumpkins and suddenly having lots of time on my hands has shifted
my focus towards the long neglected garden and a project 10 years in the planning
- the four-season/sunroom. Ever since I moved in to my little crummy
(yet adorable) cottage I have dreamed about a small orangerie, with a tall
glass ceiling and lots of light. I made a crooked sketch but you get the idea...
Tomorrow we're finally having a meeting, discussing budget, size and build time!

And I have big plans for redesigning the garden around the new sunroom.
What is supposed to be our lawn is currently a bumpy weedy mess,
and the rose bed is a source of shame since they were all struck by disease.
I am hoping we can level off that whole area and in time make it as lush
and romantic as I try to make the patio (on the other side of the house).


We're also having my parents over this weekend, since Sunday is Mother's Day.
And since we've been putting off getting new patio furniture for years now
I temporarily fortified the dilapidated pieces with big nails and some left-over paint.
I didn't put too much care in to the project because the set won't last another year,
 I just used some old dark purple paint and diluted it with cheap white primer.



2016-2017 A/W fashion inspiration

Just a quick look at some 2016-2017 A/W fashion today,
because the half of my brain that isn't busy gardening
is longing for fall and buying velvet dresses on Ebay :)



 Anna Sui

Elie Saab 



You know you've hit middle age when your personal look is back in style
and '68 has had at least two revivals in your life time...



Lost in the garden

Spring time in the garden has stolen me away completely this year.
I spend my time planting, weeding, watering, even correcting stones.
 I am also continuing my yard-art projects, and today I made a sun-catcher
from some stuff I had lying around. It was super easy!

If anyone tries to tell you there's no such thing as global warming, the Swedish lilac
is here to tell you differently. In the last 30 years, the lilacs have started blooming
increasingly early. Their scent used to signal the end of the school year in Skåne,
now they start blooming already mid-May. That's 2-3 weeks earlier than 30 years ago.
I even saw a graph on it (but I can't find it now...)

 Here are all the sunflowers that were left over after I had planted them.
I don't know what I was thinking using two whole packets...
Also some little half dead strawberry plants I saved from the garden.
Hopefully I will have found a better spot for them by autumn.

This big cement planter is probably decades old and weighs a ton.
It was a sickly brownish green crumbling mess up until last week,
when I decided that some paint may at least improve appearances.
I don't expect it to hold together for much longer though.

This is the finished product of my mosaic cinder block planter.
It brightens up one of the shady spots on the patio,
but it is really at its best when the sunlight is bouncing off the glass pieces.

We have deer in our garden almost nightly, and fearing for my little
sunflower seedlings, I am trying out hanging cd's (with little bells)
all around the garden to scare them off. Though I remain skeptical.


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