Easter weekend and 3 winners

It's a day of many season's firsts:
First day warm enough for bare-footing it and for drying laundry in the sun,
first day of garden work and sunscreen, and of lunch and laptop on the patio.

It's funny how sometimes we don't really understand what is amiss
until we are given it. Among budding flowers, bird song and happy kitties
my soul is beginning to feel some peace for the first time in months.

For atheistic reasons I don't really celebrate Easter.
If I had children I might use the time off to do something creative,
like dyeing eggs or arrange an egg hunt, but instead I spent Friday cooking
and baking for two friends of mine, one of which I hadn't seen in 6 months.

And instead of sill, eggs and snaps I made a meal influenced by the Americas;
Chicken with mash and corn. After weeks of fast food I needed something hearty.
For dessert I had made a rich chocolate truffle cake but even so, I found myself
in the kitchen baking caramel cookies late in the evening after dinner
- because my guests just wouldn't leave even after I ran out of food :)

Saturday I worked a half day and then spent the evening with my extended family.
(Just because I don't celebrate Easter, doesn't mean my family doesn't...)
We painted eggs and had lots sill and snaps. It was a nice weekend
but I'll be happy if I don't need to be sociable for a month or two now.

How did you guys celebrate Easter, if at all?

Now on to my Love Giveaway and the 3 lucky winners!
Congratulations to:

Winners, please send me your email addresses!



Year without shopping - April update, and a Love Giveaway!

 This last month has been a crazy time for me. It started out with hopelessness
and despair, went on a tangent with a sudden wonderful trip, threw in a long
heavy cold and then finished off on a high note with some very happy news.
 And 'No-shopping-wise' I have checked off a few things on my list:

1. I have squared away my winter clothes to fit my summer dresses
and I can safely say I am all set for summer...
2. A pair of spring shoes was on my list of allowances and I was lucky
to find some (fake?) Uggs on Ebay, for a fraction of the original price.
They're in the mail and I will get them next week.

3. I have started clearing out my junk and just donated a giant bag of books
to a local well-fare organization. It felt really good and I plan to pack up
and donate more stuff over the coming weeks.

 But although my Valentine's wish has come true, being strong is still sometimes hard
when being alone. I am looking at another month of sleeping alone, eating alone,
coming home to a dark house and not being able to reach out to touch warm skin.

So I am planning on getting some boring stuff out of the way, like seeing a dentist
and visiting suppliers, but I also wanted to do something fun - and what is more fun
than a giveaway? I want to give back to all you lovely blog friends who have
supported me during this time - so I'm having a Love Giveaway!

3 readers will get a package containing a sari/scarf (white, cream or purple),
a decorative fabric heart, a vintage style tag and a few other bits and bobs!

All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on this post!
Please make sure to link back to your own blog or email.
I will draw the 3 winners on Easter Sunday (first picked, first choice of sari).

Good luck!




My man is coming home!

He got his residence and work permit and will be back in May!
We were told the process could take up to 11 months, but apparently having lived
together for 2 years and him speaking Swedish DOES make a difference.

 Thank all of you optimists for your hopeful and encouraging words
- it turns out this time you were actually right :)
I've been out with a nasty cold all week, but things are quickly getting better!



Halloween came early, or; Thank you, thank you!

Since I shared mine and Cinnamon man's Migration troubles on my blog
many of you have been so very kind in your comments, emails - and gifts.
I have received such wonderful things in the mail over the last few weeks!

First I won creative Diane Mac Design's monster giveaway and received
two cute little monsters, a hand-made pendant and some creepy American candy
(which is all gone now :)). Diane really kick-started my 2014 Halloween longings!

Franny at The Curios Professor Z heard my complaints last fall about
the bareness of Halloween merchandise in Sweden and was extraordinarily kind
to send me a care package with two Halloween string lights and some cute tissues,
with a beautiful and loving hand-written card attached. Amazingly she also added
a bag full of electrical plugs/converters to make sure I could use the string lights.
It was a very thoughtful gift and this fall I will finally be able to decorate the patio!

Marfi at Incipient Wings really went out of her way to get me a big Halloween
care package via my man while I was in the States. Her (purple!) package was full of
great treasures like stickers, cake shapes, pumpkin stencils, Halloween decorations,
ribbons and a cute black owl. (Some of the things didn't make it to the photo session).
My man brought the package to San Francisco for my visit and I was amazed
when he pulled out one thing after another - I am now all set for fall!


Thank you all so much for thinking of me and for gifting me
all these wonderful Halloween treats! Feeling so much love
from blog friends makes my difficult circumstances a little easier.
It also makes me want to give back, so expect a giveaway soon :)


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