Haunted Humpday VI and a giveaway!

Happy October and Happy 6th Haunted Humpday!

I have spent the last two days unpacking Halloween
decor and decorating my store. My back and feet ache,
but now tons of happy pumpkin faces and scary spiders
are staring at me from every corner. I love Halloween!

Yesterday some of the things made it home with me.
I am not even gonna pretend like I didn't put a paper bag
next to me while unpacking, into which now and again
a little something would slip down :) Though, in my defense,
most of the things were broken and had to be reclaimed.
(The pallet fell during shipping and it was all a big mess.)

I don't feel like the Swedish loner Halloween weirdo anymore,
who has to make her own stuff out of left-over cardboard.
Now I have a respectable collection of Halloween lanterns,
enough to infuse every room in the cottage with spooky coziness!

Since we've entered October I think it's time for
a Haunted Humpday Halloween giveaway - don't you?


These are Halloween wine glass decorations made out of glass,
but I hung some on a candelabra today and it looked great too.
Next Humpday, the 8th of October (which is also my birthday)
I will draw 2 winners from the comments on this post.

Good luck and, as always, thank you Marfi!



5 things that make me happy right now

I have been dealing with some stuff lately, most of it coming from
inside my head. I have had strange emotions and physical pain
that I don't recognize as my own. New meds will sometimes do that,
and all you can do is dig in and try to ride out the storm.

It's all cliché - but I'm trying to take things one day at a time, focus on
the smaller, manageable things, and doing and surrounding myself with
more of what makes me happy. And these are a few of those:

1. Our new sheets. They are purple and black, and huge.
They were my birthday gift to my man. Yes, he wanted purple :)

2. It's getting colder, so the kitties are back in bed with us.
My baby girl spent all evening and last night sleeping at my feet.

3. Halloween is approaching fast but I feel like it's going to work out.
This year I feel more confident and relaxed organizing everything.

4. My new lamp. It makes our bedroom super cozy
and the light makes everything prettier.

5. There's a big flea market on the square tomorrow.
I love thrifting, it's the perfect start to the weekend.

What makes you happy right now?



Haunted Humpday V and mood swings

Happy 5th Haunted Humpday!

This week I'm having the mother of random mood swings.
My doctor gave me a new cocktail to try out and it'll be
a few weeks before I know whether it's working or not.

Since starting on meds again, my domestic ambitions
have dwindled - and they weren't that great to begin with.
 But last weekend I finally did it - I cleaned the house.
Once it was clean I instantly felt a bit better.

And cleaning clears up surfaces for Halloween stuff!
Yes, the bug finally got me, and there is some serious
Halloween planning and decorating in the making.

Making use of my store's suppliers I splurged on myself
this year and got a beautiful wig and my first ever
store-bought Halloween costume! (All purple obviously)

What are you guys going as for Halloween?

Thank you, Marfi, for rocking the Halloween preparations!



Haunted Humpday IV and some news

I wasn't sure what to do for this week's Haunted Humpday.
When I get home at night lately it's already getting dark
and my camera just isn't any good without natural light.
So I give you this. I call it 'The Deranged Rooster'.

I'm looking forward to two TV shows in particular this fall.
Both are premiering in October, AHS on my birthday actually.

And it wouldn't be leading up to Halloween unless the amazing
Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist had a party brewing!
You know I'll be there, and won't you join too?


Now for the News: Yeah, I'm on Twitter now.
I'm not entirely sure how I ended up there...
but I suspect it had something to do with the wine :)
So if I follow you, it really is me. Just so you know.

I guess I joined because I sometimes feel the need for a more
"real time" relationship with my on-line friends, and because
there are some political groups I want to keep up with.

If I unfollowed some of you in the signing up process,
I apologize. Signing up I was automatically following
something like 60 accounts, so I just panicked.
If your Twitter name is different than your blog name,
please just give me a holler. I'd love to see you there.

And the other News: I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow.
I'm really anxious to sort my meds out asap.
It's been a weird and angsty couple of months.
 This time I will finally get to see a specialist,
and not just an intern on rotation (like the last 5 times).
I hope that means I'll get what I need.


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