A new chapter

As some of you know, almost 2 months ago myself and Cinnamon man
decided to go our separate ways. We were together for 5 years
- almost as long as I have been blogging as Ms Misantropia.
It has been a difficult time, but I am ok and we are on good terms.
Now it's just me and the cats again.
Looking around the spaces he used to inhabit was quite depressing,
so I am using this time to redecorate and reclaim those spaces.
You can follow the progress on instagram.com/msmisantropia.
Later this autumn a full renovation of the kitchen is also in the works.
By next year I'm hoping this feels like a new house, with new memories.

This autumn I will be making some other changes in my life.
I am working with my doctor to get me back onto the job market,
I have begun "friend dating" - hoping to meet some new people who
share my interests - and, if all works out, I will be visiting two lovely
blog friends sometime in the near future :)



Late 2015 - early 2016 movie quick hits

They are in no particular order, simply because I wrote them down
in the order I remembered them - which in no way reflects on quality.

The Other Side of the Door: Jeeez. Don't waste your time. Dull and clichéd.

Deadpool: Despite the occasional sexist parts I found myself thoroughly entertained.

The Conjuring 2: Very good actors and scenes, just a bit slower than the first.

Zoolander 2: Unfortunately no where close to the first one.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Some silliness, but WAAAHOOO + strong female lead!

Keanu: I still don't know what to think, but I did laugh out loud a few times.

The Martian: Like an entertaining documentary for science students.

The Hundred-Foot Journey: If you like food (French + Indian), than YES.

The Good Lie: Toned down not to offend. Still makes its point.

The Witch: An old telling of an old tale, but beautifully done.

Zootopia: Lively animated tale with solid morals/points, but sucky score.

Joy: Good story. About time women get the time of day. Nothing special though.

The Gift: Tense, psychological thriller. Nothing new, but well acted.

Black Mass: The life of a sociopath mafioso, played masterly by Johnny Depp.

Still Alice: Sanitized portrayal of Alzheimer's, but beautifully done by Ms Moore.



Summer reads

I had a funny encounter the other day, with the part-time guy at our tiny local library.
He looked the part, so I asked if he could point out any good horror or crime to me,
or just any book he had read recently that was fast-paced and entertaining.
He stared at the rows of shelves, bewildered, then simply said 'no'.
So I asked to see the books available in English, and he lead me to a shelf,
measured out about two feet of books with his hands and said 'this is it'.

I sensed that this guy wasn't actually trying to be unhelpful, instead he was
feeling defeated by the very small selection they had to offer. So I grabbed
six books (mostly in Swedish) basically at random, thanked him, and left.
So far I've finished 'Dränkt' and 'Huset' and I recommend both,
although the ending of 'Dränkt' felt a bit clumsy and rushed.

My hands are itching to get started on all the autumn garden projects,
so I began slowly by creating an herbal patch in the entry way to the patio.
With some luck the plants will all survive winter and will offer
a fragrant welcome to any visitor next summer.



A Midsummer Tea Party!

Happy Mad Tea Party everyone!
This year I thought I'd share our little Midsommar celebrations with you.
I had been sick for a week right before, so we kept it small.


The herring salad on the left is my grandmother's recipe with potato, apple and dill.
The one on the right is a classic sweet mustard herring. I know, it sounds weird :)

There can be no Midsommar without a Midsommarstång!
I made this miniature one with wild flowers, lavender and birch.

Two things on the Midsommar table always have to be Swedish-grown;
strawberries and fresh potatoes. Imported varieties are considered blasphemous,
and will cause disappointment and, sometimes, serious discord among the guests.

Traditionally there are supposed to be seven different kinds of cookies
at a Swedish tea- or coffee party. There's also an old tradition of maidens
picking seven different flowers on Midsummer's night,
to put under their pillow to dream about their future husband. Lots of sevens :)

The weather wasn't stellar so the images turned out a bit duller than
I would have hoped. But I hope you enjoyed this glimpse in to
our little Midsommar celebrations - thanks for visiting!


Click the image to visit our wonderful hostess
and the other participants!


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