Birthday dinner in silly heat

How are you guys doing in the heat?

Here the days are melting away and thunderbugs cover just about
every surface, making it impossible to enjoy the outdoors.
In the green house however, the plants have really taken off and we can
finally see some giant leaves and girl flowers on the pumpkins!

It's Cinnamon man's birthday today. We're having a party Saturday,
but I wanted to cook him a nice meal on his big day as well. (He's Skypeing
with America right now, so I thought I would do a quick post.)

We started off with fish soup, continued with (homegrown) vegetable
and pork pie, and finished off with a chocolate layer cake.

The cake has coffee cream butter filling, two layers of caramel sauce
and a chocolate mousse frosting. I think this might be my very first
tall/three layer cake, but it certainly won't be my last :)

I gave my man a case of beer (romantic, non? ;)) and my parents
gifted us some nice dessert wine, but his real present is a bit delayed
because my man couldn't decide on what he wanted until last week...
And I have realized it will most likely entail some major sewing.



In Vino Veritas

I have so much truth inside me
Beautiful, crazy, violent, ugly truth
Tirer la couverture

Too late, much too late
There has been no curtain
between me and the world
for a long time

But somewhere along the way
I made the decision -
I am going to take every step
until the end



End of vacation

It seems every blog I've visited lately has had pictures of home grown lovelies,
so I thought I would join in. We haven't grown nearly as much as we usually do
this year but we have some lettuce, spinach and - of course - pumpkins.

We are growing several different pumpkins this year, but we were late planting
so there is no fruit yet on the vines. But we have had some male flowers
so I'm hoping it's just a matter of weeks now before the girls start growing.


 It's been very hot here the last few days, so hot in fact that the Swedish
authorities issued a Class 2 warning. For American readers such a warning
about 30 degree weather might seem overly cautious, but you need to know
that we still don't really use air conditioning in Sweden. Many offices, schools,
factories and stores - and any and all homes - still only have heating.

Swedes also have no idea how to act in hot weather. Many try to keep up
the same pace as before, forgetting to hydrate - others just stop eating.
Others still desperately want to make the most out of summer and head
to the beach to lie dead still, frying in the sun for 5 hours straight...

Unlike kitties, who hide away all day and only come out
in the evening for their daily dose of cuddle

 My holiday is drawing to a close and this weekend I am off
to Hamburg for the year's most important trade show.
It's always inspiring but also very stressful. I have to find a balance,
keeping my budget and stock in mind while making new purchases.

What are you guys' plans for the weekend?



Anniversary at Tivoli Copenhagen

Yesterday was our 3-year anniversary and we celebrated it
by going to Tivoli in Copenhagen. Tivoli is a small fun park
in the middle of Copenhagen, right next to the Central Station.
It has quite a few rides, lots of great restaurants,
beautiful park areas and a nice old school feel to it.

Click to enlarge

 We spent the whole day riding roller coasters, eating spicy food
and ice cream, drinking beer, listening to music and just strolling around
 (and today we are suffering the consequences with mild whiplash,
sun burns, aching backs and bloated stomachs :)).
It was a wonderful day, filled with love and relaxation.


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