Our Jul home

I would like to apologize in advance for the poor quality of the pictures
in this post. Not only is the iPad not co-operating in uploading
pictures, but every single picture also turns out faded and blurry
- and I haven't the means to fix them up before posting at the moment.

Last night we had my cousins over for dinner.
I had made lasagna and saffron cake, but like true Swedes we started off
with glögg and ginger cookies. We also had a lovely fire going
and we drank wine and chatted well into the early hours. It was great.

Every year I want a real tree, for the look and for the scent.
I want to sit close by it on cold December nights and feel nostalgic,
elated, depressed, content and stressed out (I'm a complicated woman).
This year I decided to go with a miniature tree, because we don't
have much space and because Cinnamon man is allergic.

Really small trees are almost impossible to find where we live,
but the father of the manager of the restaurant next door
doubles as a tree salesman during December, and he was
kind enough to hook us up with this little baby - for free!

Swedes are old-fashioned when it comes to Jul and normally
don't use colorful lights in our trees. We prefer the all white big ones
that look like candles. But my man is American and because we needed
smaller lights than usual, I made a concession - so now we have both :)

This year I skipped on the red decor in favor of white (and purple, as always).
I just felt eurghh when I pulled out the red lanterns, table cloths and tomtar.
This year I'm all about firs and stars - and a mix between rustic and glam.

Merry Everything to all of you!
How are you guys spending the holidays?




My blog plan this week was to share my Jul home with you guys.
I have made some glittery landscapes and other creations this year
and we have an adorable miniature real tree in the livingroom.

But then I went and spilled water on my new computer.
So now I am without both a camera and a laptop.
I may as well just go to bed and sleep until next year.


Horror quick hits


Feisty Kylie (Morgana O'Reilly) is confined to her mother's house
under house arrest and pretty soon strange things start to happen.
She learns that the house has a dark history, as she is aided by
a goofy ghost-busting police man in finding out the truth.

I really liked Housebound, it was hilarious and full of twists and turns.
It's an Australian movie and a great pick if you're kind of a scaredy-cat,
since it's equal parts comedy and horror. Also passes the Bechdel test.

Open Grave

A man wakes up in a mass grave with no memory of how he got there
- or who he is. He is fished out by a mute woman and soon finds himself
at a house in the woods with a group of other people as lost as he is.
When they try to find a way out of the woods they stumble on more corpses.

Open Grave is very entertaining - as long as you don't over-think it.
The set-up is interesting and the movie is both fast-paced and gruesome.
At the end though, plot holes and voice-overs will annoy some viewers.
The movie doesn't pass the Bechdel test. The gender ratio of the main
characters is 4 to 2 favoring males, and one of the female characters is mute.

As Above So Below

Scarlet (Perdita Weeks) is basically a young Lara Croft, searching
the world for archaeological treasures, with little regard for her own
(or others') safety. She enlists a group of urban explorers to search for
the Philosopher's Stone in the catacombs of Paris, and chaos ensues.

Haters of hand-held cameras will turn this off within minutes,
but I enjoyed A.A.S.B. much more than I thought I would.
The movie barely passes the Bechdel test. The gender ratio
is once again 4 to 2, favoring males, and I don't actually
know if the two women really ever talked to each other.



Copenhagen shopping haul

Since my camera broke a few weeks ago I have had to use
the old iPad to take pictures, and they haven't really turned out
the way that I want. Our house is very dark even during day
and most of the pictures are turning out ugly and grainy.

I also don't carry the iPad with me, so I couldn't take pictures
from our day in Copenhagen yesterday. So I am borrowing images
off the net for this post, to show you what I got there: A new bag
(X-mas gift from parents) and a glittery coin purse.

 If you fancy this coin purse from Lisbeth Dahl (below) I got one more,
that I am planning on giving away as a New Year's Blog Giveaway! 
So keep an eye out for the post coming up in a couple weeks :)

It feels really good to be back in Blogland again,
and I am trying to make my rounds and catch up with everybody!
But I'm not sure how to solve the camera issue. I have been using
a 10 year old little digital camera, and my cell phone is almost
as old. I really should just get a new one with a good camera,
but I don't have that kind of money right now.


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