Anniversary at Tivoli Copenhagen

Yesterday was our 3-year anniversary and we celebrated it
by going to Tivoli in Copenhagen. Tivoli is a small fun park
in the middle of Copenhagen, right next to the Central Station.
It has quite a few rides, lots of great restaurants,
beautiful park areas and a nice old school feel to it.

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 We spent the whole day riding roller coasters, eating spicy food
and ice cream, drinking beer, listening to music and just strolling around
 (and today we are suffering the consequences with mild whiplash,
sun burns, aching backs and bloated stomachs :)).
It was a wonderful day, filled with love and relaxation.



Year without shopping - the end...

In January I embarked on a 4 step 'No Shopping' challenge:

1. During 2014 I will buy no clothes or fabric.
The only allowances are underwear and sandals for summer.

I stuck to this pretty adamantly, not even buying any summer sandals.
The only exception was the 3 day break I spent in San Fransisco with my man,
but since I only ended up spending 20 dollars I am pretty proud of myself.

2. I am going to shop my closet and fabric storage.
Between all the unused tops and dresses, and all the left-over fabric
I can probably make as many clothes as I would buy in a year.

 I wrote these rules right after my man was deported and I thought
I was looking at many months alone. I have definitely shopped my closet
these 6 months, but I didn't sew as much as I thought I would.

3. I will get rid of some of the stuff I don't use
- throw out decade old clothes, upcycle, sell and donate.

I threw out some stuff at the beginning of the year when I started
sorting through my closet, but nothing really came of neither
my Blog Sale or donating stuff. I'm always thinking: 
"What if I want to wear/upcycle this one day?"

4. I will start with no shopping for 6 months. In time for
Cinnamon man's birthday (July) I will make an assessment
and decide whether I will continue for the rest of the year.

Right after my tooth extraction at the beginning of July the store next door
pulled a '50% off' sale rack outside, and passing it I spotted the perfect
black lace dress. At that point I had been in pain and feeling sorry
for myself for a few days and I just couldn't muster up any resistance.
 A week later, passing the same store, I spotted a soft black sweater
at 70% off, and I knew my 'no shopping' challenge had come to an end.

Please ignore my awkward posing...

Yes, even though I'm staying frugal the challenge is over,
and I'm giving myself allowances as the autumn clothes hit
 the stores. It's one thing to keep from shopping in summertime
- but I am a sucker for knitwear!
Fabric and useless party dresses are still off limits though.

...and on an entirely different note:

Only 100 days to Halloween!

Have you begun the preparations?



Sudden vacation

The last couple of weeks have been s-l-o-w at the store,
so I decided to take a couple of days off - starting tomorrow!
One of the things I have planned is celebrating me and my man's
3rd anniversary. Weather permitting we're going to Tivoli 
in Copenhagen - for fun-rides, beer and lots of junk food :)

Since the hot weather returned I have barely seen my babies
for more than a few minutes a day. My girl comes in to sleep
most nights but my boy stays outside even when it rains.
He always stays close to the house and walks in and out all day,
but as soon as we close the door at night he cries to be let out.

Though, right now my girl is sleeping on my feet
as I'm typing this :) It's nice to know that they still miss
their mummy, despite all the lovely field mice, butterflies,
enticing scents and curious sounds to be found outside.

I wanted to share a couple of left over pictures from
the Mad Purple Tea Party - at Night. They didn't really work
in the main party post but I felt they were too pretty to discard. 

 We moved the laptop outside, lit up a string of purple
fairy lights and tons of candles. There was also a lovely
moon shining down on us snuggling under the covers.





The big house painting project is in full swing. Deciding on a new color
(from old reddish maroon to deep blue) took a while and the new gable
was delayed a week - but since then my man has been hard at work.
We have another week of painting ahead, then come fall we are taking on
the crumbling facade. It's gonna be a whole new house before we're done!

To sustain Cinnamon man while he is hard at work:
Chocolate chip peanut butter oatmeal cookies
and Double chocolate whoopie pies. Never fail :)

I finally have a new baby. She is fast and slick but we are having some
teething issues (Windows 8 - aaarrgghh. The blurriness, the size,
the color scheme, the overrides..!). Though I am sure I will
get used to her in no time. For those of you who couldn't believe
my laptop story a few post ago - here are a few pictures of my ex:

Despite all the work and changes in our lives, my man and 
do take some time to ourselves too - enjoying the patio
when the weather allows and gaming in bed when it doesn't.

Lately we've gone through Deus Ex: Human Revolution,
a great game which gives you lots of play time, storyline and
options for your buck, and more background/context to anyone
who played the original Deus Ex.

We also played Bioshock 2, which was pretty but shorter and
less engaging than Deus Ex. I haven't played Bioshock 1
but I wanted to play Bioshock 2 before playing the extra content
to Bioshock: Infinite, since it's the wrap up of the entire (?) series.


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