Weirdness and spookiness

I have started on new meds. Some of you depressed, anxious, crazy
wonderful blog friends out there might know what that means.
Chills, sweats, insomnia (worse than usual), nausea, blurry vision.
It's such fun. Luckily the side effects already seem to be lessening.

But I don't keep my hopes up that this drug will be any different
than the others I've tried. After 20 years of depression I think
it is safe to say I am pretty much Treatment Resistant. Whoopie.

Then on Wednesday I got two huge shipments to the store, of clothes,
boots and lots of trinkets. I have spent two days unpacking, tagging,
organizing storage and doing windows. Now I'm exhausted and weird.

Quickly on to some happier news:

Wonderful Marfi at Incipient Wings is hosting her lead-up-to-
Halloween party, Haunted Humpday, again this year!
It's going to be great and it's all kicking off on August 27th.

I'm not sure if there are rules to be found somewhere on her blog,
but as I remember it the partiers shared scary stories and reads,
DIY Halloween crafts and anything else fittingly spooky :)

Won't you join us?



Crocheting and seasonal longing

Visiting blogs over the last few days I have noticed that I am not
the only one who is already starting to prepare for autumn
and Halloween. I love seeing the treasures my American blog friends
bring back from the stores, spooky outfits and horror movie posts!

I finished my second crocheting project, extra warm wrist-warmers.
Last year I bought some huge balls of yarn in purple and pink
and now I'm noodling on what to make next. Maybe leg-warmers?
I have some fears regarding the pumpkins this year. So far we don't
have a single baby. The only two we've seen have been eaten by slugs.
But more than that, we were so late planting this year that even if
a few pumpkins start growing they might not have time to mature
in time for Halloween. It's a bit disappointing :(



Fairs, gifts, a party and a cowl

It's been a long and busy 10 days for me, with two big trade fairs,
Cinnamon man's 40th birthday + his dinner party. I feel completely drained
and my brain is only on half speed at the moment. I haven't had time to blog
or to visit my favorite blogs for a while, but tonight I'm trying to catch up.

Unfortunately, between the pulled pork, berry cobbler, drinks and dancing
at Cinnamon man's 40th party, I forgot to bring out the camera...
But we had a great evening, and this morning my man was "kidnapped"
by his friends for two days of adventure and partying :)

I did find the time to make something however, in between customers at work.
 Every summer I get an urge to knit or crochet something (or many things)
for autumn, and I'm very happy with my new cowl. I also painted fingers
and toes punkin' orange. Can you tell I'm already longing for Halloween? :)

This weekend I received a wonderful gift from Yvonne at Winter Moon.
She offered me one of her 'The Lost Boys' dvds a few weeks ago,
but when the parcel arrived in the mail it also contained some other
beautiful things, like a purple notebook and a bohemian beaded belt.
It was such a lovely surprise and it really made my day!

I have some gifties of my own to send out and I'm planning a few more
creative projects, but the coming weeks for me are going to be all about work.
I'm expecting several deliveries and I'm changing the store around.
I know it's going to be exciting, but it's also going to be exhausting.



Birthday dinner in silly heat

How are you guys doing in the heat?

Here the days are melting away and thunderbugs cover just about
every surface, making it impossible to enjoy the outdoors.
In the green house however, the plants have really taken off and we can
finally see some giant leaves and girl flowers on the pumpkins!

It's Cinnamon man's birthday today. We're having a party Saturday,
but I wanted to cook him a nice meal on his big day as well. (He's Skypeing
with America right now, so I thought I would do a quick post.)

We started off with fish soup, continued with (homegrown) vegetable
and pork pie, and finished off with a chocolate layer cake.

The cake has coffee cream butter filling, two layers of caramel sauce
and a chocolate mousse frosting. I think this might be my very first
tall/three layer cake, but it certainly won't be my last :)

I gave my man a case of beer (romantic, non? ;)) and my parents
gifted us some nice dessert wine, but his real present is a bit delayed
because my man couldn't decide on what he wanted until last week...
And I have realized it will most likely entail some major sewing.


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