A Midsummer Tea Party!

Happy Mad Tea Party everyone!
This year I thought I'd share our little Midsommar celebrations with you.
I had been sick for a week right before, so we kept it small.


The herring salad on the left is my grandmother's recipe with potato, apple and dill.
The one on the right is a classic sweet mustard herring. I know, it sounds weird :)

There can be no Midsommar without a Midsommarstång!
I made this miniature one with wild flowers, lavender and birch.

Two things on the Midsommar table always have to be Swedish-grown;
strawberries and fresh potatoes. Imported varieties are considered blasphemous,
and will cause disappointment and, sometimes, serious discord among the guests.

Traditionally there are supposed to be seven different kinds of cookies
at a Swedish tea- or coffee party. There's also an old tradition of maidens
picking seven different flowers on Midsummer's night,
to put under their pillow to dream about their future husband. Lots of sevens :)

The weather wasn't stellar so the images turned out a bit duller than
I would have hoped. But I hope you enjoyed this glimpse in to
our little Midsommar celebrations - thanks for visiting!


Click the image to visit our wonderful hostess
and the other participants!



July garden talk


To a gardener July is a time of waiting. Most of the organizing, planting
and even the brunt of the weeding is over, as many plants are nearing the end
of their bloom. And yet it's still to hot and dry to start the autumn transplanting,
splitting of perennials and serious pruning. Also too early for most harvesting.
Obviously this is the time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of one's spring labors,
but as you all know I suck at just sitting back and enjoying anything.

As you may remember we have deer eating their way through the garden
every night, so I have been forced to plan the planting outside of the patio
accordingly. Deer don't much care for herbs so I have been preparing sage,
oregano, rosemary, lemon balm and mint to be planted between the lavender bushes.
I'm keeping the beautiful catnip on the patio, so as not to attract more feral cats.
I'm missing thyme and tarragon, but honestly I wouldn't know where to fit them in.

We had a violent storm the other night, and the plum tree broke in three places.
It is a sad sight, those hundreds and hundreds of plums all gone to waste.
Some of the sunflowers also died, I hope the remaining 20 make it through.
(In the picture below you can see how much they've grown in just 3 weeks).

 I am spending more time on Instagram than on Blogger these days,
but that will probably change once autumn rolls around again.
Next weekend though, I will certainly be here, having Mad Tea with all of you :)



Appearance and Interaction

Over the years I have sometimes had questions about what I look like, but I have to say,
surprisingly many have completely understood why I have not been able to share
- and they have befriended me anyway. I am thankful, and I know that such a gesture
is not to be taken lightly in this day and age - when everything is about appearance.

For 7 years I ran an interior store in a small town, and to maintain my true persona
on-line I couldn't share images that would give my IRL personality away.
Now however, I am free. If you are a friend and you want to see my real visage,
just email me. There is no need for secret vs public persona anymore.
 You should probably know though; I suck at taking selfies... :)



Haves and have nots

So yeah, the new medication was a barrel of laughs (not really)
and I'm off it now. My doctor seemed concerned about the side effects
and despondent in the face of finding a new drug for me to try. But I'm ok.
I will have to reassure her next time we meet - there is no cure for Borderline.

There has been a scent in the air these days, something that reminds me of France.
It's not just the lavender, it's the heat - it makes the soil and leaves smell a certain way.
I walk around the garden, without pants, alone in the Universe for a brief moment.
My house and garden plans are ever changing, my to-do list ever expanding.

We've had lots of rain the last week, which made the garden happy after the long drought.
The sunflowers are almost 6 feet tall, just about to start developing flowers.
Everything is green and lush, creating a bird-song filled bubble around me. 

 Last but not least:
The party we have all been waiting for has finally been announced!
You know it will be fabulous, because the amazing Vanessa always goes all out.



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