Everything retrograde

I know I haven't written in a while, with my life being upside down lately.
This is just a short update post, but I still hope to resume my previous,
more prolific blogging habits soon - at least in time for Halloween :)

So. I picked up my new meds and tonight will be the first time in my life
that I will be trying anything other than anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds.
I don't want to say more about it at the moment, except that I have reached
a point where I am willing to try just about anything, and that there probably
will be a lengthier post about this coming sometime in the near future.

My store is finally and officially up for sale and the countdown
to unemployment has begun. Most likely it will be a lengthy process,
but we've hired a realtor to handle any negotiations, and that's a load off.
My dead-line is Halloween. If the store isn't sold by then, I'm closing it down.

Trying to go back to school will not be as easy as it first sounded.
Apparently my chance at getting a degree ran out this spring, and I have to
apply for dispensation to get back in. On top of that, it is unclear if some of
my Uni points are just too old to be allowed to make up part of my degree. Ugh.

I made this thick grunge looking hat because I needed a distraction,
and because a friend reminded me, and turned me back on to, crocheting.
I don't really wear hats because they make my short thin hair look like crap,
but if we should get a proper "wolf winter" this year, I am prepared.

So, that's what's up with me. On a much larger (and superstitious) scale
apparently just about every planet is going retrograde at the moment,
 tonight is a full blue moon - and it's only 3 months to Halloween!
Craziness and spookiness abounds. Stay hydrated out there.



Back to school?

I ordered a transcript of my University points the other week,
mostly because of curiosity. It is 13 years since I went to University,
and I spent my time there hopping back and fourth between subjects,
ending up with nothing except a lot of disconnected Uni points.

But what I learned from the transcript, and a lot of googling around,
is that I am possibly only one short class and one paper away from a degree.
The idea still sounds strange to me, but since education is free in Sweden,
I guess I might be going back to school in September...

 Things have changed alot since I was last enrolled at University.
Back then there weren't anywhere near as many, and as diverse,
courses to choose from. Looking through even just the ones open
to late admission I am still spoiled for choice, and I have applied to
5 different courses, outside of the one I need to get my bachelor's.

Of course, I still have no idea what to do with an English degree
- read more books? go on to get a Master's? I also have to decide
if I want my degree in literature or in linguistics. That's where
I left off last time, knowing I have more of a "linguistics" mind
but being bored to tears with it already... 

I would love to hear from others out there who went back to school
in their 30's or 40's. Why did you/what made you decide?
Did you change fields or build on existing points?
What did you do before, and what are you doing/hoping to do now?



Día de los Muertos diorama begins

I don't know about you guys, but I am starting to feel
the Halloween bug. Only 114 days to go! 


2015 was the year I (re)discovered shadow boxes and dioramas.
I am almost done with my Halloween house (more pictures to come!)
and today I started on my Día de los Muertos diorama.

These guys are about 3 inches tall and pretty easy to make.
I used some cheap skull jewelry I had lying around,
regular pipe cleaners, acrylic paint and a black marker pen.
A couple of them will probably get hats or skirts later.

I don't know much about the Mexican holiday
but I plan on making a big colorful party, with streamers, food
and musical instruments - all to tiny scale, of course.

Have you begun your Halloween preparations?




Countdown to vacation

 For some time now I have been thinking about, then mourning,
and then finally planning the sale/closing of my store.
July is the big vacation month in Sweden, so we are officially
putting the store up for sale at the beginning of August,
when Swedish life starts to return to normal again.

Before that I have also been planning my own much needed vacation.
I was looking forward to two whole weeks off, doing nothing
except maybe cooking some nice meals for my working man.
 But then of course the whole license mix-up happened, so now
I am looking at two weeks of doing nothing, mostly by myself.

Someone with alot more energy than myself might take this time
to do garden work or take on big home improvement projects.
But the first half of this year has completely run me into the ground
 and just thinking of expelling that much energy makes me shudder.
What I really want is to feel soothed, rested and revitalized.

Well, my vacation starts in two days, and there are
a couple of small things I'm thinking about doing:

Join Facebook. (I actually did this already - come find me!)
I am going to need my on-line friends during the coming months.

Change my hair. For 10 years I have done absolutely nothing
with my hair except take household scissors to it when it's gotten
too frayed, but now I'm thinking about going back to black.

Pierce my ears. I'm one of the rare ones who is still "untouched",
but I really like the look of short hair with one big/long earring on one side.

Detox. The stress of the previous months have lead me
to develop some really bad eating and drinking habits.

Read outside. Summer only arrived in Sweden a couple of days ago,
just in time for my vacation :) Now all I need are some great books.

What about you guys?
What are your plans this summer?


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