The disappearance of Ms Misantropia

First, there was the birthday trip to the States (which I will write about real soon,
I promise!) which culminated in me catching bronchitis on the plane home.
Since I'm working outdoors it was bound to take a firm hold. But just as I was
getting better, my doctor told me she wanted me to cut down on sleeping pills.
10 days of insomnia hell, coupled with lots of craziness at work really took
the last shard of focus and sentence-building away from me.

So here we are, 10 weeks since my last blog post. It's the first of advent,
the day when most Swedes decorate their homes for Jul, light a candle, eat pepparkakor
and drink glögg. But I am cleaning house, drinking red wine and joining the union
(the Swedish union is nothing like the corrupt American system). Us coworkers decided
yesterday to fight the boss man on him closing shop for 6 weeks (without pay).
It might end up being a really infected, drawn out struggle ending in us all being fired
- when all I really want to do is Xmassy stuff, like decorating and baking.

On a different note; Facebook is just REALLY depressing me lately.
For the umpteenth time I am considering quitting it. I'm not that active anyway.
What about you, the last blog friend who actually checks up on my posts?
How have you been? How is your work situation? And how fed up with FB are you?

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  1. I quit facebook ages ago and only got back on to trash Trump. I hate facebook - it turns everyone, even myself into a troll. It is so negative and awful and if I did not think it was my duty to resist this administration, I would be long gone. Good for you standing up for the workers.

  2. Also, glad to hear from you.

  3. Yea! Not dead!! FB works for local folks, mostly. If I’m tired of all the words I go off to Instagram land. Best luck w/your boss! Heal soonest & what did your dr say about the sleep deprivation?

  4. Jag är också less på Facebook. Har alldeles för mycket vänner och bekanta där dock för att avsluta eftersom de inte finns på nåt annat ställe. :P Jag hänger mest på instagram dock och repostar bara på FB.
    Hoppas din jobbsituation löser sig! 6 veckor låter ju helt sjukt att gå obetalt, bra att ni kontaktat facket!

  5. Being a bad blogger myself, I sure wouldn't judge you! It's just nice to hear from you...

  6. I’m still on Facebook because all the events get posted on there and it’s a good way to keep in touch with friends, especially foreign ones. It definitely has its annoyances.

    Sorry it has been such an awful 10 weeks for you! The work stuff sounds so stressful!

  7. I do get excited about Facebook, but for me it is more like the occasion to write a draft of what I will blog about later. Nice to see you blogging again, by the way.

  8. I've told you about how I approach Facebook. I rarely look at my feed--I click directly on the profile of friends, and if they are spreading life-sucking things (for no reason at all), I just leave. I prefer Instagram and my blog--the pretty pictures and the words from friends make me happy.

    I hope they don't close your shop without pay. As always, I shall keep my fingers crossed.

    And what am I doing? Writing, while recovering from my last procedure. I hope to do lots of cooking, and perhaps experiment with some baking that's not too mean on my tummy.

  9. I was only on facebook for about a year and left it at the end of 2015. Never looked back! LOL!
    I am so sorry about your shop! I really hope they don't close it without pay!! Sending positive vibrations!
    Please take care of yourself! I've been painting! Big Hugs!

  10. Wow, you've really had a lot to deal with lately! I hope you're feeling better, I usually get sick after being on vacation, too. With all those people crammed into such a little space, I guess catching something when you're flying is almost inevitable.

    Joining the Union is a good move. The ones I've worked with (yes, there are actually some decent Unions here, ha!) will provide you with legal representation and usually do all the negotiating with the employer on your behalf. With luck, they might be able to figure out a solution at your workplace that everyone can live with.

    Facebook is not for me. I've got an inactive account because of a store I bought some electronics from on-line. They would only send my sales receipt to a Facebook account. Isn't that stupid? I don't shop there anymore. Also, my idiot brother-in-law loves Trump and I can't deal with his stupid remarks.

    I'm glad you're back to blogging! Your Instagram photos are great, I keep meaning to sign up for an account so I can join in and be able to leave comments.

    Good luck with your job, I hope everything turns out for the best.

  11. Bronchitis i awful, I hope you were able to shake it. Insomnia is hell. We need sleep so our brains and bodies can recharge and heal and insomnia steals that from us. *hugs* As for FB, well, as much as I don't like it and mostly ignore my feed, I do use the messenger aspect of it to talk with some friends and keep in touch with some family- especially since my cell phone bit the dust.
    I really hope things with your job improve. I hope you are treated with respect and gain the fairness and rights you deserve.


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