Bat Fit 2017: New routines, part 1

This year I am joining darling Franny and a big group of other bloggers
and Facebookers in Bat Fit. My ultimate goals are not clearly defined
but I have a list of changes I want to make during 2017.
What I really want is to get back to myself, to really feel like me, 
and by finding some balance (inside and out) I am hoping to end up there.

The skin and hair care regime

I have very dry skin. I also have thin dry hair and brittle nails.
Everything on my outside (and inside - I drink gallons of water)
needs extreme hydration, and I have been using hydrocortisone
for blemishes for years. But I have finally read up on silicones and sulfates,
and for those who are still confused, here is the cliff-notes version:

Silicones in themselves are neither cleansing nor hydrating agents,
they are basically sealants used in almost every skin care product
and hair conditioner. But because most of them are non-water soluble
they demand harsh cleaning agents to wash out. Enter sulfates.

Sulfates are very effective cleaning agents used in everything
from industrialized cleaners to your shampoo. The problem is
they are as dehydrating to skin and hair as they are to everything else,
forcing us to re-hydrate (with silicone based products) once again.

I never use any soap on my face, and I only use a gentle soap
from the pharmacy for other chosen parts of the body. I stopped
using conditioner about a year ago, realizing it only made my hair flatter
and not actually better. If the ends are dry I rinse with apple cider vinegar,
or use a little oil. I switched to a shampoo without sulfates and decided
to only wash my hair once a week to see if it will make a difference.

When my parents came back from France last they brought me some
high-end olive oil, and I decided to use it for skin and hair care only.
I rub it all over after my bath (instead of a lotion with 30 ingredients)
and my skin actually feels different already - softer, younger.

My face, the driest and most sensitive part, will take longer to adjust
to the olive oil treatment. I can already see blemishes fading away,
and I have been using 100% natural baby oil together with my facial lotion
for many years, but at night my face is still crying out for its 'sealant'.

The insomnia

I have sleep-onset insomnia, which means I have difficulties falling asleep.
If I fall asleep I can usually sleep all night, if not straight through the night
(I wake up at the slightest cat noise). But it doesn't matter how tired I am
- sluggish brain and body, cranky mood, blurred vision - I just don't get sleepy.
I have been taking Zolpidem/Ambien for years. Without them I would
probably only sleep every 2 or 3 nights and my days would all be hell.

The problem with the drug is dependency; one needs to increase the dose
over time as the body gets used to it. Luckily I have been able to increase
it very little and only take 1½ per night but, since my insomnia is linked to my
chronic depression and anxiety, I don't know if I will ever be able to do without.

I have been trying to improve my sleep hygiene. I have put up black-out blinds,
gotten an electrical blanket (sleeping in a cool environment is not for me)
and I have increased the amount of pillows in the bed (to feel safe).
I have tried switching off the TV/laptop/phone an hour before bed, but for someone
like me the dark and quiet only kicks my thoughts into high gear. I have tried
different sleep noises (rain, waves etc) but I find them mostly annoying.

The last few months I have experienced some truly erratic sleep behavior
so what I am doing now is quitting the alcohol for a while (more on that
in part 2) and I am starting to go to sleep and get up at the same time every day.
The value of proper sleep cannot be over-estimated.


I have a longer list of things I want to change in 2017 so I will also
be posting a part 2 and 3 of my Bat Fit intentions during January
covering food, alcohol, meds/doctors/therapy and my new work situation.
Once February rolls around I am hoping to start seeing some changes.


16 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, you have some serious plans! I wash my hair with soap since years and my hair takes it really well. Although I had to try some things and learn that my skin doesn't like coconut or olive oil. Maybe you can try soap as well? They don't contain sodium sulfates or silicones.

    I'm glad I never had insomnia, but I also need some time to fall asleep. I need dark and warmth as well, so I hope that this helps you fall asleep earlier!

    1. Many people don't need to worry about what they use on their skin or hair, it works anyway. But since I have so many dryness issues I want to try something else for a while.

      Insomnia is a demon.

  2. You have a new work situation! :D

    I've always wondered how straight olive oil on the face would work, so I'm curious to hear how your facial skin will react in a month or so. Just think of the money you could save on skin creams!

    1. Honestly, I only have the beginning of the beginning of a new job situation... But I will keep you updated!

      I will definitely post an update on the skin situation in a few weeks!

  3. Some really good and interesting new years resolutions. I'm really curious about some of your beauty treatments. At the moment, I'm I've made my own facial cleanser using castle liquid soap. Good luck with your goals and I'll be sure to tune in.

    1. I didn't realize that my readers would be interested in my skin regime, but now that I know I will definitely post updates.

  4. I have heard off and on how bad shampoos and conditioners are for hair and likewise soaps for skin. I just can't seem to pull myself away from a lot of it- not that I use a whole bunch. Keep us updated on how all this works out for you.

    Maintaining sleep health is something I am becoming more aware of. My Therapist told me that I need at least 6 hours of sleep a night fr proper brain health and bodily healing. Where as a doctor told me that I need at least 9 hours because of Fibromyalgia. My body tells me it's going to do whatever it wants to do.

    I am looking forward to the other parts of this posting stream. :) Hope you are beginning to get get some sleep. Stay warm! *hugs*

    1. I think many people don't have to worry about such things, anything works for them. But I have such dry and sensitive skin, I feel like I should give the 'all natural' a go.

  5. I really hope you can find a way to fall asleep without drugs.

    1. It sounds like wishful thinking to me, but maybe one day.

  6. Sounds like your off to a good start with the down to earth regimens. This is something I'm also working more into this year. Looking forward to future postings.

    1. Thanks you, dearest. I know you are on a similar path through life, and it helps knowing there are others searching, trying out there <3

  7. Good for you! I'm proud of you! Wishing you all the best with the sleep! I hope without drugs. I'm anxious to hear about how your hair and skin goes too! Big Hugs!

    1. Thanks Stacy, I will keep you updated!

  8. Hello... I understand very well your concerns over your skin condition. My is also dry, and hair though not very thin but dry too and I have got loads of split ends. I started putting burr oil once a week, and I hope it helps.
    I wish your changes do only good to you. I wish your sleep improves! Take care!

    1. I have never heard of burr oil before, I will check it out, thanks!


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