Thank you, and a favor to ask

 First of all; Thank you so much for all the kind, insightful
and supportive comments on my last post. It took alot for me
to write it and I'm so grateful you guys didn't leave me hanging.
And an extra thank you to those of you who shared about your own
similar and personal struggles - your courage helps me on my way!

Today I had a stressful and important day, for once. I met with my doctor
to renew and possibly change my prescriptions (fingers crossed!),
and I had a joint meeting with social services and the employment
office to go over my needs and limitations in finding a new job.

I think it all went well. Everyone I met with showed understanding
and encouragement. I am supposed to write a list of possible jobs
and work places for when we meet again in January,
and I was told to enlist the help of friends if possible.

So I need to ask you all a favor; What line of work
can you see me doing? What do you feel I am good at?
What are your impressions of my professional strengths?
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


14 kommentarer:

  1. Yay for appointments going well! I am glad for that.
    Well, you had your own shop, so I would say that perhaps management in retail? You also seem to enjoy gardening, so perhaps something along those lines? Have you ever taken an aptitude test? That might help if you haven't.

  2. You are very creative at fashion and decor, so perhaps something in that line?

  3. That sounds amazing and things are getting brighter. That's great.

    In regard to jobs. I would possibly recommend something like counselling. That just the vibes. At the same time you have to be mentally strong to cope. I'm not your at your full strength but could consider for the long term. Or how about something in regards of translations as your standard of English surpasses mine, and I'm native speaker.


  4. Good luck for the new medications!

    I like Sarah's idea about translation! If you could do something along those lines it might be a lot less stressful than retail. Language classes, translating books or articles, something like that?

    Remember your skills can be transferred to different areas, eg you managed your own store so you have skills in book keeping, stock, management, etc and all of these would be useful in any other job you do.

    As you enjoy animals perhaps you could work at an animal shelter although there are never many paid jobs in that.

  5. Well you have a good eye for design and color as well as a flair for fashion.

  6. I'm always impressed by your ability to make your some look amazing. So, like Debra, I'm thinking decor--and I believe you enjoy it quite a bit, too.

  7. Some job where you can use your creativity and some work flexibility. Have you thought of working in an art gallery?

  8. I second Laura, organization, bookkeeping, handling funds are needed in non-profit as well as for-profit. Your eye for color & design is also applicable in areas other than clothing/adornments: garden/landscaping, art/textile supplies. I can see you working behind the scenes, so to speak, in bookkeeping, receiving, accounts, floor design/set, as well.

  9. I keep my fingers crossed that your new meds make you happier. Did you like your retail job? Than this might be a good way to go. Or you could decorate store windows?

  10. Oj, svårt eftersom jag nu inte har träffat dig på riktigt, men kanske bibliotekarie om du vill utbilda dig eller jobba i tygaffär? :D

  11. I wish I could chime in on this but I'm so misdirected in my own life lol. I've been mulling over career ideas in my head and I'm completely disillusioned by it all. I picked up a career counselling book at the library yesterday, should I find anything of interest in it I'll pass the info your way. ;)

  12. I am so proud of you! You know we are all here for you, if you need us!!
    Wishing you all the best with the doctor and finding a new job!
    In my opinion, you are very creative, with arts, gardening and cooking! So, I think any job, where your mind can create!
    Big Hugs

  13. A bookshop of course! Why didn't I think of it before?

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