Christmas movie calendar (and a rant)

Not in any particular order (except 1 and 2, which are my two favorites).

1. The Grinch
2. Elf
3. 12 Gifts of Christmas
4. Noel
5. A Christmas Carol
6. Rare Exports (Finnish)
7. Home Alone
8. The Family Stone
9. A Bride for Christmas
10. Arthur Christmas
11. The Polar Express
12. The Holiday
13. While You were Sleeping
14. Bridget Jones's diary
15. Bad Santa
16. Just Friends
17. Krampus
18. A Christmas Tale (French)
19. Fanny och Alexander (Swedish)
20. Tomten är Far till alla Barnen (Swedish)
21. Frozen
22. Love the Coopers
23. En underbar jävla Jul (Swedish)
24. Four Christmases
25. Joyeux Noel (European coll.)

If someone says You forgot "Love actually", I offer you this:

Alan Rickman (57) is married to Emma Thompson (44) (Yes, really!)
but cheats on her with 26-year-old - which of course is all on the
younger woman's initiative. Give me a fucking break.

Hugh Grant (you know, the guy who decided that not only is it ok
to cheat on your wife, but also to pay women to be able to abuse their bodies.)
is 43 and gets involved with a 27-year-old who still lives at home.
To somehow "even the score", every scene the girl is in also is a fat joke.

Colin Firth (43) leaves his girlfriend (28) for a foreign 27-year-old
that he can't even communicate with - but of course she falls
madly in love with his clueless, immature and self-involved self.

Keira Knightley (18 - I'm not kidding - EIGHTEEN) is already marrying
a 26-year-old, but his best friend who is 30 years old is in love with her
and therefore treats her like shit up until he declares his love.
Not so wonderfully romantic now is it..?

Martin Freeman is 7 years older than his much prettier (porn actress)
crush, but in this movie they seem to be the same age, right?

The only woman who is getting it on with a younger man is
Laura Linney (39) and her boyfriend (28), but a male writer/director
would never let that work out and therefore has her feel inferior and leave.

Age is not an issue in the kid couple, but I will point out the fact the the girl
is beautiful and talented, whereas the boy only has to be silly and persistent.

Have I ruined Love Actually for you now? I hope so actually.
We cannot let misogynistic movie makers pull one (or 7) over on us
in the name of "love" or Christmas. Be ever vigilant against sexism!


19 kommentarer:

  1. Nah, it the biggest pile of crap. I mainly like the Muppets Christmas Carol and Tim Alans Santa Claus..The nightmare before Christmas.I love how you included Bridgit Jones Dairy and Frozen.

    1. For some reason Love Actually is the first damn movie every woman mentions over here when asked about xmas movies :( I saw Bridget Jones Baby yesterday and I loved it!

  2. Did you know there's a sequel out this year to "Bad Santa"?

    1. I didn't, thanks I will check it out!

  3. I have never seen Love Actually, it sounds barf-worthy. Have you ever watched Shop Around the Corner? One of my fave black and white classics. :)

    1. I admit I feel I have outgrown black & white movies, but I might have to check it out :)

  4. Never got my mind to watch Love Actually even though my wife asks me every year to watch it with her. I'm very curious about number 18. My list of Christmas movies varies widely from yours: there's The French Connection, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, The Godfather 1 and 2, Eyes Wide Shut and The Lord of the Rings. Oh and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

    1. I made an effort for all the movies on my list to at least have Christmas in them, but that means some of them are less than good. I am very curious about 18 too, we should compare notes after viewing!

    2. Do you know its French title?

  5. I've never watched Love Actually, and have never felt the desire to watch it either. So... yeah.

    1. It's basically the only damn xmas movie anyone talks about over here, as if it's god's gift to women or something - bleeerrghhh

  6. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hogfather are my Christmas films. How scary is Krampus? I'd like to see it but I get scared easily!

    1. Hog father sounds interesting. I enjoyed the first half of Krampus, but when all hell brakes loose it just gets silly.

  7. Hogfather is great! And very Christmas-sy as well! I never watched love actually as I'm not so much into chick flicks.

    1. Seriously, how come I have never heard of Hogfather before..?!

  8. I have to admit, I love White Christmas and my mom's favourite is, It's A Wonderful Life. I have never heard of Love Actually. Not going to see it!!

    1. I watched White Christmas maybe 5 years ago, the whole time wondering when Marylin Monroe would show up :) I used to be into old movies but I find I am losing my patience with age...

  9. Its been so long since I have watched Love Actually, I had forgotten much of it, probably for the best.


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