I got home a couple of hours ago and it's getting late, but I'm still wired from Yule
with the cousins, so I'm winding down with a glass of wine in bed
and I thought I might as well do a Yule post.

The drive back was terrible. We've been hit by the same storm that earlier
this week caused complete chaos in London, delaying the flight
my brother's family was on and forcing them to take a different route
and an over night stay in Philadelphia. They arrived in Orlando a day later
than planned and won't be going to Disney world until tomorrow.
Good thing Americans celebrate xmas a day late!

In my family we have always had Santa visiting on Yule Eve,
handing out the gifts - usually a family member or a family friend.
It requires a bit of planning and, when there were 16-18 of us,
several hours of work for Santa. But this year my cousins played it
differently. There was a knock on the balcony door and by the time
the kids had reached it, Santa was already on the street down below,
moving on to the next house (because Santa is magically fast).
But of course he had left bags of gifts on the balcony :)

At that distance the 3 and 6-year-old didn't recognize their grandpa in garb,
he only pretended to go to the bathroom (not a two hour trek to the store)
and could still join in the fun - and the magic of Yule was preserved.
There was some discussion about whether Santa really could fly
or just climb like Spider Man, if he was faster than Lightning McQueen
or whether Tinkerbell's fairydust was involved somehow.
The conclusion was that both kids also wanted to be able to fly.

 Now, the food. As you probably already know, pork and herring
(and Snaps) are the most important foods on the Julbord. We also have several
kinds of cabbage, cheeses and the usual add-ons (bread, eggs, potatoes).

As usual I totally forgot to take pictures of the cakes and the insane candy table.
There were at least 6 home-made candies this year, and LOTS of chocolates.
(The below picture is of when I made some chocolate balls earlier today)

Merry Yule everybody!


12 kommentarer:

  1. Merry Yule!! Everything looks so wonderful!! They food looks so yummy! Sorry about being hit by the same storm and the complications that all went with it!! Have a great weekend! Big Hugs!

  2. Merry Yule everything look fab. I like the sound of pork and herring. I love fish. Have great festive time and sounds like you have Christmas spirit. I'm dreading my dinner with duck lol.

  3. Merry Yule! Sounds like much fun :)

  4. Sounds like you've had a wonderful evening! Everything looks tasty and magical.

  5. That pork looks freaking delicious!

    Happy Holidays, gorgeous.

  6. God jul! Det där samtalet om hur jultomten kan vara so snabb är härligt! <3

  7. That feast looks AMAZING! And DELICIOUS!! Wishing you a Merry Yule!

  8. A belated merry yule to you! That food looks delicious!! We've got rain here, it feels like March outside. Hopefully it stays this way lol.

  9. A Merry Yule to you! The Julbord looked delicious and the table just for cakes and candy sounds perfect. It's fun to see how others celebrate and your family certainly had a wonderful feast for a magical night. Sorry for being so late!

  10. Glad your brother finally made it to Orlando, and you made it safely home. Traveling in winter does have its disadvantages! Mmmmmmm, that gorgeous ham!!!

  11. I'm glad your brother's family made it. I'm not sure what the weather is down in Florida, but up here- on the other side of the country- we've had several wonderful bouts of snow. Most people don't think that's great, but I'm from Kansas and there we don't get this much snow very often.

    It looks like you had a nice Yule and better yet, that despite the drive home, you settled in for a nice quiet evening. *hugs* Hope it nice ad you are being kind to yourself!


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