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It is a very dark time. The American election has put a spotlight on
everything that is wrong with the Western world at the moment
- all based on disappointment and fear. The revolutionist/anarchist in my heart
hopes that there is a way to undo this last horrendous act, that my American
sisters (and brothers) will find a way. But the cynical realist in me doubts it.

I am a person in constant flux and because of that I rarely talk about my past.
 But you should know; I am LGBTQ friendly, I took gender and queer studies at Uni,
I was an active member of Tjejjouren (Young women's/girls' helpline)
for many years and I am proud to vote for the Swedish Feminist party.

This may mean nothing to you, or just give you a small boost
along your way on a gray, hopeless day - but if I can make one single woman
feel supported by voicing my standpoint, I have succeeded in my endeavor.

Whether you have made a ball on the sofa or you are already out there
on the barricades - I wish I could be there in person to hold you up
through the coming struggles, but I have to settle for being here
for anyone who needs to spew, to cry, to vent, to rant (in text).

Just know - KNOW - that you are not alone. If you feel depressed,
lost, sad or even intimidated - talk to someone, talk to anyone!
It may not be what's expected, it may not even be your first choice
but sharing, putting words to your upsets is how to start a revolution,
how to heal, how to grow strong. Talk to me if you feel you have no-one else.



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  1. *hugs* Thank you. The night of the election, Amanda and I were panicking a bit. Our friend Tsuki came over and when we sat that Trump had won the electoral votes, we decided that we were going to eat our feelings by getting doughnuts and pizza from the store. Then we watched cute animal videos on youtube.
    Yesterday, I called my Dad. Now, my Dad is one of those people who wants less government and wants to be left alone. He hates Hillary (not because of the human rights stuff or because she is a woman) and doesn't really like Trump much better. I told him my fears, that I was worried about losing health insurance, about all the minority and immigrant problems Trump has, and even that I was scared shitless over Pence's proclivity toward backing gay conversion therapy. My Dad listened, he thinks these are valid fears and frustrations, but he also thinks we might just have a chance. The Republican party doesn't like Trump, he's not a "good old boy" so they are most likely going to try to undermine him. Further, anything Trump and Pence try to set in motion on a social level would most likely be stopped in congress because the people in congress won't pass anything that would harm their chances of being reelected. He said in this instance have faith and trust in Government Greed and Avarice. that made me feel a little bit better.

    I can't argue too much on that last point, but it is not just the government that we have to worry about, its the people in this nation. I don't live too far from a known KKK presence. In fact, I have friends who refuse to go to Northern Idaho for that very reason. Shit, they came down from Bonner's Ferry and are back in Coeur d'Alene- which is a popular resort town. and I can tell you this, I was always too scared of hold Amanda's hand in public when we lived there. I am little nervous about it here, but a good deal less so.

    I have no idea is this is going to work out. I have no idea if the protests or if the petitions and movements to over rule the electoral college will work either. But it's all worth a shot and I can always hope for the best if it doesn't.

    1. I am so sorry you have to live in an area where being yourself gets you in to trouble, it's horrible.

      I hope that both parties get their acts together and quickly agree on what they have been doing wrong, that has lead to where we are now' A revolution is in the cards,

  2. Reminding each other that we are not alone is the best thing anyone can do at the moment.

    1. I wish I could be over there with you guys right now, join in the demonstrations, feed you and hold you <3

  3. My dear, dear friend ... thank you. Thank you so much. As you know from my FB page, I've been oscillating between bouts of doom and gloom to RAWRRR!!! KICK ASS. I took some time to think about my part in all of this and decided that I have three ways to contribute:
    1. I'm going to be actively blogging again because it helps me to connect with like minds. It will also help me reach out to anyone whose reading to know that they have a safe place with me, as well. Tomorrow will be the first of many blogs over on my new site.
    2. I will teach what I know and from the heart. I will not shy away from difficult issues, no matter how much my students protest and whine. In the next week or so I'm teaching Protest Art. I will make it sensitive and political. Next semester I'm teaching American Art. There's a lot I can do here and I will. I will be the educational voice of the Revolution.
    3. I announced that I am an Ally to my students and I've reached out to our LGBTQ+ resource center on campus. I'm going to also reach out to the Anti-Racism group, the Women's Center, and the Dream Center (immigration) to get involved on my very conservative campus in a very red state. My office is always open and I will be involved in my students' life as much as I can.

    Ed's laid up today and we can't protest. But I can do this and knowing that makes me have some hope. :)

    1. I can't imagine what it will be like for you to move down into the middle of Trump country :( I think your plan sounds excellent though, and I loo forward to your political posts.

  4. Thank you so much for your understanding and support! It means so much to me that you care. This was such an unbelievable outcome to what many of us were expecting to be a high point for all women. I still can't get my head around what just happened in my own state! Wisconsin has been a liberal minded and progressive place for over a century. Obama won here twice and in 2012 we elected Tammy Baldwin, the first openly gay woman as our Senator. WTF?
    My plan is to support Planned Parenthood whatever way I can and hope I don't get shot in the process because we still need meaningful gun reform too. In the past I worked the phones and knocked on doors to get people out to vote and I'll probably need to do that again in order to ensure the 2018 elections bring an end to any of Trump's hateful ideas. There's so much to do and lots of talk about a Million Woman Protest at the inauguration, now that could be interesting.
    Thanks again for listening and giving us a place to rant!

    1. The Million Woman Protest sounds amazing and I wish i could be there with you! Your plans to help sound great too. I am so sorry for what is happening, dear friend.

  5. This is such a beautiful and caring post for our American friends! Thank you!!!!

    1. You must feel it even more acutely, living just north of their border. I hope you are ok!


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