Pensive days

 It's been an unusually wintery autumn. Storms at the end of October
 took all the pretty leaves away and frost and ice already cover everything.
Where autumn for me is usually a vibrant and energetic season,
winter is a dark and quiet time - and this year it seems fitting.

Since the American election I have been careful who I engage with
(even Swedes). I know I would lose it if someone said the wrong thing.
For many months I have been a crappy blogger, spending most of my
on-line time on Facebook or Instagram instead. I am starting to change that,
slowly going back to my blog rounds, but I am still not commenting much.
I find it hard to get excited about stuff, or I am afraid of saying the wrong thing.

I am thinking alot these days, about my over-seas friends, about politics,
about the future. The right wing winds are blowing everywhere, here too.
I am in the process of getting back to work soon, getting on with my life,
being out there in the real world. Even though I feel ready, I am a little
afraid of what kind of people I may encounter, and their views of the world.

So for now I read, I clean a bit, I listen to Christmas songs and begin
decorating (too early, I know, but it gives me a small amount of joy),
I do my best to try to feel safe - for myself and for others.
And even though I may not comment, please know that I do visit
and I think about all of you wherever you are, Americans or not.


10 kommentarer:

  1. My friend, I understand how you are feeling! Keep being true to you and never change! I know easier said than done, especially about saying the wrong thing, but as I said, never lose who you are!!!! You are a wonderful person! Big Hugs!

    1. You always offer the kindest words, dear Stacy! I will be swinging by your place later today :)

  2. Big hugs,I'm kinda trying to keep quiet I'm very much believe in left liberals,but some of beliefs are slightly right wring to such as national subscription. At the moment, it feels as though it's scary time to be alive, I'm really frustrated at the stupidity of people believin the lies such as Brexit.

    1. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean - do you mean you have some right wing leanings..? I understand that it must be hard after Brexit :(

  3. Hugs, and best wishes for when you take that going back to work plunge. In the mean time enjoy yourself as much as possible.

    1. Thank you, dearest! Though I suck at enjoying myself. I spend most of my time watching tv :(

  4. You need to get back on your feet again, so maybe a gloomy and slow fall is not the worst thing in the world? I currently enjoy the fog and rain by getting comfy on the couch. Love it!

    1. Good to hear from you! I know I have been bad visiting this year, but I will come by your blog space very soon :)

  5. I am glad to read that you will blog more again. I am worried about the state of the world too.

    And I think you got me in the mood to listen to Christmas music.

    1. I am glad you found the time to stop by, dear friend. I know you are busy with a whole new life :)


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