Haunted Humpday - Cats

It probably hasn't escaped anyone by now that there's a new
little kitty in my household. She follows me wherever I go,
comes running down the stairs to greet me when I come home,
- and was sleeping tucked inside my apron while I was carving today ♥♥♥

 And naturally she had to check out the finished product
(and try to chew on the stem of the porcelain pumpkin...).

Cats are basically all that's on my brain right now, so it's fitting
that one of the things in my swap gift was a black cat candle.

Normally I would never light a candle like this, but for however well
dear Ms Insomniac packaged it, it was unfortunately broken when I got it.
So why not just enjoy it for myself (with some wine and Halloween candy)?

My brother and his wife can't make the party this year
but I will be having my three nieces and their grandparents over,
to play dress up, carve pumpkins and go on a candy hunt.
That means I will do my main Halloween post on the 1st.

I hope you have a wonderful spooky week and All Hallow's Eve!
I can't wait to see pictures from your decked out yards, parties and other fun.


15 kommentarer:

  1. What fun - Love your kitty pumpkin and candle. The Insomniac has stellar taste.

  2. I am sorry your brother and sister-in-law can't make it, but glad that the girls and your parents will. I adore your new little fur-baby. I loved having Narcisa tucked into my jacket or a blanket when I was working at my desk and she was still tiny. There's something entirely magical about kittens.
    Love you decorations! *hugs*

  3. Even though many candles seem just to nice to light, life is short and we have to light a few of them every now and then. The kitten is so sweet.

  4. your decor is so perfect! Love how it looks!
    that kitten is adorable oh my gosh! they're always so much fun.
    I hope you have much joy on Halloween.
    thank you for commenting and playing along my friend!

  5. I'd never have lit that candle either, it's so cute^^ In fact, I bought a ghost cande and I surely am nt going to light it because it's too cute^^ Have fun with your family, I hope you'll enjoy your Halloween activities^^

  6. I can see your smile through the words. I could hug that wee feline for days for bringing you so much joy.

  7. Nooooooo! It busted? Well damn it to hell - in all the years I've been mailing packages, that's the first thing that's ever broke! Did everything else make it okay, or was it all a write off? :(

    1. No worries! Only the Kitcat was a bit crushed, but it was just as tasty :) Everything else was fine, and the spiders are now adorning my Halloween tree.

  8. I love all your Halloween decor, everything looks amazing.

  9. Awww, what a sweet little kitty. Of course, I'm sure she's full of mischief too! I love your carved cat jack o'lantern and the candle is fantastic. You look like you're all set for a great Halloween party, can't wait to see the photos.

  10. Vilket roligt ljus!

    Och det låter som att du har en perfekt halloween framför dig!

  11. Give kitty hugs from me! Your decorations are so great! Love the cat candle! Have a great Halloween!!!! Big Hugs!

  12. That's an awesome candle. Your celebration sounds like such fun.


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