Haunted Humpday 6

Under normal circumstances I would have been done decorating weeks ago
and well on my way to planning All Hallows Eve's dinner menu by now.
But this cold I have isn't letting me go, and this October I have become
a furry mom once again, to a tiny little tortoise girl.

This is Buffy, the new addition to our family. She is a rescue,
found abandoned in someone's garden a week ago not far from here.
My guess is she's 7-8 weeks old, too young to be without her mama really,
but I am doing my best to be a surrogate. She is cuddly and adorable
one minute, to be totally silly or suddenly vicious in the next.
Someone pointed out that she has fall colors and it's so true :)

Unfortunately this year there won't be any Halloween family fiesta either
so decorating has taken a back seat to other things.
Though I have made a new friend recently and we might be going to a
horror/Halloween movie marathon extravaganza at the end of the month.

How will you guys be celebrating?
Happy Humpday everyone!
Please visit our hostess for more Halloween fun:



13 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome! Your kitty is adorable. I'm glad you rescued her, poor dear is far too little to be on her own.

  2. Your decorations are really good. Your kitty is so sweet. I love cats but my husband does not like to clean up the hair and he hates how they go on counter tops. He is such a germaphobe. My Halloween is so lame. I will probably hand out candy to the trick or treaters and watch the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.

  3. Buffy is so cute and I'm glad she came into your life. I like how you set up your decor scenes.

  4. Buffy looks so sweet! Not like a vampire slayer at all! But then, you never can tell.

  5. Oh cool, I love your decor it looks great, and Buffy is very cute. She's got such a cool name.

  6. Congratulations on becoming a "furry mom" once again. She makes the perfect Halloween decoration.

  7. you are a wonderful human for adopting that kitty!! especially since the cold weather is on the way!!
    your decor is way cute..I love that cat on the mantle..everything looks cozy.
    I'm glad you have a new friend to go watch the scary movies with...:)
    Hope your cold disappears soon.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy Haunted Humpday!

  8. Your decorations are just fabulous and I love the wall treatment behind the table with the skull and candles. Buffy is so adorable and that name seems to suit her perfectly, she looks feisty, ha!

  9. I never seem to get anything together, I'm too disorganised. Tortie cats always seem magical!

  10. Oh, Halloween and glitter? Well, why not?! Gorgeous decoration!^^
    Buffy is a really pretty little kitten, I hope she'll fit in with you and your other baby well^^

  11. The decorating you've done looks beautiful! Buffy is so cute, I bet she is a handful, but so much fun. Also, I am sorry you won't be having a family Halloween get together, but I am glad that you are going to do a movie marathon with a new friend, that's awesome!
    Feel better soon,

  12. I love Buffy!! So cute!!! Give her hugs from me! I hope you feel better soon! A new friend? Excellent!!!

  13. Men åh, är katten så liten <3 sån tur att hon har dig!


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