An update, and a short hiatus

 I haven't been blogging much lately, and I have not been visiting
blog friends like I usually do. Honestly, since my break-up I have
been going through a no-words kind of phase. Instead I have been
redecorating, taking care of my cats and planning my trip (to the UK).

I know some of you might be curious, so I'll tell you right away:
No, I haven't met anyone IRL from any dating apps yet.
Truthfully I am not that interested, I signed up mostly out of curiosity.
I am concentrating on developing friendships right now.

In two weeks I am going on a trip to visit two of my blog friends,
and I am really looking forward. I haven't been abroad in years!
It's a short trip but I am in for an adventure - I will be celebrating
two birthdays (including my own) and attending a fabulous wedding!

Now, to the hiatus part:
I will be back from my trip in the beginning of October
and I will probably not blog before that. But when I get back
it will be all Halloween, all the time - I promise!


16 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, I hope your having a wonderful time in the UK. Depending where you are I would love to meet you if wanted. I love meeting up with other bloggers.

  2. Fixa i hemmet och mysa med katter är mycket bra sysselsättningar när man mår mindre bra! Lycka till på din resa :D

  3. Have fun on your trip, it sounds exciting! :) And Happy early Birthday!

  4. I understand not having a lot of words. I hope you have a fabulous time on your trip!

  5. WHEEEEE! Have a ton of fun ... be safe ... and we'll be waiting for you when you get back to blogging. <3

  6. Hope you have a great trip.

  7. When a relationship ends, I always think it's good to take a break before starting another. Get in some good "me time" and think things over, you know, ponder and learn what there is to be learned. Have fun on your trip -- it sounds fabulous! Fun is its own reward!

  8. Good that you direct your feelings in positive directions. I agree with Debra - now it is time for me-time. I am sure your trip will be great and I will enjoy it a lot. Have a safe journey!

  9. Ooh exciting that you are meeting blog friends! I hope we will meet too, someday!

  10. Good for you! Have a wonderful time!

  11. Have an amazing trip!!! Sounds like so much fun! Take lots of pictures!
    Don't worry about another relationship right now!!!!
    See you around Halloween!!!

  12. You will be busy and here I have a newborn baby to take care of, otherwise I would suggest to meet. In any case have a safe and pleasant journey. Autumn is here albeit not in full bloom.

  13. Enjoy your trip! Can I tell you how much I envy you? <3


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