A new chapter

As some of you know, almost 2 months ago myself and Cinnamon man
decided to go our separate ways. We were together for 5 years
- almost as long as I have been blogging as Ms Misantropia.
It has been a difficult time, but I am ok and we are on good terms.
Now it's just me and the cats again.
Looking around the spaces he used to inhabit was quite depressing,
so I am using this time to redecorate and reclaim those spaces.
You can follow the progress on instagram.com/msmisantropia.
Later this autumn a full renovation of the kitchen is also in the works.
By next year I'm hoping this feels like a new house, with new memories.

This autumn I will be making some other changes in my life.
I am working with my doctor to get me back onto the job market,
I have begun "friend dating" - hoping to meet some new people who
share my interests - and, if all works out, I will be visiting two lovely
blog friends sometime in the near future :)


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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this news of your separation but I'm glad that good will is prevailing. Sometimes a fresh start can be most invigorating and that is the Wish and Bright Blessing that I wish for you.

  2. I'm sorry it's been hard! I don't have Instagram but I'll visit and see the pics! Glad the doctor is helping.

  3. Its hard when you've broken up from long term relationship. It's always good when if a clean break up and your on
    Good terms. From personal experiance it's weird your in shock and stiems releived to end.

    Hope everything is ok. P.S. forgot commment on instgram but love your decor and spaces it looks lovely.

  4. Wow, you have a lot on your plate at the moment... I'll keep my fingers crossed for better times to come. My best wishes are with you!

  5. Well that sucks! But cleaning house and heart is always good for the soul! Good for you to have plans and meeting new people for the most exciting time in your life! Be well! xo

  6. Memories can be tough when it comes to the end of relationships. Redecorating is a really good idea. And we all know how redecorating affects your mood.

    I hope things go really well with the medical stuff. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  7. I am sorry it happened that way... however I do wish you both find your ways, and will be happy wherever you are.
    I checked out the pictures of your living space - wonderful! I loved absolutely all the little decoration items .. and overall. I am sure you are on the right path by creating a comfortable and pleasant environment for yourself. And I must say I love your black slightly curly hair! :)

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your parting ways, it must have been tough...it always is. I saw your photos on instagram and so far your new interior looks super cozy; I have the same lamp...:)

  9. I didn't know that, I'm sorry. *hugs and tea and soft plushie things* I wish I could pop over for an evening or two to make you dinner and watch a movie, even sing you the truly awful Polar Bear song my friend Tsuki sings me whenever she knows I am sad. No, really the lyrics are awful but the fact that a friend signings it to make me feel better, actually kind of works.
    Reclaiming the house is like a new beginning, a fresh look for the new start! I've been following the photos on Instagram and love them!
    Friend dating can be fun, I really hope that works out well!

  10. I am sorry!!!
    Sending you BIG HUGS!! Here's to new friends and new memories! Have fun decorating and I wish you much success getting back into the job market! I'm not on Instagram, I hope you share a bit on your blog!

  11. I know the new memories you make will make you smile in the future. I am pleased you are on good terms with your ex, have custody of your furbabies, and sendingmany hugs from Oz to you xox

  12. I know the new memories you make will make you smile in the future. I am pleased you are on good terms with your ex, have custody of your furbabies, and sendingmany hugs from Oz to you xox

  13. Can't wait to see your reclaimed and redecorated home!

  14. I knew about it of course, but I am still sorry to read this. Breaking up is always difficult, often unpleasant, always hurtful, after five years or five months, but it must be more difficult after five years like this. That said, you seem to be coping well and doing what needs to be done.


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