The garden in June

My last entry was good clean morbid fun, to balance out the barrage
of romantic garden pictures that make up today's post :)
It's been a hot sunny month over here in southern Sweden
and the garden has really taken off.

When I moved in to my little cottage almost 10 years ago, this entry way
was completely empty. The only thing there was the ugly red wooden gate
(that we are replacing with a wrought iron arch very soon).
Now my Russian vine and lavender (and kitty scratching log)
offer a  proper greeting to any guest, and to myself when I come home.

So does my front step which, believe it or not, used to be just a row of ugly gravel.
(The rhododendron to the right has yet to find it's place in the garden
- it's one of the many autumn garden projects this year.)

One of my garden beautifying projects was making a shell stepping stone
while resetting some of the stones on the patio. It was easy with a bit of 
left over cement. I set the surrounding stones, then just poured it right in.


These babies are also waiting for their proper spots in the garden.
The crooked one is a walnut and the other a Robinia, both grown from seeds.
I am hoping they will give us some flowers or even fruit this year,
but they really have outgrown their pots. (Lettuce is sprouting underneath).

This summer anyone who invites us over is getting a sunflower...
My own are coming along nicely in between the lavender
(I will post pictured when they are further along).

Above is my latest garden project; making a natural stone border
for my neglected flower bed. The rock flour will set over the coming weeks.
In between the few surviving plants I put asphalt roofing paper, to try to get
the root weeds under control. I will remove it as I go long planting new things.


11 kommentarer:

  1. You truly have a green thumb, my dear. Beautiful!

  2. Your house is so beautiful. I think my favorite picture is the front gate. It's warm, cozy, and just says you're home! I love your shell stepping stones and all the beautiful flowers! I never thought of using asphalt roofing paper, that's a great idea to get rid of root weeds. You've done an amazing and beautiful job! *hugs*

  3. BEAUTIFUL! You're totally invited over anytime and not just because I want a sunflower ;)

    That stone border is very cool. I love your garden. Walking in under that arch looks magical :D

  4. even for me as an autumn man this is lovely. It reminds me of my parents' garden in summertime.

  5. Oh my! Your garden looks so summery and cheerful! I have always dreamt of having my own little garden, just as yours, but for some reason I always end up living in apartments (what can I expect by setting myself in cities, on the other hand?.

    Also, it is really lovely to see you are already enjoying some sunlight over there. Summer is delayed this year for us, and all I can think about is swimming and outdoors fun. So jealy!

  6. Hm...your garden is lovely, but that's not how I picture Sweden in my head...Perhaps it's the blue accents and the seashells, but it reminds me of a peaceful greek village...Ehh, don't mind me...:D We had a protracted winter and a cold and rainy spring, so our plants are not doing all that well...:/

  7. Beautiful! Puts paid to the notion that Sweden is snow covered! Grand # 3 has decided that next we move I am to plant Apple trees for her.

  8. Wow!! Beautiful!!! You really love gardening and it shows! I love everything! Big Hugs!

  9. You know how much I love it when you share this kind of posts. I'm all grins seeing how your garden is growing and how it will grow even more. One day I, too, will have a HUGE walnut tree! :-D

  10. I hope you will share more updates about your garden! ^_^ I have no green thumb but I love gardens, so it is really nice to read about them in blogs.

  11. Your garden and flowers are completely beautiful, and put mine to shame, as I've not spent as much time as I'd hoped on the garden lately, but things are about to change :)

    I hope all is well with you, lovely lady ♥


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