Planning and dreaming

I have been asked more than a couple of times over the last month;
"Are you growing pumpkins this year?" The answer is 'no'.
The reason is that at the time of planting (Feb-March for the big ones over here)
I had no idea what the rest of the year would look like for neither myself nor my man.
And as anyone growing pumpkins knows; they need constant tending.
(Although, come Halloween, I will probably wish I had some of my own.) 

Akleja (European Columbine) and Bergklint (Mountain Cornflower) in bloom,
and a couple of Irises just about to pop in between.
(Please don't mind the weeds, this flower bed is next on my to-do list...)

Not growing pumpkins and suddenly having lots of time on my hands has shifted
my focus towards the long neglected garden and a project 10 years in the planning
- the four-season/sunroom. Ever since I moved in to my little crummy
(yet adorable) cottage I have dreamed about a small orangerie, with a tall
glass ceiling and lots of light. I made a crooked sketch but you get the idea...
Tomorrow we're finally having a meeting, discussing budget, size and build time!

And I have big plans for redesigning the garden around the new sunroom.
What is supposed to be our lawn is currently a bumpy weedy mess,
and the rose bed is a source of shame since they were all struck by disease.
I am hoping we can level off that whole area and in time make it as lush
and romantic as I try to make the patio (on the other side of the house).


We're also having my parents over this weekend, since Sunday is Mother's Day.
And since we've been putting off getting new patio furniture for years now
I temporarily fortified the dilapidated pieces with big nails and some left-over paint.
I didn't put too much care in to the project because the set won't last another year,
 I just used some old dark purple paint and diluted it with cheap white primer.


11 kommentarer:

  1. Your sun-room sketch is amazing and the lavender patio set is peaceful. Is that an outdoor oven in the corner or chiminea?

  2. I forgot to reply to your question about the Moon pics, I use my Canon PowerShot SX520 HS to capture what catches my eye. I was amazed at the very first Moon pic I took on this camera, no more white dot in the sky photos for me :)

  3. All the plans you have for your garden have put a smile on my face. It looks beautiful in my mind. I hope we get to see it all realized soon! ♥

  4. Excitement! I'm not a big fan of lawn grass, myself.

  5. Ooooh! Lovely! I love dreaming of such things and cannot wait until they come to fruition :D

  6. Oh what exciting plans! Best of luck!

  7. The lavender colour looks very summery! I love how well it plays of the green of the plants!

  8. Did you do the sketch? Coz it's amazing!

  9. Your plan for the sunroom looks nice and simple! Giving old stuff a last breath of life until they are toast can be helpful, at least in my experience. I really like the color you made for them. We are working on our little makeshift apartment garden. It is a work in progress but I certainly wish we had a house or even a cottage with a yard and a decently sized patio like you have. Someday though. :) *Hugs* You're doing some amazing things!

  10. It's too late in the year to start growing pumpkins, sadly. And I don't have a garden yet. I wish I was as talented as you are as a gardener.

  11. I love weeds! Don't worry about it! I have some areas that are very weed free, but I have to admit, most of my gardens are wild, LOL! I have to take some pictures. I'm excited for you and your sunroom! Have fun with everything!! I know it will all turn out fantastic! You did great with your patio furniture! Hugs!


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