Malmö Garden Show 2016

Today we visited the Malmö Garden Show, right here in Skåne.
It was free and much bigger than we had anticipated.
The warm weather also helped make it a lovely outing.

 What you see below is the plant market and food area, and to the left
was a second area with pretty and inspirational gardens and balconies.
They also had live music and lots of learning activities for kids.

I too learned some things and got ideas for the large neglected flower beds
I just took on, like what color schemes and plant mixes I want.
(I can't wait to share pictures with you once I have gotten them in order!)

Below is my small fair haul. Most of the planting will have to be done
in autumn this year, so these are just some fillers. You can't tell yet, 
but those are deep purple Heliotropes and black Irises in the front :)


13 kommentarer:

  1. I have never heard of black iris, I'm curious what they will look like in bloom next spring!

  2. Ser ut att ha varit en fin & intressant trädgårdsmässa :)

  3. Deep purple & black..sweet!

  4. Beautiful!!!!! What a gorgeous day! I love what you purchased!

  5. Black Irises are beautiful, my mom also has a few of those in her garden, we got them at some garden fair too. :)

  6. WOW! That's some garden show!!! Sheeze, we have nothing like that here in NYC. Most of us are lucky to have a postage stamp-sized plot of land or some buckets to grow stuff. This is so many kinds of wonderful and lovely.

  7. Funny we went to a garden centre yesterday. Not nearly as impressive as this garden show.

  8. Looks like a fun event! I have two black irises planted this year-Superstition and Gost Train. Can't wait until they bloom.

  9. Anticipating the black irises! This is quite the splendid home show, I'm looking forward to the other photos. Have a great week.

  10. I can't wait to see the pictures and watch the purple and black flowers bloom! We picked up some purple sage and lavender at the store this weekend and a friend bought us a pumpkin plant to grow!

  11. What a delight! That trip sounds like so much fun, and to go home with black irises? WoooHooo!


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