2016-2017 A/W fashion inspiration

Just a quick look at some 2016-2017 A/W fashion today,
because the half of my brain that isn't busy gardening
is longing for fall and buying velvet dresses on Ebay :)



 Anna Sui

Elie Saab 



You know you've hit middle age when your personal look is back in style
and '68 has had at least two revivals in your life time...


11 kommentarer:

  1. Okay, those are fantastic! Now I want to go look at clothing.

  2. Oh, bohemian is coming back? Yet again? I love the lace and the dark colours! Elie Saab looks fantastic!

  3. The red and black Elie Saab number is to die for-- Gods! I need to make something like it asap!
    That rope hip belt, those braided clasps-- ugh. The details, too much to bear! NEED TO SEW!

  4. The purple velvet jacket!!

  5. That purple dress in the bottom row!

    Also swooning over the model's hair!

  6. I love the long colourful scarf in the first pic. It's so Doctor Who (Tom Baker)!

    I love the last dress, too ♥

  7. Loving the black laces and that long black dress with tiny white flowers!!

    I recently bought a dress of a dark blue color and with a pretty oriental pattern, I just love it and I hope it can fit into semi-bohemian look :)) Thanks for keeping us cognizant about latest trends.

  8. The second outfit by Etro is to die for! Thanks for posting all these looks, they are very interesting and worth a glance.

    Also, can someone bring Fall back, please? I totally relate! ♥

  9. I love them all! I would purchase each and every one of them! Now, I'm thinking of fall! My favourite time of year! Big Hugs!

  10. love the light blue net top c:


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