Birthday Dirge for Magaly

 Some people have said (about serious psychotherapy) that it will get worse
before it gets better. I'm not sure how to quantify what is going on with me right now,
except to say it's confusing. I think my brain is rebooting. Complicated thought processes
are impossible at the moment. The good thing about it is that some of the negative voices
also seem to be taking a break. But who knows how I will come out on the other side.

 Because of this krebabbling of the mind I didn't sign up for dear Magaly's
April Poetry blog party, though she always posts the yummiest words.
However, tomorrow is her birthday and I couldn't let her request for a dirge
go unanswered. So here goes, dear Magaly; A morbid song just for you!

(Click to enlarge)



10 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, that's a WONDERFUL birthday dirge! I like the dancing skellies too.

  2. I wish, wish, wish this "reboot" works in the long wrong. Confusing is difficult, but it will be such a gift if at the end of the day one walks out of the chaos with some answers. Fingers crossed. Hang in there. ♥

    And now to the dirge... I LOVE it. I can picture it in my head. A long live of love and grumps and then rotting to make some warms happy. What else can one ask for? *cackles and giggles*

    Thank you sooo much!

  3. Great poem. Very Shakespearean.

  4. Great dirge! I can see Magaly is happy about it :)))

  5. Ah, it's a hard process, but hopefully you finally have the right psychiatrist/ psychotherapist who can help you. I know my counsellor really got me to think about my thought processes!

  6. Ed always says to me that it's always darkest before the dawn ... and birthing is always painful, for both the Mom and the kid.

    Sending love.

  7. I love, love, love this!!!!! I really do!!!! Amazing Birthday dirge!!!!
    (Please hang in there!!! So happy the negative voices are taking a break!)

  8. That was a great song, hope things go on a more even keel.

  9. That is an awesome dirge!
    I really hope you feel better soon. No matter what happens, we're here for you. *hugs*


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