April update, and earrings

 In Sweden, tax declarations are due this week. It effectively signals the book-end
of last year and harkens in a new (tax) era. Last week also surprised us
with sudden hail and snow, so I'm more than ready for April to be over.

We finally had a plummer out here to look at the leaky pipe. He flushed it
and dropped in a camera to check if anything was broken. Nothing was.
There will be no pulling apart the outer wall, no huge costs.
It turns out I have been fretting and stalling for a simple blockage...

My doctor signed off on my diagnosis last week and I have been granted
sick leave until fall. It's great in the way that it takes the pressure off
finding a job, but it makes me wonder if I should try to find something
to do with my time - like take a course in jewelry making or something.

I have been going a bit crazy in the jewelry department lately,
scouring Swedish Ebay for earrings. I pierced my ear as a lark
the other week, just to see if it was easily done - but I didn't think ahead
as far as earrings go... So I have spent the last two weeks remedying that :)

The two in the top left corner were left over from the sale of the store
and the ones with the purple leaves were a gift from sweet Winter Moon.
The big sparkly ones were only a dollar each, so if it turns out
I can only wear noble metals it's not a great loss.

Speaking of "jewels", I am packing everyone's gifts from the giveaway
last week and will get them in the mail soon. If you are a winner
and still haven't emailed me your address, please do so asap!

How have you guys been?

10 kommentarer:

  1. Trying to get a backlog of sewing done now that the unpacking is done. Currently waiting for Grandchild # 2's school program to start. Yea! For only a pipe blockage!!! Taking a class or two sounds like a great idea.

  2. Wow, lucky about the blockage!

    A jewellery course might be nice if you don't have too much pressure, make it a hobby, not a chore.

    Let your ears heal well before you try earrings. Have fun!

  3. I do have a thing for big (if not huge) earrings. A jewellery making workshop sounds great. You should go for it!

  4. Lots of good vibes your way ~~

  5. If you are written off of work, you should take the time to relax and recover. Don't feel pressured to use your time for something that "improves you". Getting well is hard work!

  6. Whew! Talk about dodging that bullet with regards to the blocked pipe! That deserves a celebration of chocolate and wine.

    Let the wind take you from place to place ... do a little bit of everything or nothing. Don't force yourself to do something or to "get better." Give yourself some time to breath and enjoy the simple things. And if you ever need to chat, my Skype or Facebook message is always open, dear friend. <3

  7. So happy nothing was broken in your pipes! Also, so happy you have sick leave till fall! If you take a course in jewelry making, have fun with it! Go with what your heart tells you to do! Have fun with the earrings! Make sure your piercings heal well first! Hugs!

  8. Just to let you know, I'm doing well, but still sick!!

  9. Tax season always suckeths very mucho. We are done already, thank goodness. I'm glad the plumbing jog won't cost too much. Goodness knows no one (okay me) wants to spend money if they don't have to.

    Earrings are delicious fun!

  10. You kind of reminded my wife that we need to pay the council tax.

    On a side note, April was colder than November here too.


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