Moss dish gardens - healing things

Doing some light garden work is on my list of healing things this spring.
I love planting and potting (though I loathe weeding and cutting grass),
and I would like to spruce up the patio a bit for the outdoor season.

Living as we do, at the most southern tip of Sweden surrounded by water,
we have autumn weather 8 months out of the year. It's all winds and rain.
 I gave up on sun loving plants a while back, nature will have her way.
What we do have an increasing amount of though, is all kinds of moss.
I googled around a bit and found these beauties: Moss Dish Gardens.

So today I made moss dish gardens around two potted trees we have on the patio.
I made little mounds and used four different types of moss to create a landscape feeling.
One piece I left on the dead tree bark it was growing on and just dropped it in there.
They are still a bit flattened and muddy from the "planting" but will bounce back
in a few days. If they thrive I will make a separate moss garden in a prettier dish,
I will try to find moss in different shades and maybe mix it up with some branches.

There are a few things to keep in mind before making these:

Moss grows incredibly slowly and is protected in many places.
I only harvest from my own garden and only ever as much as I will need.
Always leave as much as you take, whether from a fallen tree or a rock.
Moss rarely survives indoors since it needs to be kept moist always.

 For those of you who happened to be stopping by looking for 29 faces:
I am falling behind (as I thought I would be) but I will be posting this weekend!
With the emotional ups and downs lately I have also been falling behind
in making my blog rounds, but this weekend I will try to visit you all.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, moss dish gardening sounds like fun! We have a little moss here in our area, but the more mossy places are closer to the coast. I am too inland to have as much as you. Although, I could probably grow some- maybe. I'll have to look that up. We are planning to do some gardening on our little patio this spring and summer too. We are going to make an herb wall and row some veggies, ones that we use more frequently. I want some flowers but I am also going to get a Japanese Maple tree. It's a kind of promissory gift that we will eventually have a house of our own.

  2. Now I'm wondering if moss is protected around here. I have been taking about putting together a wee faerie garden, in a small terrarium...

    Love the colors you've put together.

  3. I really do love moss! Actually, being pale and not taking heat well, winter 8 months a year sounds good! Wish I could move in nearby!


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