International November, good news, a gift and Gothimas

During the month of November I have been conducting interviews
for my degree paper and I have met some interesting people.
Among them was a nurse who is working with the refugees,
a UN lawyer, a teacher and journalist working in Palestine
and a woman who is considering transitioning to male.

What, you may ask, am I writing about?
I am writing about communication in multilingual couples
(whose main language is English), and I have met people
from 10 different countries just in the last few weeks.
It's also gotten me out of the house, which is a good thing.
Unfortunately the actual writing of the paper isn't coming along as smoothly...

I won Magaly's wonderful book giveaway in October
and yesterday I received a box full of yummies!
Inside were the two books and the tote I had won,
but also a beautiful card, a fantastic procrastinator's
planner, two glittery adornments and some wicked socks!

We've had two pieces of good news this week.
I found out that I passed my semantics exam - with flying colors :)
- and yesterday my man finally signed his contract and became
a permanent full-time employee - and he got a raise!
Tonight we are celebrating with some Amarone and cheese.


If you are anything like me and you are looking for a Yule
blog party/challenge, head on over to Professor Z's!
All through the second week of December she is hosting
the marvellous Gothidays, and anyone is welcome to join.


13 kommentarer:

  1. You sound better than a few time ago. Good! :)
    Good luck for your degree paper. I wrote mine 7 years ago and though it was interesting I wouldn't not rewrite it! XOXO

  2. Awesome and neat and cool and yay! So glad things are turning up for you! Now, how are you feeling?

  3. Congrats on the paper! Congrats to you and your man for his permanent employment and raise too! Congrats for the contest win as well. All of this is very awesome! Your paper sounds really interesting!

  4. Congratulations on passing your exams and your partners promotion. I glad to hear of some good news coming your way.

  5. Yay, wonderful that so many things are going well! You are often in my thoughts! <3

  6. I am glad things seem to be looking better. Will check that other blog. Don't think I ever visited it.

  7. I am so happy to see you had a productive November! I saw you are talking to international couples, so if you need any other volunteers for your research, I can tell my sister and brother in law. I am sure they will be glad to help (she´s Spanish and he is Japanese, but their communication language is English most of the time).

    Also, I like the Gothy Christmas event. I am joining Blogmas too so I will be curious about reading yours :)

  8. I hope you share some of your paper after you finish writing it. I find the topic fascinating--at both, personal and scholarly levels.

    Congrats to your man on the permanent work. Goodness knows how reassuring that is.

    Hope you have a blast decorating your home and cyber-partying!

    1. Oh, and I'm sooo glad you like the goodies. :-D

  9. Congratulations!!!! On signing the contract. Good luck on writing your paper .

  10. Really looking forwards to all the gothy christmas posts though, even though the only good things in christmas for me are glitter, faerie lights & cozy christmas fair evenings, i am sure you guys will have some inspiration! and good luck with those papers!

  11. That's all exciting news! What an insightful study for your degree paper. Wicked socks l.o.l. may the good times continue to roll.

  12. A procrastinator's planner? That sounds right up my alley! LOL Glad to hear you've gotten a bit of good news lately. :)


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