I know it's early...

Winter arrived last night. After weeks of rain, the temperature
suddenly dropped 15 degrees and everything froze over.
My man couldn't get into his car this morning because of the ice
and had to ask the neighbors for a ride to work,
and neither one of us has winter tires on our cars.
The kitties have only been outside for a few minutes today
and are now balled up by the heater and in my knitwear, respectively.

I know it's early, but the change in weather got me in the Yule mood
so I pulled out the electrical candlesticks and stars for the windows.
Traditionally they would all come up on Sunday anyway.
I have also been working on another tree, made with bead string
and rhinestones salvaged from one of my mom's old blouses.

Every year I use less Santa reds and more trees in my décor.
My plan is to (sometime in the future) have a long side table
completely covered in trees - a proper winter wonderland.

I saw this fabulous little purple tree at a store called Rusta
and I knew I had to have it. The store also has some cheap
Yule hand soaps, all kind of weird either in scent or in color...
I know all of it is really kitschy but I couldn't help myself :)


Have you started decorating yet?


16 kommentarer:

  1. I like your christmas decor. As now we have only set an enlightened tiny crib and a changing colours luminous santa. We'll start to really decorate at the beginning of December.

  2. I haven't started yet, but my mind has been been ABSOLUTELY OVERFLOWING with ideas on what to do this year ... only a quarter of which I'll probably get around to actually doing. I'll start later this week as my SIL and two of my nieces from Israel will be here this weekend, and I thought it would be nice to have the place looking festive for their visit! LOL

  3. Your beaded tree that you made is very beautiful. A grouping of them someday would be magnificent. Love the "candlelight" in the window. xoxo Su

  4. Beautiful decor. I began decorating last week. I will surely add a few things here and there but I feel it's festive enough as it is. Over-excited for Christmas, this year - for unknown reasons.

  5. Beautiful! It's never too early to start combatting the dark with joyous trees and sparking gems and lights. Now you've got me in the mood!

  6. Not quite yet, I am really looking forward to it!
    This year I´m kind of feeling the Yule call early, so I think I will follow your example with some premature decor. I don´t know why I am so excited about the whole thing at this point!

  7. Jag är helt klar med julpyntandet sedan två timmar tillbaka :D
    Vad fin den lila granen är!

    Jag hade den där pepparkakstvålen förra året, i år testar jag den med äppledoft istället ^_^

  8. I have not placed any decoration yet, but I have started listening to Christmas music and I have started my holiday read. And I have a cat that I want to keep in all night, because it's quite cold.

  9. We have not set out any Christmas decor. I did indeed have mice in my storage when I pulled out the Halloween stuff. those jerks pretty much nested and ate my Christmas lovely's, I must stitch the stockings ...I can't bear to toss them out. I do admire your decor and am inspired to get crafty for this holiday season.

  10. I am so ready to decorate for Yule, but we need to get through Thanksgiving State side before I will pull anything out.

  11. we will get some snow Thursday so I think that will put me in the mood - thinking of creepmas first.

  12. Love the tree you made!!!

    The candles are great too! Candles are great any time, and electric ones will not burn down the house! I never dare leave candles or incense unattended because I have a fur and a feather baby to care worry for!

  13. Lovely decor, so excited for the snow!

  14. I haven't been decorating exactly, but I've been collecting pine cones whenever I go to the woods (to decorate around the Winter Solstice). I've also been working on my wall (the altar-like-thing that has overtaken my bedroom, lol). I think it will be all sorted out before the end of the year. My hope is to have done by the Winter Solstice.

    Hope you guys get snow tires soon. ♥

  15. As soon as we are settled in the new place I will be decorating for winter and Yule. The not so great part is that our Yule decor is going to clash, lol. We are using the black Halloween Tree some friends gave us a year ago. It's one of those from Michael's craft stores and it's supposed to be a creepy tree. It also has purple lights. Which is fine, I don't mind but it doesn't go with my more traditional/nature decor. Nor will the little My Little Ponies Amanda is going to hang from the branches.


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