Halloween dinner party

We were late in deciding what to do for Halloween this year.
My man has been sick for over a week and I had a paper
to hand in and still have a test to study for. But the thought
of doing nothing was seriously depressing, so we decided
to invite my cousin and her husband over for dinner.

Hosting a dinner party gave us a reason to clean the house,
dress up and cook some good food. The guests also went
all out with their vampire costumes, and somehow one
appreciates one's own Halloween décor much more when
one can show it off to someone else :)

I have so many generous blog friends to thank for my dècor!
In these pictures alone are little Dolly Grim from Spooky Moon,
a coffin and scarf/tablecloth from Goth Gardening, creepy crawlies
from Winter Moon and string lights from Professor Z
and Calamitous Botanicus. Thank you all so much!

I missed the last few years' Trick-or-Treating in my store
and I was secretly hoping some children would find their way
to our door during the evening, but alas. I am still hoping
to get an invitation to my brother's for next weekend,
but I'm not sure their big busy family will have the time.

It was a pumpkin themed dinner. For starter we had
shrimp salad on pumpkin rye bread, that I had used
a cookie cutter on to make in to little pumpkin shapes.
The main course was pork with oven roasted vegetables:
 pumpkin, sweet potato and carrots, and for dessert
we had spiced pumpkin cake and little sugar cookies.

These are my first ever typical store bought props.
I'm not usually into the cheap plastic Halloween look,
but I thought this little couple was kind of cute :)

Did you all have a fun Halloween? Did you hand out candy?
What was your costume? Please tell me in the comments!


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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. :) Happy belated Halloween ;D

  2. A belated happy Halloween! Mine was really fun: I drank Hobgoblin, walked in the neighborhood during trick-or-treating, watched horror movies and read horror stories. And it was also very autumnal.

    I am going to miss it.

  3. Oh and by the way, your party looks gorgeous.

  4. Ooh, your dinner looks and sounds just perfect, and as always, your décor is super impressive ♥

    I'm ashamed to say, I didn't post and Halloween goodness out to anyone this year. I've had to tighten my belt these past few months, but that's another story.

    Not a single trick-or-treater called, so I was forced to devour most of the sweets I'd bought for them. It was tough, but I managed it :)

    Happy Halloween!!

  5. Åh vad kul att gästerna var seriösa med att klä ut sig :D
    Och ditt hem är så mysigt, som en perfekt kombination av Goth och butiken Indiska tänker jag :'D

  6. Yum! Pumpkin rye bread! Perfect table set for monsterous guests! I love the " fun" couple at you door! I'm happy you had a wonderful celebration!
    It was blowing, cold and rainy wet! Like Winter Moon, only one tiny trickster rung out bell! Happily the boys dropped in to TOP up their pillow sacks!
    I stayed up WAY past my bed time, listening to the quiet! I could feel the magic and energies leaving , sadly I said goodbye!
    Nov. 1. sipping hot apple cider and planning for the WHITE monthssssss ahead!
    Visit soon! xo

  7. Everything looks wonderful! Glad you were able to have company and enjoy your Halloween. I only had a few kids come by and have tons of candy left. I really enjoyed all the decorations, but oddly, I'm kind of glad to put it all away. Hmmm.

  8. Great decor and tablescape. The party here went well, we trick or treated and only a few houses gave candy. I was a cop instead of Janis, last minute change. I will post pics when I get around to it. Happy November.

  9. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who invites people over as an inspiration to clean the house. ;-)

    Our Halloween was fun. It was not exactly what we had planned, since my Piano Man and the Little Princess were out most of the day--rehearsals for holiday shows. But my nephew and a good friend came over and we cooked, laughed and danced around the house until the rest of the family arrived. The food was yummy. Not as pretty as yours though...

    I, too, think the creepy couple is rather charming.

  10. Oh wow, I really love what you did and I am glad that you guys decided to have a little party!

  11. Your dinner party sounds wonderful! Yum! We had more trick or treaters than we thought we would and didn't have enough sweets!

  12. So thrilled to see you had dinner guests - I agree that decorations are always more fun with an audience. Your food looks and sounds delicious especially the spiced pumpkin cake. I too had dinner guests and a about 25 trick or treater - lots of leftover candy to share.

  13. Everything looks so lovely, and you're so right - it is more fun to decorate when someone else is around to see it! One day, I will have a proper Hallowe'en dinner party too. Jeez, I should get on that soon, shouldn't I? LOL

    Hey, did you ever order that fabric from Chintz? Need me to pick it up (after the 7th when I can breathe again, okay?)... ;)

  14. Such spooky fun! Hope you had a nice Halloween!

  15. Your decor is totally awesome! And I love the red velvet sofas!

  16. I love your Halloween decorations, your dishes, your pumpkin lights, your table, your mantle...well, everything! The pumpkin cake looks delicious.

    We had a good Halloween. We didn't wear costumes, but my husband decorated the yard and porch and we had lots of trick or treaters, little and not so little, who loved it. October goes by too fast!



  17. What a couple of lucky guests! You certainly put together the perfect autumn dinner party. The menu sounds delicious, especially the dessert and the table is fabulous. Your decorations couldn't be more festive, of course I'm partial to spooky skeletons!
    We had our typical Halloween, madly finishing the pumpkin carving at the last minute, hoards of trick or treaters, rain, wind and then finally (several hours later) going out to celebrate. I think I would have preferred to be at your dinner party! A very belated Happy Halloween!

  18. Your Halloween couple do have personality and very bright eyes.
    Sounds and looks like a crafty, delicious dinner party.
    We had a very quiet time this year, which gave me a chance to finish off some blog hops.

  19. Din hem är fantastisk, och de maträtter ser ut mycket fint! :D Jag blir hungrig när jag tittar på dem.

  20. I'm late commenting, but what a beautiful Halloween you had! Your dinner looks delicious and the skeleton couple is darling.

  21. I wish I lived close so you could have invited me over. Everything looks amazing!


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