The House of the Pumpkin Queen

The House of the Pumpkin Queen is a project
I began back in spring when my computer died.
Now finally the rooms are all done and have gotten lights!


Here's the Queen herself, hanging out in her pumpkin lounge.
The couch is an Ebay find that I painted, the pumpkin tables
are made from papier-maché. The vines and flowers are
paper crafts and the mirror was a gift from a blog friend.
(Thanks, Yvonne!)

On the top floor is also the Purple Witch's spell room.
It's hard to make out all the details, but there are spell books,
a broom and a pentagram made from paper and dry grass.
There's also a magical crystal ball and a black kitty.
(I wanted to show all the rooms in a dark spooky light, but it is very hard
to take a nice picture with the stupid Automatic White Balance 
button stuck, so I had to take new pictures in daylight.)

On the first floor we find Frankenstein's laboratory.
The generator was made from a match box and two light bulbs.
The slimy green effect on the walls was made by
alternating acrylic silver paint and green spray paint,
and using a paint brush before neither had dried properly.


Dracula's quarters are the most luxurious of them all.
He has a thick velvet carpet and wall paper from London
based Cole & Sons :) His candelabra is made from beads
and the candles are pieces of old phone wire.

In the cellar the Wolfman has ripped free from his chains
and is bursting through the doors. Next to him is the tomb
of the former owners of the house, a place for dark rituals
and really great parties. I plan to add some bats to the ceiling.

I still need to figure out some kind of casing for the house,
since the whole thing is made from boxes of varying colors
and depths, and since the back is a jumble of cords and tape.
But I hope you have enjoyed the tour!


21 kommentarer:

  1. Wow !!! The Pumpkin Queen's digs are awesome, you did a great job, such a creative brain. Happy beginnings of October.

  2. Nicely designed indeed! You have detained beautifully! I'm sure the pleasure was all yours! Time well spent and you know this will only grow! xDebi

  3. Great project! Way cooler than a Barbie Doll House.

  4. This is awesome! I love it!

  5. Man, these are freaking adorable! I love little scenes like this-- fills me with utter joy.

  6. This is so cool! You are really into All Hallow Even!

  7. I love this so much! It;s really creative and wonderful!

  8. What a wonderful house!!! Great work!

  9. Dark rituals and really great parties ... I had to reread that two or three times. Cracked me up. I love this house! :D

  10. Beautiful! I love all the rooms! Dracula's room is gorgeous XD

  11. What an unusual hobby. Love it!

  12. Wow! This is incredible! You are so creative :)

  13. Wow, this is completely amazing! I want to live there! (In Dracula's quarters please) ♥

    I love all your creations, especially Frankenstein's generator. It's all really imaginative.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  14. This is so amazing! That candelabra, how cool that you made it. I used to marvel at the miniatures for sale at the specialty craft store, and they were so crazy expensive. I love that you make stuff by hand. It reminds me of things I did in my undergrad, where I created miniature dioramas and then shot short films using them as sets. I can just imagine the great stories your rooms would have. :)

  15. My goodness, woman! This is incredible. So much detail. And I LOVE that so many interesting creatures inhabit the same grand mansion. I'm grinning imagining the parties. ;-D

  16. Wow! I am in awe of your creativity and skills! I'm betting the Pumpkin Queen has some amazing parties with the folks she graciously allows to live with her, :)



  17. that is such an amazing project! sometimes the lack of a computer seems to get people to their crative hearts ^_^ <3 hope you will find a wayof creating a nice casing!!

  18. Wow vilket jobb du gjort! Och älskar den sista bilden, det ser ut som att han/hon tar ett avslappnande bad i kistan, haha!

    Tack så mycket för halloweenöverraskningen i brevlådan! <3

  19. This installation is superb! ^^*

  20. I love this!!!
    So so inspirational to me. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Great miniature shadow boxes. I especially like the purple witches room.


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