The Halloween tag

I have been tagged! The lovely Sharon at Goth Gardening
tagged me in a Halloween tag, so without further ado:

Favorite Halloween song?
It's always changing. I have a loooong Halloween playlist.

Witch or Vampire?
Vampire. Hot broody pale vampires...
Though I would probably rather be a witch.

Favorite thing about Halloween?
Where do I begin..? :) I grew up without Halloween
and didn't start celebrating until I was in my 20's.
What I love most about this holiday is that I am responsible
for awakening the Halloween spirit in so many people around me.

Halloween party or Scary movie marathon?
Both! Preferably several of them too.
Though we will most likely only be able to do the latter this year.

Skeletons or Zombies?
 Neither up until recently, but this year I got myself, my man
and my three little nieces all matching skeleton outfits :)

Favorite Halloween candy?
We don't have any :(

Favorite Halloween movie?
Trick-r-Treat and Sleepy Hollow.
I have them on repeat all through the season.

Favorite Halloween costume?
I love all my costumes, and I usually sew them myself.
My least favorite one was probably a last minute witch costume.

Favorite Halloween store?
We don't have A SINGLE ONE! :(
Jack-o-lantern's - yes or no?
I love Jack-o-lantern's and we have far too few of them over here!
I'm lucky if I see any (except my own) around Halloween.
Bats or Black cats?
My black kitty is the sweetest, cuddliest and silliest
kitty in the world. I love him more than I love most people.
 My only experience with bats is when the fly in to
our bedroom in the middle of the night, and I have to
save them from my girl kitty. They're cute though!

Is Halloween your favorite holiday?
Yes. Halloween is number one, Yule is second.
It is also my man's favorite holiday, which helps.

Pumpkin spice latte or Hot chocolate? 
I have never had a real PSL, since we don't have
the pumpkin flavored syrup I think is required over here.
I do enjoy daily spiced lattes though, whereas I only make
hot chocolate once every two or three weeks.

I'm gonna tag a few European buddies this time,
because I'm curious about how they celebrate:

No pressure though - I know some of you are super busy!


22 kommentarer:

  1. Of course Halloween is your favorite holiday! What kind of question is that? *giggles*

    Oh, and I'm all for skeletons, too. ;-)

    1. Haha, that's what I was thinking! And why would anyone NOT like Jack-O'lanterns??

  2. Tänk om Sverige hade en stoor halloween-shop som var öppen året runt, vilken dröm det vore!

    Åh kul att bli taggad, jag behöver nåt att blogga om, haha :D

    1. Jag skulle bara önska att de körde en Halloween-säsong, såsom många affärer har en julavdelning varje nov-dec.

  3. Matching skeleton outfits!!! I love it :)

    1. My dress is too small I realize now...

  4. "Hot broody pale vampires" -- have you seen Tom Hiddleston in "Only Lovers Left Alive"? He fits the bill!

    1. Yes he does, I just didn't get the pacing of that movie - it felt a bit detached, even to the viewer. Looking forward to Crimson Peak though!!

  5. Awww, I love the idea of matching skeleton outfits! I wonder if I can convince my lot to wear matching outfits/some kind of group costume this year! Probably not... haha!
    I've just been tagged in this too but it seems all my favourite bloggers have already done it! haha!

    1. I just bought the costumes . I don't know if they'll were them:)

      Some bloggers haven't tagged anyone, that's fine too!

  6. Matching skeleton outfits sound super cute! :D

    1. Förutom att min klänning är för liten..!

  7. Wow! I love that bats fly into your room :)

    Thank you for tagging me ♥

    1. We have quite alot of bats out here :)

  8. Thanks for tagging me. I want to give a proper answer, so I will probably answer at weekend.

  9. You're right ... I'd rather be a witch than a vampire. Actually, maybe not. Oh, I don't know - it's a tough choice.

    Jeez, I haven't seen Sleepy Hollow in forever! I'm frantically going through the TV guide this month, trying to tape everything so I've got some things to watch besides NCIS (the spouse's fave). Yes, Hallowe'en first, Christmas second. And if you do it right, all the Hallowe'en decorations work at Christmas too! :)

    1. I can't stand NCIS, but I watch CSI, Criminal Minds and other crime shows.

      For some reason Swedish TV airs Sleepy Hollow at least once a month, so that's how often I watch it - since 1999... :)

  10. I don't have many shops or pumpkin spice latte either! Hugs!

    1. We are too far away from the Hallowwen madness!


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