Life on a stick

We haven't had working internet, TV or phone since Friday.
My cellphone reception out here in the countryside is patchy
to say the least, which means I am completely cut off.
At first they said it would all be back by today, but yesterday
it became obvious that the problem isn't that easily fixed,
and they offered me a usb stick with free mobile surf
(though I had to go and get it myself from one of their stores).

I have been walking all around the house and the drive way (!)
trying to load a page, and it turns out I will have to work from my car
if I want a proper 3G connection. Right now I'm sitting propped up
at my bedroom window, the laptop propped up in turn on books,
pushed against the pane. I still only get 2G and every click on
the keyboard sends that little top left icon spinning around in infinity...

Do you guys remember internet back in the good ol' days?
Trying to download a picture only to have it time out
half way through, only able to have one tab open at a time?
Yeah... There is no way I can even load one of you guys' blogs.
In fact, I doubt that I will be able to post this very post.

Having this happen right before Halloween sucks balls.
I have been looking forward to seeing all the great decorations,
parties and shenanigans all of you are/will be up to
- not to mention visiting all the Witch's Tea party goers!

Can you tell I'm miffed? And bored? I'm sooo bored!
Without internet one finds oneself looking around the house
at all the cleaning and chores that need to be done. It's horrible.
And without TV we can't even cozy up to a horror movie tonigt.
 But we're trying to make our fun the traditional way;
with rum & coke and Halloween episodes of Buffy yesterday,
by carving pumpkins tonight, and a Halloween dinner Saturday.

If I don't see y'all before then:

Happy Halloween!


11 kommentarer:

  1. We will all be right where you left us, you are in my Halloween thoughts! and part of my Hallow Eve post. Don't fret......you know WE have NO limits on Celebration! Enjoy your peace !

  2. Sounds like your internet is beset with ghosts, goblins and gremlins!

  3. I hope you guys end up having a fun Halloween anyway. Here's hoping that the internet powers that be get their act together soon.

  4. Yep this was what mine was like! I know your pain! My mobile phone deals with wifi well but cannot handle data well at all, so until the net got installed here I was using sloooow data. My partner's phone was fine of course! Ha ha! I hope you aren't too bored! Put on candles and a spooky outfit and read scary stories to the cat!

  5. I feel your pain. But when you are back online, think of all the good stuff you'll read.

  6. Hang in there! Happy Halloween!

  7. Your internet needs to be slapped around a bit. How horrid. You have all kinds of right to be pissed off. Hope it comes back soon. Halloween without your blacks and purples is just not the same. ;-(

  8. Kudos for hanging in there

  9. Life in the DARK ages! I feel for you.
    I think they owe you more than a stick.

  10. That's how things were at my parent's house when I was there. I had to hold my phone at weird angles just to send a text. I also had to work off three computers. My Dad's desk chair was very uncomfortable, so much so that I couldn't sit in it for the time it took to do my homework. My computer, for some reason would hold the internet connection for long. My Mom's would, but I couldn't access a site for school to turn in my homework, she also didn't have a word processor and I wasn't going to download something without permission. So, I pulled up my assignments on her computer, wrote papers on mine, saved to a flash drive, and then went to my Dad's computer to access the site for school to turn everything in. It was a mess but I got it done!
    I really hope everything works out for you and you get your net, tv, and phone back soon!


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