Countdown to vacation

 For some time now I have been thinking about, then mourning,
and then finally planning the sale/closing of my store.
July is the big vacation month in Sweden, so we are officially
putting the store up for sale at the beginning of August,
when Swedish life starts to return to normal again.

Before that I have also been planning my own much needed vacation.
I was looking forward to two whole weeks off, doing nothing
except maybe cooking some nice meals for my working man.
 But then of course the whole license mix-up happened, so now
I am looking at two weeks of doing nothing, mostly by myself.

Someone with alot more energy than myself might take this time
to do garden work or take on big home improvement projects.
But the first half of this year has completely run me into the ground
 and just thinking of expelling that much energy makes me shudder.
What I really want is to feel soothed, rested and revitalized.

Well, my vacation starts in two days, and there are
a couple of small things I'm thinking about doing:

Join Facebook. (I actually did this already - come find me!)
I am going to need my on-line friends during the coming months.

Change my hair. For 10 years I have done absolutely nothing
with my hair except take household scissors to it when it's gotten
too frayed, but now I'm thinking about going back to black.

Pierce my ears. I'm one of the rare ones who is still "untouched",
but I really like the look of short hair with one big/long earring on one side.

Detox. The stress of the previous months have lead me
to develop some really bad eating and drinking habits.

Read outside. Summer only arrived in Sweden a couple of days ago,
just in time for my vacation :) Now all I need are some great books.

What about you guys?
What are your plans this summer?


15 kommentarer:

  1. I am looking forward to reading about what you are going to do with your hair

  2. Det låter som bra sommarplaner :D Jag får semester om exakt en vecka, längtar verkligen efter lite vila och läsning.

  3. Yay for joining the short-hair club for a while, and the pierced ear brigade, too!

    Getting in the sun while you are detoxing in a great, healthy idea... You'll need your vitamin D; and reading in the sun is just yummy.

    We'll be here, stalking you, as you do what you must in the summer.

    This summer is mostly for trying to get some kind of balance when it comes to my digestive system. We'll see how that goes...

  4. So happy you are on FB ! For me, it has been a challenging 4 yrs,,,happily my family has found the right track and I was pleased to have had a guiding hand. Now another cross road!
    Hilarious really, like you, my energe tank s flashing red!
    I have tons of reading to catch up on, a part time job, domestic life to see to, and adjust my attitude.
    Thankfully, my inspiration is a click and a visit away! Huge Canadian Hugs! xo

  5. Ah I'm glad to have you as a Facebook friend! I hate the place, honestly, but love how I can keep in touch with folks because of it. I'm excited to see what you get up to on your vacation. Think of it as a time for adventure and new things. Refresh yourself! It will be great. Love the new hair idea too. Have fun with it!

  6. Reading outside is the best thing ever... except then a bird or bee flies by and I get distracted. Plus, sometimes I just stare at my plants... and nothing's wrong with that! Enjoy!

  7. Enjoy your vacation! Why not stay with your man and pamper him when he gets home from work? You can do all those things you're planning and so much more just visiting him!!!

  8. Detoxing and reading sound great! And getting a haircut can always feel like a change! Spend time in the garden, relax but don't mope! Read or watch things you have been wanting to read or watch! I hope the break will be good for you! <3

  9. While I'm sorry to hear that you won't be spending any time with your man, I do hope you get to do all on your list.
    Things will eventually turn around-- it may take a while, believe me... but it will. Even if you have to fight to get it, tooth and nail lol.

    If I could get two weeks without joint or muscle pain to just enjoy gaming and sewing, that would spruce my general mood right up. So I guess my plans are to visit a chiropractor lol...

  10. I added you on FB. ^^

    I'm also thinking about a new haircut too, but to be honest, I miss having long hair. I have my ears pierced, but I've been wanting additional holes for years now...Perhaps someday. ^^ I can't really make plans for summer just yet - some work related stuff...:/ - but we're going to take a couple of mondays off to extend out weekends and go to conventions, the beach and a history fair...

  11. Ah, I can't add you on FB, I only have a business page.

    Yay for black hair, piercings, Summer, and reading outdoors! ♥

    A detox is always great for feeling revitalised.

  12. Take the time to relax and do what you like! You will be together with your husband for all of your life, do two weeks really matter in the long run? I know it annoys you now, but try to stay positive!

    And I'm looking forward to your new hair as well :)

  13. I'm excited for you and your impending hair changes. It's amazing what a change in hair cut/color can do for your energy levels. The detoxing I understand very well, and though it sucks at first, you'll feel much better afterward. Good luck with it. I hope that things get sorted out with your fella and paperwork quickly. Selling anything, let alone a store is bound to be stressful. Be gentle with yourself! Run hot baths and surround yourself by candles. Read delicious books. I'm delighted to be connected on Facebook with you, and I will return to the book of faces very soon. I deactivated my account while I detox from social media negative energy for a couple weeks. Hang in there lovely lady!

  14. welcome to facebook i guess :-D and i will join you on detox this summer, so much the doctors said i am not allowed to eat and i guess we all will be excited to see what is going to happen with you & your plans!

  15. I already sent you a Facebook friend request.

    Not fun to be unemployed, whether because you close your business or because you become redundant or because a contract comes to an end. My mother told me: "take it as a holiday" when it happened to me, easier said than done. That said, I think you are taking the right steps to make the best of it.


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