The neglected patio - a post about weather

This year Sweden apparently had the most miserable, rainy and cold
month of May in 60 years, and we felt it. I can usually start planting
and decorating the patio in April, to enjoy it in time for the first May "heatwave"
(= above 20 degrees centigrade) - but this year that was two days ago.

The lilacs bloomed long before we could sit outside in the evenings,
and the patio is full of weeds that have been allowed to grow undisturbed.
My man bought a new sun sail a couple of months ago,
and today is only the second day we have needed to use it.

 The kitties are also taken aback by the suddenly warm weather
and have been slowly pacing back and forth between the water bowl,
the food and a shady spot all day. My girl could barely muster up
some curiosity when I brought out the camera. She kind of looks
like a white goth coming out of winter hibernation, doesn't she?

The tiny little pine in a pot behind her was rescued from growing on the roof
of the green house (!) a few days ago. I hope it will grow a sturdy root system
by winter, and will decorate our stoop for many years to come.

This is my 8-year-old walnut, grown from a nut. It sprouts beautiful leaves
every summer but refuses to grow tall, no matter how big a pot it's in.
The only thing for it is to plant it in the ground, but since walnuts can grow
100 feet tall it will take some careful consideration.

The potted tree below is also grown from seed, it's a Robinia from Provence, France.
I picked the seeds from a tree during a midnight stroll 6 years ago
and amazingly it has survived some sinister Swedish winters outside.

Yes, I know. Our house is so country cute you could die.
Nothing like the dark mori purple girl that lives inside it.
But I do enjoy summer in Sweden. It's short and to the point.

How is summer treating you where you are?
Is it dreadfully hot or absolutely lovely?

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  1. Good morning! :) It's been dreadfully hot! 105 for a few days in a row and then a drastic drop..and right now we are in the middle of a drought..however clouds like to keep us hoping and frankly I'm sick of their constant teasing!
    Sweden. I love reading about it and follow young man who lives there. Christer? Do you know him? I am fascinated by how GREEN and how wooded Sweden is. So pretty. He has been complaining how different the weather has been than what he is used to. It seems to be pretty global..this different weather pattern. I love the bright colors the house are painted there..instead of all the homes looking like they were cut with a cookie cutter. :) I am in Southern California..and it's hot and dry and trying to return to desert I think!
    :) Mona

  2. I , like your kitty cutie, squint at disbelief on the occasional sun, shiny day! Our Summer hasn't arrived as yet, here in Northern Ontario, I hope I don't miss its brief visit!
    Your comfy home is magical and the perfect light is beautiful! I admire the brilliant climbing plant! xoDebi

  3. You have such a green thumb, growing all these plants from seeds! I usually kill plants in the first month they are close to me... Your patio looks like an amazing place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon!

  4. I adore your plants and your kitty is such a cutie!

    Summers here are a combination of sun wind and rain. The weather is never boring. I love it and couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

    I'm glad the sun is finally shining there.

    Have a wonderful week ♥

  5. Dreadfully hot, almost all-year round.
    Lovely patio, gorgeous plants.

    Note to self: I need to add more plants on my balcony.

  6. That's right -- enjoy summer while it lasts! That's what we do in Canada too. So far it's been nice, not terribly hot, but dry. We could use more rain.

  7. Here in the UK it was the coldest May on record too. Finally got some warmth and sunshine last week but then this weekend has been full of rain. :-(

  8. That's a beautiful sitting area. Love the collection of plants.

    It's quite hot.. nearly 100 °F but it isn't so bad in the shade and I'm grateful for iced tea.

  9. Been pouring here for days now, and yesterday morning when we woke up it 2C. So yeah, summer was only here for one day when it hit 33C and then it disappeared again. Fine by me. I like the rain and cooler weather, although I am getting a little miffed at having to wear a sweater inside the house again.

    Your patio looks so inviting - margaritas, mojitos, G&T's, Bud Light Lime ... the summer drink list just goes on and on. ;)

  10. Summer's in North Carolina (I'm on the very east coast of the state) are very hot and humid but it didn't start this year until just this week! I was amazed. It will stay hot here until late August or early September. I think I'd like the summers in Sweden better. I don't like the heat.

  11. We're having a really weird summer this year. Up until the middle of May, it was cold and rainy, then it suddenly turned superhot with almost no transition ...It's only June, but it's around 30 - 35 °C during the day already. It still gets rather chilly at night, tough, which is great, because at least we can sleep...

  12. We are melting over here in the high 90's as the new norm. Summer starts officially next week. You do have a lovely patio with it's floral's and colors. Enjoy your fresh crisp breezed outdoor time.

  13. What a nice sitting area!

  14. I love the face of the kitty. One can almost her its thoughts, It iz too bright! What'z going on?.

    Our weather is acting a tad bipolar. We have days of nearly baking ourselves (and our plants) and then the next day is cold and rainy. I don't like it... I don't like it one bit.

  15. Oh I love your cat! May has been cold and miserable here as well, so I feel your pain.

  16. It's really hot and humid here... but then, you know where I live around so it's probably not all that surprising lol. I'm quite content with the heat! I am far more in my element when it's very hot out... although the humidity does give me pause-- it's been rainy here, but it's a hot rain.
    That picture of your kitty is so funny; it really does look like she's coming out of hibernation.
    You have such a lovely looking home! So much character and color... oh to have such things would be bliss.

  17. I love the look of flowers on a beautiful antique cottage. So lovely!

  18. Your plants are beautiful! I love animals and plants too! They bring such joy!

  19. Oh and I recently re-blogged about Sweden (sort of): http://vraiefiction.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/trollflojten.html

  20. Ja det har varit en bedrövlig vår. Vi har fortfarande alldeles för kallt. Det är kyliga vindar på kvällen, poolen är inte varm än och syrenerna blommar nu hos mig. Jag bor ju visserligen i kommunens köldhål så det är inte så konstigt. I juli blommar allt på en gång hos mig. Jag ska åka och köpa en manchurisk valnöt att plantera här hemma snart. De ska vara lite tåligare.

  21. Even if it is neglected, it's beautiful! xoxo Su


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