Recent events

The break-in

My store was broken into during night a few weeks ago.
The idiot somehow thought that tiny shops in a tiny village
(they broke into the flower shop next door too)
would store lots of cash over night (and on a Tuesday night).

The result was some unnecessary and expensive damages,
like replacing a special window and repairing the cash register.
His combined loot from our two shops was about 500 sek/60 usd.
Damages were at least 10 times that, none of it covered by insurance.

After the break-in I have felt even more fed up with the shop,
and lately I have basically only been open when I've felt like it.
We are officially putting it up for sale a month from now.

The shoplifter

Yesterday I had to confront a shoplifter in the store.
It is a woman who has had some very rough years, I believe.
She came to the shop maybe 6 months ago and we talked for an hour,
about her problems and about what kind of help she could seek.

Since then I've heard stories, about how she has started
stealing and gotten banned from basically every shop
in the county. But even though I saw her around alot
she never came back to my store. Vainly I thought it was
because I had shown her care and consideration that one time.

But she did come back yesterday, and as soon as she thought
I wasn't looking she tried to take some earrings.
I experienced a tinge of disappointment,
but mostly I just feel sorry for her, and for people in general.
Life is f***ing hard.

The accident

Tonight as I was driving home along the narrow two-lane
highway, I spotted a cyclist. The young man was wearing nothing
but shorts and a t-shirt, and I slowed down to let an oncoming car
pass by before I'd overtake him. Suddenly the cyclist hit the gravel
next to the asphalt, lost control and did a crazy flip right into
the middle of the road. I hit the brake and came to a halt
just a couple of meters away from his sprawled out body.

Right behind me was the county bus commute
and I can't stop thinking about how the bus wouldn't
have been able to stop in time. As it was, the young man got up,
screamed and tossed his bike in the ditch in anger.
I was too shocked to stop and check on him, so I just drove on.
I really hope he is ok.


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  1. Damn. That's a lot to take in. I'm sorry you've encountered such crap. Sadly people who steal are asses with no consideration for others, they're either sick in the head or totally self absorbed, neither is good. That's one of the reasons I've never felt comfortable with the idea of running a shop, I don't know how I could handle people stealing things. I feel sympathetic when people steal food, but clothes or jewelry? No way, it's not a necessity! I'm poor and I get by just fine with what I already own, I mend and re-purpose what I can. I've never stolen anything from someone's shop, I just can't fathom doing it.

    As for the cyclist incident, it's similar to one me and fiance encountered when in Markham. A motorcyclist was clipped by another car and he crashed his bike in the intersection. He left it there, stormed off, and got on his phone (I'm assuming to report the hit and run). No one stopped to ask if he was okay, he looked all right and was so pissed I don't think people wanted to approach him lol.

  2. Ugh! Virtual HUG! Hopefully bad things happen only in 3s and now it's over :-/

  3. That's a rough couple of weeks you've had! Hope the rest of the sunny season goes better for you.

  4. Those must have been some really emotional moments. I hope you are okay now. Hugs.

  5. Oh so many bad experiences, I'm sending a little Welsh sunshine your way and hope that things will be brighter from now on. You're forever sending happiness my way...

    I want to thank you so very much for the wonderful book and gorgeous gifts. I have completely wiped out my email addresses so can't message you that way unless you message me first :(

    I'll be including all the gorgeous treasures you gifted me, in an upcoming post.

    Thank you so very much xx

  6. Oh my god, hun... I cannot believe what I am reading...
    If there is something, anything, I can do to cheer you up even a tiny bit, please do not hesitate to ask. What insanity =(
    HUGS x10

  7. That's a lot of things pinging on your psyche all at once. Maybe you're just using up a month's worth of pings all at once, and you'll have a bunch of calm weeks in a row?

  8. That was quite a string of distressful events.

  9. Sounds Stressful indeed. this a lot to deal with all at once.

  10. Whaaaat?! My god, you had a rough week...:( I hope you're okay and these events didn't take a too negative effect on you now, that you're dealing with so much stress anyway...*hugs*

  11. That's an awful a two weeks. Wishing for better things to come.

  12. Crap. And crap again. This is too much (even for us who are always getting too damn much). I understand your despair when it comes to the shop, the disappointment about the shoplifter, and the definitely the shock when it comes to the cyclist... so strange of that young man.

    I hope things get better. I truly do...

  13. :( Oh honey. Sending you lots and lots and lots and lots of hugs ... with a side order of love.

  14. Sorry to hear about the break-in. What a pain.

  15. Okay! There is three! You are good to go now! Please remember " no good deed goes unpunished" But strong kind hearts can handle life' trickery! Huge Hugs!

  16. Whoa, that's a lot to deal with spread over a long period, but horrible to have happened all at once! As everyone says, hopefully your three are now up. :(

  17. Oh my gosh that's so much traumatic nastiness in a short span! My mother always says bad things come in threes, and I can't help but feel that it's true some times no matter how unlikely that may be. The good news is, if it is true, your luck will hopefully be turning around soon.

  18. Wow, that is a lot to deal with in such a short period of time. Each event by themselves are upsetting enough.

  19. Oh dear, that doesn't sound like a good week at all. Hope that this week will be much better for you!!

  20. Wow, such awful experiences! So sorry! Probably good you did not approach the cyclist, he could have been dangerous!


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