The Halloween house

You know it, you can feel it, right?
Only 6 months left now, better start the preparations!

Lately something has come over me.
It's something fiercely creative, but also complicated.
I am hesitant, protective and sensitive to criticism one moment,
bold, confident and experimental in the next.

I used to look at persons working with miniatures
as strange, quirky, "världsfrånvända" persons.
Of course, when I try to find the English equivalent
of that word, I get 'misanthropic'... No wonder
I am now finding myself making shadow boxes.

This is my Halloween house, a dollhouse-slash-diorama.
It all began with some 90's Burger King horror movie toys
and it just built from there. I need to add lighting, framing,
and the Pumpkin Queen needs more pumpkins.
When it's all done I will return with more pictures!


I am also making my father a shadow/memory box
for his 70th birthday. It's a bit too personal
to show here, so you'll have to take my word for it :)
And after that I have tons of other ideas/scenes
I want to make. The sky is really the limit.


25 kommentarer:

  1. I love it!! You're so creative. :)

  2. It's awesome, I love it! :)

    I'm always like that...I mean, I'm confident and quick to act in one moment and unsure the next...I guess it happens when I really want something so badly, that I idealize it, but I'm not sure if I can get it perfect, so I rather just leave it instead of taking the chance that I might mess it up...Ehm...dies it make sense? :)

  3. I thought I recognized those toys! I have 4 of the series, wish I had more. I like to do those dioramas from time to time.

  4. The puppets are really cool I wish I had those when I was younger! And I can see a certain Addam's family influnce in their homes which I love!

  5. So very creative and cool, though it's a bit too early for me to celebrate Halloween. Happy birthday to your father.

  6. WOW! That's fantastic! And yes, only 6 more months to go!!! Funny you should post about Halloween today -- Ed and I have been strategizing our Bony Bunch haul for this year. We are out of room and need to find some ASAP. Our house is a'buzzing with Halloween and Fall plans.

    As they say, great minds think alike. :D

  7. Nämen åh vad fint! Sånt där har alltid tilltalat mig, jag sitter ofta och inspireras av bilder men har inte börjat göra själv "än" :'D verkar superkul. Jag höll ju på mycket med bjd-s förut så det är nog inte så förvånande att jag även fastnat för miniatyrhus :P

  8. I love it! I've always wanted to make a haunted house myself.

  9. Looking good so far! Up & down, back & forth emotions...must be the creative process at work 😉

  10. I love it! Too fun! Anything Halloween makes me happy!

  11. I love it and I want it lol

  12. I LOVE shadowboxes! Your art is creative and fun. I completely understand keeping the one that you're making for your father close to your heart.

    I looked up världsfrånvända mid-sentence and was given the translation "unworldly" hmmm.

  13. They are amazing! I love the colors you used and themes. I especially like Frankenstein.

  14. That's what I call a dollhouse! Amazing!

  15. It is amazing! WOW! I could not love it more. I think there are some words that do not have translations that are very accurate in other languages. The mystery of its true definition for us English-speakers shall remain!

  16. Oh what a lovely post! And great pictures! I have been in the same state of mind. Here in England, April is cold like its October. Which is fitting, because both months are brothers: on the opposite side of the year's spectrum.

    Also, April has its own Halloween night: Walpurgis Night. Which I intend to blog about in a few days.

  17. That is the most amazing thing I've ever seen! How did I miss those little toys at Burger King? Probably because the kids were more into McD's at that age. Boo. Maybe I can find some on eBay. I really need to go downstairs and dig up that dollhouse now. Won't the spouse be pleased? LOL

  18. Wow this is so amazing! Happy meal toys were so much better back in the day weren't they. What a very impressive creative outlet.

  19. I love!!! Your Hallow Mansion! My fav is Frankenstien! Why can't we celebrate our ️favorite
    Times all year! We Can! I said so! N
    Your Dad will love your creative gift, so carry tissues for Teary moments!
    See you on the Mad Hatter weekend this Saturday & Sunday? I hope so!

  20. Well count me in the realm of the misanthropic because I recently started creating wee scenes. They are as wonderful as yours, but seeing this have inspired me to get more creative... especially now that a friend just sent me some Lost in Space wee figurines. ;-)

    It's lovely to read you, dear K. I've been thinking of you lately. ♥

  21. omg love that idea XD so creative and probably a never ending project!

  22. Halloween seems so far away - but your great haunted house pics brought it a little closer! Thanks! And I want to let you know I'm now following you on Twitter as @LXCain :)

  23. It's fabulous - I love it!

  24. Oh wow, this is lovely! I am glad that you are getting your crafty-creative side to wake up again! That's a wonderful thing!

  25. As I was working on my Mad Tea post my sig other asked me if I didn't think I was a bit "OLD" to be playing with dolls.


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