Big changes, and giveaway winners!

Dearest darling blogland friends,

Do you ever sit down at your laptop, knowing you want to
- or have to - write a post, but not really knowing what you want
to say - or how you want to say it? I'm sure you have.

I have made a decision, one of the most important of my life.
I am going to close my store. This is the last year, I'm done.
It will still be a couple of months, but after that
I will not be a self-employed business woman anymore.

Don't ask me what I plan to do next; I have no idea.
Hopefully my man will have a job by summer
and I can take some time to think about my next move.

The thing is, when you run your own business
it becomes a big part of your identity.
Without it, I am not sure what my direction in life is.

In the meantime, here are the winners of my book giveaway:

Ladyfair at Bien-Amiee - The Great Gatsby
Yvonne at Winter Moon - Something at the Window is Scratching
Magaly at Pagan Culture - Sexing the Cherry
Guillaume at Vraie Fiction- Love Child
Laura at Roses and Vellum - Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair

Congratulations and Thank you, all!
I know I have some of your addresses since before,
but please email me again. I finally handed in my computer
for service and I have no clue when I'll get it back.

24 kommentarer:

  1. Oh wow. HUGE decision and a HUGE change, Ms. Misantropia. I hope you do get a little time before having to make a choice about your next step, and I hope with all my heart that whatever direction you end up travelling, it turns out to be the best ever! ❤

  2. Holy smokes! This is indeed huge news. May the sunshine warm your shoulders, may the wind be at your back, and may the Goddess lead you along your Path. Good luck, dear friend. May this journey take you deeper into yourself. Sending lots and lots of love.

  3. Congratulations on taking the next big step--whatever it may be!

  4. My very best wishes for the next chapter you're about to embark upon! ❤ My husband and I are in the process of transitioning away from the home-based graphic design business he started about 6 years ago. It's not easy but sometimes it's necessary. I hope your new direction turns out to be wonderful!

  5. Wow! That is a crossroads decision. Deep breathe & best luck moving forward. & best golden luck for Cinnamon Man.

  6. What a huge decision, but I think it is the right one! Good luck on your new way...

  7. This is a biggie. I hope it leads to better and happier days for you. Good luck.

  8. I wish you happiness and strength and that everything turns out well!

  9. Ooh, I'm so excited for you and this wonderful new chapter in your life.

    I can't wait to learn more about what you'll be doing from now on. Some time off to recuperate and do enjoyable things would be well deserved. Sending you lots of excited (((hugs))) from Wales.

    I won a book, too. Wow! Thank you my dear. It looks perfect. ♥

  10. Before you close your shop, consider other services to offer other than what you have established. Yes having your own business is ALL consuming , but working for others SUCKS the life out of a creative free thinker . Big decision, your young and clever, I trust your soul will lead you, after all life is an adventous journey! YES?
    Huge Hugs xDebi

  11. oh big decision indeed, good luck for making the right one and good luck for your future, too!

  12. You know what's best for you, and may all go well for you!

  13. Oh thank you for your generosity! I see I have to send you my address. May I ask where to send my address?

    And good luck about your job/future/future job.

  14. For some reason your blog wasn't showing in my feed (damn blogger!!). I'm sorry to hear you'll be closing your shop but I admire what you've done, I would have never had it in me to be an independent business lady (for any amount of time). I hope things pick up for you and your man, it's a bright new spring and I'm sure plenty of opportunities await you. :) Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I'm very grateful, I'll contact you by email soon. ~

  15. Congratulations on a new adventure. My blogs are bi-polar like me. I'm having issue's with wordpress so blog at my old blog.

  16. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  17. Yes to the first. I've stared at a blank document for a long time (and found all kinds of things to do before actually doing what I know I must *sigh*).

    Changing our lifestyle when it comes to work/job is a difficult thing. But you can do it. It will feel very weird at first, but after a while you will be you again. It was hard for me to leave the corporate world. But I like working for myself. At first, I didn't know exactly how to handle thing... it took a bit. But now I can't think of me any other way. Great luck with this, dear K! ♥

    And yay! I'm a winner. I shall email you in a bit. :D

  18. Yay, thank you! Hope your computer gets better soon!

    It is exciting and scary being in transition between life periods, I know it has been for me, after finishing uni and finding my qualifications were not that useful! But it also gives you the chance to choose to do anything you want! Search your dreams, do what feels right!

  19. Well that is a big change, and an exciting one! I wish you so many good things, I hope that this will be a fulfilling and enriching time.

  20. Wow, that's a big change! I'm so excited for you! ^^
    Even though you haven't decided about your next move yet, this must have been a big decision and I totally admire you for making it. :) Chaning your job and lifestyle is difficult, but perhaps, some change will be good for you. :)

  21. Oj, det måste ha varit ett svårt beslut. Jag hoppas verkligen att du hittar något annat. Du kan ju skriva en cv här och berätta vad du är bra på så kan vi ge dig tips :-)
    En kollega till mig som är estet och designlärare har också haft butik. Jag vet inte riktigt vad hon har för utbildning men hon är väldigt intresserad av återbruk.

  22. It's a big decision and a new beginning. Best wishes to both of you.

  23. Hi you won my giveaway too! Email me back please as the last email seems to be buried in my inbox and I can't remember your email address :P


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