Hello February - and dolls...

Lately I am relearning how to sleep and rediscovering music.
I am ordering shoes, clothes and decor for the store,
visiting trade shows and planning our livingroom make-over.

I have learned that selling one's old gold jewelry is alot easier
than getting rid of an old couch - unless you're giving it away.
And I have learned that one apparently is never too old for dolls...

At Christmas my mother asked me to go through my old Barbie stuff
and take home the things I didn't want my three little nieces to play with.
I grabbed some old favorite dolls, thinking I would stuff them in a drawer
and forget about them. Instead they awoke the 10-year-old in me :)

Inspired by Ms Insomniac's four-season room, I converted an old
mini-greenhouse/hotbed into an Eastern/Asian Barbie lounge,
And I have a not-so-secret fantasy about making a Halloween doll house...

I made some hippie style garments for my old 'Barbie and the Rockers' dolls
and (don't tell anyone, but...) I spent hours on their hair and jewelry.

Somewhat on the topic; for Valentine's Day we are entertaining
my two eldest nieces with an Arabian nights themed sleep-over.
I've gotten us some saree fabric and made us bindis,
and I put together a cozy tent for the livingroom.

We're thinking spaghetti and hot dogs, jewelry making, Frozen and Brave,
no-bake baking, blowing freezing bubbles and playing Pokémon (cards).
And then they can sleep under a velvet canopy with glittering stars.
I hope they'll enjoy it, it's their first sleep-over with us!

What are you guys up to for Valentine's?

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  1. Hello stranger! I'm glad to hear your rediscovering sleep, he's an old friend of mine :)

    No, you're never too old for dolls, and I absolutely love the idea of recreating The Insomniac's four season room.

    Your Valentine's Day - Arabian Nights themed sleepover sounds perfect, too!

    1. Please excuse my typos! I have no excuse!

      Amber's been home since last Friday, we're both recovering from a fever. She's had to go back into the city today though, so she doesn't fall too far behind with her college work.

      All I want to do lately is sleep, sleep, and sleep some more.

  2. Shoot girl - you must be those nieces favorite person in the whole world! Sounds like fun - can I come???

  3. Yeah, I wanna come to an Arabian Nights sleep-over too!!!

  4. I remember Barbie and The Rockers! I used to also have a Jem doll lol

  5. Okay, I want to decorate our sunroom to look like yours now! And damn, I gave away all my Barbie's to the builder's daughter because I didn't want to pack them. Do you think it would be awful to ask an eight-year old to give 'em back? LOL Just kidding. But I bet I have, oops had, quite a few bohemian outfits for Barbie - I did grow up in the 60's!

    However, I did pack the youngest's Victorian dollhouse - that sucker is so big it had to go into an appliance box! I really want to make it into a haunted house, and I'm definitely not asking her first if it's okay! :D

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous! I sent a link to my friend to whom I gave a very similar box. I want to do this sort of thing one day when I have more room, maybe make a Gothic mansion!

  7. I'm in love with converted doll greenhouse. Wow. And before I read the bit about how long you spent on their hair and bling, I was about to say, "Great hair!" So, yay!

    I hope the sleep learning don't take long. *fingers crossed*

  8. I LOVE this post. I think you made a great work with this cutie retro style greenhouse. It's amazing you managed to customize it that way to match your dolls.

    Also, I know what you mean about going sentimental with toys: I tried to get rid of mine several times but it's totally impossible. All my Barbies, doll clothes and accesdories are safely held at my parents place. My youngest sister was allowed to play with them, but she had to take proper care of them snd place them back to their shelves and boxes when the game was over :P
    I think I perceive my chilhood memorabilia as priceless...

  9. That is so cool, I would like to shrink myself down and live there!

  10. Wow! This looks amazing! It is too funny I bought some Bratzillas dolls the other day. They were irresistibly cute and spooky. I still love and collect dolls. Can't deny the inner child ;)

  11. I am so glad that you seem to do better! And the Barbie Greenhouse looks very cool indeed. My old ones have been given away years ago, but I was never very attached to them...

  12. I love this... hmmm. I'm up for a DIY myself.

  13. I love the greenhouse transformation.The slumber party sounds enchanting. I switched to Wordpress for a fresh start and different layout.

  14. Music is always good! Sleep is too! I love that what you did with your dolls! Amanda and I really love the Monster High dolls. They are so poseable and you can do fun photo shoots with them. Most of all I love that they are monsters!

    The slumber party sounds like so much fun! Makes me wish I lived near my little cousin Kay, I know she'd love to do something like this.

    I am not certain as to what Amanda and I are doing for Valentine's day. I know that we are going to a pot luck with our pagan group but after? I might convince her to go to a movie but it depends on how much homework I have to do.

  15. I love the Indian-themed dollhouse with all the amazing tiny furniture, and the dolls look awesome! Have a wonderful time with your nieces! :)

  16. Haha, I love what you've done with those barbie dolls.

  17. Interesting idea for a doll house.

  18. OH! What a fun little house you created. I donated nearly all of my dolls to thrift shops or little girls in the neighbourhood but I have a few that I couldn't part with. Never grow up! A halloween Barbie house! Please take pics if you do put one together. That sleep over sounds fab. I know they will enjoy (or did enjoy, I'm late on checking up on everyone's blogs!)

  19. I am still living! I am more active on Facebook and Instagram. I am phasing out blogging a little bit but still popping by to visit friends and plan on posting occasionally!

  20. ahhh! this is the coolest. I love the miniatures and the tiny greenhouse. And their outfits are awesome.


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