Arabian Nights, shoes and more dolls

 Happy belated Valentine's everyone!

It's been a crazy weekend for us, hosting our very first sleepover
for our little nieces (age 6 and 8). Everyone was a bit nervous at first,
but they are total sweethearts, so soon we were brushing Barbie hair
and talking about Disney movies.

They loved the tent I made in the livingroom
and slept like rocks all through the night under it.
The next day we played hide-and-seek and baked.
Time just flew by, but of course mine and Cinnamon man's
sleep and meal schedules are completely thrown off now.

 Sorry about the very dark pictures,
I am still learning about our new camera.
And with any luck I will have a working laptop
in a few weeks! I have so much catching up to do!

I did some more revamping of my old Barbie dolls.
Princess Laura is now a glam rocker and Hawaiian Kira
got an ethnic yet fashionable winter look.

Another project I've been having fun with lately is revamping shoes.
I used sand-paper, glue, lacquer, glitter, spray paint and nail polish.
I don't know about you, but that's all stuff I have in my house :)

 Did you guys do something special for Valentine's?
I will be visiting the lovely blog parties that went down
this weekend, and see what you all did!


18 kommentarer:

  1. Sounds like everybody had a good time!

  2. I love those barbie makeovers. I have a pair of shoes I was trying to jazz up with decoupage, I put the project on hiatus years ago, now I want to finish them. Your shoes look fab with that glitter!

  3. A visit to Auntie's not soon forgotten! Nicely done! Love you shoes! you have such patience!
    Missed you! Bee Safe! xDebi

  4. The shoes look so cool, I'd love to try that as well! And the oriental sleepover sounds great, having a blanket fort with a tent and sparkly lights is a childhood dream come true!

  5. Oh my Lawd! Your lucky, lucky nieces!!! The room and the tent look stunning! I want to come to one of your Arabian Nights parties! ❤

  6. You take much better pictures in a darkened room than I do, Ms. Misantropia! You'll have to let me in on your photography secrets. :)

    Sounds like a perfect sleepover, playing dolls and discussing Disney movies. And then baking! You need to come visit and enter the giveaway. :)

  7. That;s so cute, I like the dark pics!


  8. Wow those shoes! And the Barbies! And that amazing tent! You are so inspiring!!!!!

  9. Aw! First sleepovers are such a big thing in the life of a small one. Glad yours went well.

  10. The slumber party sounds like it was a blast.Hope you had a lovely Valentine's weekend. Thanks for following my Wordpress blog, I wanted a new cleaner format, it has some up and downs but it's my new cyberspace. I love the silver heels.

  11. When it comes to decorating, dressing up and fun, you do nothing halfway, do you? The tent looks magnificent, and the doll outfits are glorious. The shoes? Very glittery.

    You got your new camera? I'm yet to get to the store and purchase one *sigh*.

  12. Seeing your dolls makes me want to pull mine out and play.

  13. great sleepover tent - how magical.

  14. Happy belated Valentine's Day!

  15. Vilken härlig helg ni har haft, rolig och lite tröttsam ;-). Det går åt ganska mycket energi att roa barn. Tältet är verkligen supermysigt, det borde bli en permanent installation :-). Det blir jättefina bilder med kameran.

  16. Wow you did such an amazing job on those shoes! They are utterly magical and sooo sparkly. Fit for a queen!

  17. Shoes look great! The sleep over sounds like it really went well! Love your decorations too! Your dolls are really cute too!

  18. Can you come over and make me a tent too? :) It looks beautiful!


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