Life updates

Today I am finally off and at home at an hour when there is
a smidgeon of natural light left to use for picture taking.

So let's see, what have I been up to... Well, I've had some time off,
I've started the winter sale at the store, I've bought a black dress,
a purple sweater and glittery nailpolish, and I've played Thief (pretty but dull).

This was my most treasured Jul gift; A luxurious, blood red anklet.
And I have two people to thank for it; My man who gave it to me,
and the ever talented Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for making it!
Of course I will have to wait many months before I can wear it
without thick socks and winter boots getting in the way.

With all the spare time on my hands I have also embarked on
a few creative projects, like making this hamper. I love it!
Our old one was see-through and reminded me that I had
to do laundry each time I looked in the closet. Who needs that?

Here's my girl giving me her "What...are you doing?" look.

I finally thought I had figured out the camera settings
on this blasted thing, and the pictures looked all sharp
in the preview, but even my best kitty picture turned out blurry.

The coming month I have two big things coming up;
I will visit trade fairs and do lots of ordering for the store,
and I will host my first ever sleep-over for my nieces.
I have big plans for the latter, involving an Arabian Nights theme!

Do you have any plans in motion, to get through the winter faster?

17 kommentarer:

  1. An Arabian Nights theme for a sleepover? Oooo, you are a magickal Auntie indeed! And you can wear your fab new anklet for it too!

  2. That hamper is toooo beautiful for dirty clothes! Gorgeous, and you made it! Amazing! Love the purple, and your lovely new anklet too!

  3. Fin tvättkorg du gjort :D Jag har en ikeapåse som tvättkorg, haha. Så smidig att bära med sig till tvättstugan.

    Sleepovern låter fantastisk, jag älskar ju allt där man kan lägga till ett roligt tema.

    Jag har nog inte reflekterat över hur man ska ta sig förbi vintern, jag tycker tiden går för fort hela tiden ändå :P

  4. The goal is to attend as many seminars and workshops as possible. However, everytime I make plans, everything goes to hell...

  5. Loving your anklet, the hamper, and plans for a sleepover. I love having my niece to stay over (she's 8), because I get to be a kid again, and make little dens, tea parties with dolls, and of course, I have company to go on those muddy walks with :)

    I'm not one for making plans anymore, sometimes they can't be avoided, of course, but I enjoy taking each day as it comes.

  6. An Arabian Night's Theme sounds like so much fun! I wish you luck with the Trade Fairs. That sounds exciting and a little stressful. Love your hamper, it's beautiful! Lastly, but not least, your kitty is lovely! I love her expression!

  7. Your kitty is so cute - she looks like she could give grumpy cat a run for her money.

  8. A purple sweater, you say? LOL Beautiful anklet ... I hear you about the winter boots and thick socks.

    Are the trade shows you're going to in Sweden? I'd love to come to one over there! I was debating about doing New York at the end of the month but decided I can't really afford it right now. Maybe Vancouver in March. At least it's always warmer in Vancouver. :)

  9. I love the anklet and the new hamper! Have a great time buying for the store and entertaining the nieces. :)

  10. Wow, sounds exciting! I like the hamper and the sulky kitty face! Our kitty is always sulky!

  11. Your anklet is fabulous! And your kitty is too cute for words! ❤ The 'Arabian Nights' themed sleepover sounds brilliant! I can just imagine it with your lush, exotic decor. Your nieces are lucky girls!!!

  12. Pretty feet!

    Love the polish. Must paint my toenails when I get home (or die of jealousy). The kitty's face is hysterical!

  13. Anklets are so pretty, and really seem to fit the idea of you I have in my head, heh. Among your pretty jewelry, I am also admiring your blanket, how' I adore patchwork velvet! Very bohemian.

    I hope you sleepover went well; I've never heard of themed sleepovers, but an Arabian Nights one sounds like a dream.

  14. YOur nailpolish and anklet are very cool, you look like a dark hippie!

  15. I like your kitty look like that till July! Kitty says it best! xDebi


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