Dissociative money moods

At one point, just after Jul, I almost ran out of money. I had some big bills
and a car service to pay, and I assumed that I had been wasteful
during the holidays. I vowed that the New year would see a more frugal me.

Then I noticed that I hadn't been paid for the month of October (!)
guess the Halloween craziness made me forget to check...
I called it in and suddenly I had an untouched paycheck at my disposal!

It all left me in a contradictory mood. On the one hand I am clearing out,
putting up things for sale - even furniture and heirlooms - to save money.
On the other, I am sales shopping and browsing EBay for new dresses,
games and - furniture. I bought this amazing sugar skull carpet last week,
and I have my heart set on this new couch at IKEA, called Stocksund.

It also makes me dread the aquiring of a new laptop,
while at the same time planning a rebuild for more closet space.
Oh, and I bought a minty tulle princess dress. I'm 37 years old.
They might have to change my diagnosis... :)

So, like in every January since I hit my 30's, there are no
resolutions made. There is only the increasing confusion
over time spinning faster and faster, and a growing wish
to hold on to life's little pleasures.

(None of these pictures are mine, but I think I have finally
figured out my camera situation - stay tuned!)

21 kommentarer:

  1. You are NEVER too old for a princess dress. What a lucky money incident, sort of! I don't know how you did that shopping ban last year, because there are some TO DIE FOR things out there right now!

  2. What a fun way to start a new year! A forgotten payday! Love all your shopping choices, especially the carpet! So happy to visit! Miss you!!! xDebi

  3. I'm glad you found that forgotten paycheque! Sweet! Financial discipline is a tough but necessary skill, alas.

  4. It's always fun to find forgotten money!

  5. Ooh, I love your carpet!

    Glad to hear you may have sorted your camera issues. :)

  6. I am glad that you had that untouched paycheck! That is also the first sofa from Ikea that I actually kind of like. Glad to see a blog from you again! *hugs*

  7. I know that feeling, clearing out and continuing to acquire! I think you will look awesome in the princess dress!

  8. White carpet? You're a braver woman than I am! Dig the couch, though- the folds on the arms remind me of isopods (which is a good thing, at least in my world).

  9. What fun to find money you did not know you had - hope a new camera is in the works.

  10. I'm in a similar boat >.< I've bought clothing in the last few weeks because I don't fit in my old clothes and all the spring/summer clothing is on clearance from last years' seasons. It's sensible to buy it now so I have something to wear in the future, but considering finances are complete crap, I feel guilty for doing it. I've already been putting some old gently used shoes and clothing up for sale just so I can recoup the money I've spent. I've also been thinking about doing that with art and decor items as well. It's difficult to struggle between needs and wants...especially when needs get expensive. XP

    It's good to see you posting again! I will email you soon~

  11. I agree with Jennifer, no one is ever too old for a princess dress! Love it, such a pretty color, too!

  12. Want a glad end to a strange story! And I lovelovelove the sugarskull carpet! Where did you find it?

  13. I had no idea we were the exact same age! Well, in April I shall fly into 38 and leave you behind for a bit (and you'll have to call me "ma'am" because I will be older). I have a princess dress and a tutu... and I have hula hoops and LEGO figures I play with. No one is ever too old to embrace the glory that is to be young inside.

    About the almost overspending, oh well, you'll fix it. You'll come up with a way to balance things. I'm working on the same right now when it comes to my sleeping/writing ratio. I know I should sleep more (I need to sleep more), but every night I find myself setting my alarm. I need to stop that. I will, eventually... ;-)

    LOVE your carpet!

  14. Wow, that's a really nice couch! Gonna go perfect with that rug. And you sitting on it in your princess dress and tutu which, as everyone else has said, a person is never too old for!

  15. I love the calaca carpet, and the princess dress reminds me of the sea. I moved my blogging over to wordpress, I hope you'll continue to follow :) https://gypsyspiritrising916.wordpress.com/

  16. Soffan ser sjukt bekväm ut! Jag har velat ha en ny soffa sen vi fick vår förra gratis, haha. Men soffor är dyra grejer alltså.

  17. That sofa is handsome. And I love the idea of a minty tule dress!

  18. The sugar skull carpet is fantastic and I love the couch too! I'm going through a bit of a... ahem... cash flow crisis at the moment too. :/ I'm so glad that the forgotten money turned up for you when you needed it! :)

  19. I'm sorry to read that you are having troubles. January is a difficult month.


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