My creative space

Once again I apologize for the crappiness of my pictures
(and the fact that I can't resize them - Aaaarrrgggghh!!!)
We finally cleared out the "hobby room" and threw out 3 garbage bags
full of stuff(!) and I have finally gotten my creative space back,
so I wanted to share (before we fill it up with junk again...)

This is my 15-year-old sewing machine, gifted by my mom
when I got my first own apartment. My desk is a vintage Swedish
dining room table, and the tiny dying Hoya that I inherited from
my grandmother 20 years ago is now taking over the window.
Don't you just love old things?

A typical Swedish electrical Jul candelabra, and the iron Kitty
I inherited from my best friend when she passed 7 years ago.
Outside is finally the snow we've been waiting on all December!

Obviously, the Swedish Pumpkin Queen needs a crown.

This is the wall opposite my desk, where we are planning on
putting my man's stand up desk (once we get him one).
I'm such a decorating nerd that I am actually looking forward
to setting him up with a chair, lamp, bin, stapler etc of his own :)

As you can tell, the dark purple theme has been abandonned
in favor of white and light in this space. My third favorite color
is teal/aqua and in here it's perpetual summer. My plan is to
continue the Indian style painted pattern all around the window.

My man's grandmother was a painter and when she died last year
he brought home all her old gear; oils, acrylics, crayons, coals and pens.
It was like going through a lifetime's worth of imagination.
I was honored and inspired to put her things among my own.

That's right. I kept some of the glittery sea creatures for myself.

The wall not shown in these pictures is one big shelving system
where I keep truckloads of cloth, paper and knick-knacks.
I always intend to improve the storage facilities in this room,
but decorating and creating is just much more fun :)

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20 kommentarer:

  1. Your space looks so happy and warm! It looks like you get lots of natural light. I like the Indian motif. When I move into a permanent or long term home I'd like to do a Moroccan themed room.

    Is your giveaway open internationally? I'll enter if it is. :)

  2. It is beautiful! I just adore the colours and the beautiful desk to create on. We have such similar taste in the purple and gypsy-style decor. Am really loving your decor and interior posts!

  3. Iron kitty & art supplies are neat things to inherit. Lovely workspace as well. I'm still waiting on any sort of snowfall.

  4. I love plants in creative spaces. I find that they really clear the air and level out the energy. I have a rather sad-looking Christmas cactus in my space right now, and will be bringing over Mom's orchid, an over-grown "Mother-in-law's tongue," and a wandering plant that I don't know the name of.

    Your space is so pretty and bright.

  5. Vilken fin hörna för kreativitet!! Åh jag har ett eget rum med det ligger hur mycket grejer som helst därinne nu :-(, en annan dag kanske...

  6. Så fint :D gillar kattstatyn i fönstret och sjöhästen! Är det en livslevande blomma du har där på bordet också?

  7. I love the feeling of decluttering and getting some space back. I also love your "dying" house plant!

  8. Very nice! I have yet to set up mine and we have lived here for 2 years. Currently there are old mattress sitting in it. Hopefully we will get rid of them soon but who knows!

  9. How cozy and wonderful-- I'm especially fond of how large your windows are. Must get a lot of natural light in the summer. I can't wait to see that window decoration finished.

  10. Makes me want to find some nook in my house for my own creative space.

  11. I LOVE your sewing room! All the touches are so wonderful, especially the curtains! I have a sewing machine, but it's packed away. I think if I had enough room in my flat for a fabulous room like yours, I'd start sewing again. I wish you and your friends and family a wonderful 2015!

  12. I always love all your little touches of decorating!

    Your pictures look fine. I am also suffering from camera loss at the moment so I know the feeling!

  13. It's beautiful ... hanging up all those little postcards I've collected over the years with clothespegs ... genius, Ms. Misantropia! It's inspired me to get my rear in gear and get my little space done so I can get back to creating stuff. I love it all, except the hoya - if I remember right, when ours blossomed it really stunk! :D

  14. Nice to see you are off on an excellent creative foot ! dancing into the Happiest of New Years!

  15. Congrats on the Great Purge of your Creative Space! LOL about photographing it before you fill it up again... thought I might be the only one who does that?!? *Winks* I'm in the process of a Great Purge AGAIN myself... I always envision a New Year where I clear out everything that must go... Grandoise Visionary that I am! *Smiles* Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. It's great to have a creative space. My desk is always cluttered and I tend to do all my sewing and painting on the dining table instead. I'd love a bigger work space, but as you know, living in a little cottage, you have to make do.

    I love that you have those vintage paints <3

    Happy New Year to yourself and your Cinnamon Man.

    I'll catch up with you in 2015 x

  17. The pics look all right. Love the purple seahorse and pincushion and every single purple bit that says, "I belong to Ms Misantropia".

    I don't have a hobby room, but my writing space could use some work... okay, a lot of work. I'm hoping these next few weeks will bit it.

  18. Your decor is really nice, I like that Indian ornament on the wall, your window will look like it's from an exotic conservatory whit the ornaments and that plant! :)


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