Gone Home - game review

Gone Home is a point and click game, set in an eerie mansion
in the mid 1990's. (For someone like myself it was quite the
nostalgia trip, with VCRs, "zines" and Riot Grrrrl type music :))

We play Katie, a big sister just coming back home from "doing Europe".
While she was away the family moved in to an inherited mansion in a deep forest.
We arrive by taxi in the middle of the night, only to find an empty house
and a cryptic note from our kid sister tacked to the front door.

Despite the eerie setting and constant thunder, Gone Home is not
a horror game and has no scares. And despite us playing big sister Katie,
she is the person we find out the least about. Instead the story centers on
her kid sister's lesbian love story, and on their dysfunctional parents.


The game play is pretty straight forward, the player finding hidden
compartments, letters and clues to the family's troubles as we go along,
arriving at what I thought was a very satisfactory conclusion at the end.

However, there's a darker side story about the former house owner
that never fully gets resolved, and if you're unlucky you may stumble
upon the conclusion at the very beginning, spoiling most of the game.
(Hint: Don't go up to the attic until you've done the rest.)


6 kommentarer:

  1. Sounds really interesting! I bet I could still be scared though! :P

    1. If you're easily spooked by general atmosphere I'm sure you could :)

  2. Ah I have been looking for some new games! This one looks great, love the mid 90's spooky atmosphere!!!

  3. Oh it looks like a lot of fun and one I could even get Skoora to do! Thank you for posting about it!

    1. I was actually thinking of the two of you while I posted about the game :)


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