100 hours

Saturday afternoon and I'm looking at only 100 more hours alone
before my baby gets back home! Those hundred hours will be spent
cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking and finishing up some business
- because come midnight Wednesday I am going incommunicado :)

The truth is that this past week I have totally been freaking out,
the cacophony of thoughts and emotions reaching their crescendo.
My anxiety and other old issues have resurfaced, and at times
I have found it hard just to breathe and keep from crying. I somehow
contracted a neck ache and this morning greeted me with a migraine.

I am so happy that my man is coming home but I have never been
any good at handling stress, whether good or bad. Him coming home
for real this time has made me think that I need to plan and prepare
for our entire life together, everything all at once = I'm on total overload.
This is also why I haven't been blogging quite as usual lately.
When my baby gets back I hope to be able to deflate, relax and regroup.
I just want to enjoy his company and put all pressures aside.
So I might be going AWOL for a little while, but I'll be back.

Y'all take care in the meantime!


16 kommentarer:

  1. Wishing for a delightful reunion in 100 hours


  2. Aaaw, I feel you; I can't co - op with changes and stress of any kind either; even if it's a positive change or event, I freak out as well. I'm sure you'll feel a lot less anxious when / after you unite again...! ^^

  3. Wow, so close! See you when you get back!! ❤

  4. Try to keep calm and make the best of your anxiety - it is only a sign how important the return of Cinnamon Man is for you! Less than 100 hours to go... ;)

  5. Ahhh I'd be anxious too though! It's an exciting time, and worries follow with that along with stress about the future. But of course, this is the best possible outcome, so hopefully you can know a bit of peace from that fact!

  6. Stress is stress, even good stress.

  7. Aww, you're so cute! I hope the time until he comes home passes really quickly, and then it's smooth sailing from then on. :)

  8. Is it weird that I am giddy for you? This is such great news! I am envisioning a wonderful little dinner in your spectacular garden =)

  9. You two lovers deserve all the happiness in the world! I'm tearing-up because I'm so damn happy for you two and I have never even met you!!!

  10. Anxiety is normal. Some, at least. But remember that you don't have to plan the rest of your lives together in just one day. Make a bunch of those lists you love and separate them into years even decades. There is time to be...

  11. You don't need to feel anxious, he'll be home soon and you'll have the rest of your lives together. Cherish that thought :)

  12. So glad he's coming home! You'll make up for lost time, I'm sure.

  13. Happy to hear he's coming home. Hope you're feeling better by now:)

  14. I'm very happy for you. I understand about the peaks and troughs of a long-distance relationship, and how it's like a roller coaster riding those highs and lows. Take time for yourself. He isn't coming to see how clean the bathroom is or how pretty the candles are. He's coming to see you, so you must take care of you. Eat good things, sleep good sleep, smile and breathe. Smile and love. It's all going to be ok.

  15. Like planning a garden, planning a life together is for the winter months! Summer is coming. So, maybe, planning a picnic is enough? ;)


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