Tomb Raider 2013 and Bioshock: Infinite

I find it hard to talk about myself and my life right now,
so instead I'm offering my 5-cent feminist reviews of two games
myself and Cinnamon man have been playing this winter.


Tomb Raider is the "beginnings" of Lara Croft, a 3rd person shooter
with beautiful scenery. Here, Lara is barely an adult, heading her first
anthropological expedition to a mysterious island in the Pacific.
  The game is gruesome and dark, and Lara is not yet all confident.

 We start off getting shipwrecked on the island we are heading to,
only to discover that the island is littered with wrecked ships and planes.
 In some caves Lara also finds evidence of an ancient Asian cult.
As we try to solve the mystery - and get ourselves and our shipmates
off the island - bad guys are trying to kill us at every turn.

 The old sexist character design is thankfully gone. Lara is more athletic
than buxom and gets both muddier and bloodier as we go along.
My only issue with Tomb Raider is that the player is still forced to kill
innocent animals (deer, rabbits, wolves etc) to advance in the game.




Bioshock: Infinite is unrelated to previous Bioshock games
in terms of plot, setting and characters. It's a colorful and pretty
first person shooter set in steam-punk Edwardian times.

We start out as a mercenary tasked with finding a very special girl
locked in a tower in a floating city in the sky. Obviously everyone
and their mother tries to stop us. As we go along we pick up different
weapons and powers. The plot soon thickens and the game offers some
twists and turns as it delves into the worlds of both physics and metaphysics.

Infinite has some strong and interesting female characters,
and deals with class and race issues - and bloody rebellion.
At times it even manages to be thought provoking. I recommend it.



18 kommentarer:

  1. I haven't played the new Tomb Raider, but I LOVED Bioshock: Infinite. :)

    1. Tomb Raider is a different genre and doesn't leave you with any of the wondrous sensations that Infinite did. Cinnamon man just makes an effort to find me games that won't offend the feminist in me - and neither of them did :)

  2. It's nice to see things getting better. I watched both of these games (I'm an MMO-er, not a console player) and loved the grubbiness of Lara's world and the sheer inventive steampunkery of Colombia in Bioshock. (I wish someone would make a Bioshock where you could just wander around and look at everything).As for the animal killing, the first deer she has to kill is hard. You watch it run and die and you feel Lara's distress.It's a gesture to acknowledge what you're doing and to show Lara's increasing hardness of spirit. It's significant that the human characters don't get as much compassion as the first shot deer. but I know what you mean. I cringe every time I have to kill a tiger in a game. It's odd we'll kill people in a game situation without a thought.

    1. I really disagree with killing humans in games too, and certainly had issues with killing the Vox in Infinite for instance (but anything gets easier over time). Some games are harder than others though - I can't stand realistic war games with soldiers doing nothing but shooting each other.

      I should make clear that I also mostly watch Cinnamon man play, since I can't actually play anything (never did before the age of 32). But I am a heavy back-seat driver... :) (look left, what's that? no - go back, change your weapon!)

  3. Ah, I miss those old, pointy pixels of Tomb Raider...yes, even the boobs. Seriously. I absolutely get your point, but I kinda like the old, smug and cocky Lara Croft. She used to be my 'role model'...I mean, I was a pretty geeky child and I wanted to be a badass archeologist / adventurer like her, so I have nostalgic - emotional ties to her...the old her...
    The game was nice, tho'...not really challenging, but still Tomb Raider...
    As for the innocent animals...I think, the deer she shot was a nice touch, to be honest...

    Bioshock: Infinite is still resting somewhere on the bottom of my harddrive waiting to be played...I was going to try it now, that our internet is not capable of online MMOs and fast downloads, so I couldn't just chew series all day, but I got too busy...I'll definitely try it sometime, thanks for the recommendation. :)

    1. I never played any games until in my 30's, I stayed away for the very reasons you are sentimental about: The sexism and the ugly, pixely graphics. But nowadays games are so pretty, and Cinnamon man makes a real effort looking up games that won't offend me :)
      Though I still have never watched/played any MMO, except catching glimpses of DayZ and Ghost Recon on his computer - and those games really suck.

  4. I absolutely loved the scenery and storyline of Infinite; it's a great game, no doubt about that. Though I did miss the horror factor that I feel really made the Bioshock series. I found it too uncharacteristic despite having hints of the previous ones. So if I just bought it not knowing it had "prereqs" I could suspend my 'ism' with ease... regardless, I enjoyed it and nothing stopped me from finishing it.

    I haven't touched Tomb Raider yet, heck I haven't even purchased it-- I grew up playing all the other Tomb Raiders, and I always thought they were such fun... but my tastes have changed a lot since lol.
    When Steam offers a good enough sale, it'll likely end up on my list of games to eventually play. I really only play these now when I don't have an mmo to play... which is my current state of affairs until Star Citizen finally releases.

    1. I wouldn't mind playing earlier Bioshocks some time, but Cinnamon man has already played them and he does all the driving. Infinite reminded me alot of Alice: Madness returns - have you played it?
      Never played any MMO. Maybe in another 10 years :)

  5. I loved the new Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite. I'm the same though I really didn't want to kill that first deer in Tomb Raider and there was a bit in Bioshock that actually made me cry (don't want to say which bit though so I don't spoil it for those who haven't played it yet).

    I've spent the last few weeks playing Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 which were both brilliant and I'm really looking forward to Dragon Age Inquisition coming out later in the year.

    1. I'm not much for fantasy (so we mostly play darker, horror games). But maybe I should give the genre a try?

  6. I've never been a fan of the Tomb Raider games or movies.

    I haven't played Bioshock Infinite yet, but I am absolutely dying to.

    My ex and I adored everything about Bioshock 1 & 2, from the gameplay and artwork, to the music and 1960s setting. But when we broke up, both his 360 and mine were in his house. I don't want to go and get them back. I can't face seeing him, not yet anyway. So no more gaming for me at the moment sadly.

    A couple of my other favourite games are....

    'Alice, Madness Returns'
    'Fall Out' (all of them)
    'Resident Evil' (all of them)

    1. Sounds like a painful break up, I'm sorry. Was it recently?

      I loved Alice: Madness returns, but haven't played the others on your list. I am still new to gaming, and only do back-seat driving while Cinnamon does the actual playing :)

    2. Hah! Men love to hog the controller!
      It is just as much fun watching some games though.

      I think you'd love Resident Evil : Zombies galore!

      Our four year relationship broke up 4 months ago.
      Blogging helps keep my mind occupied :)

    3. I'm sorry to hear that is was so recent. It must feel very fresh still now and again. I hope you heal soon.

      We play on his PC, so it's even trickier. Cinnamon man has been playing games all his life, I don't even know how to walk my character with the keyboard...

  7. It sounds like a game I would love to play. I might have to.

    P.S. You and your Cinnamon Man have been in my mind...

    1. Which one, both? They are both good.

      Thank you for thinking of us.

  8. My girls kept grabbing the controls from me when I played the old Busty Tomb Raider, I was hopeless, honing my skills on Assassin's Creed now and patiently awaiting he next release in Walking Dead Season 2 Part 2 online... My guilty pleasure is a cute puzzle game, Professor Layton on Nintendo DS.

    1. We play on his PC and it's absolutely impossible for me to keep up. But after February when he is away I might try to play something on my own, for the first time ever.


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