More feminist game reviews

Last time I posted about gaming I noticed that some of you are
"real" gamers, and talking about game play and the like makes me feel
like a newbie and a phony, since I never do the actual steering.
But I do have a feminist perspective on all things, and if I can help a girl
navigate the tricky misogynist jungle that is gaming I am satisfied.
So here are 3 more 10-cent reviews of recent games I have played/viewed.


Alan Wake is a narcissistic writer with writer's block, trying to make
a getaway in a small mountain town with his supportive girlfriend.
Said girlfriend quickly disappears under strange circumstances,
and it soon becomes obvious that more things are just...wrong.


Sick people turn zombie-like and violent, objects get flung around,
time and dimensions seem to bleed into one another, episodes of an old
strange sci-fi TV show appear on screens all over town
- and sometimes Alan even sees his own alter ego, talking nonsense.

Alan Wake is imaginative and pretty but very "American macho".
The fight scenes get repetitive after a while, with Alan having to
perform different tasks over and over to defeat his enemies,
or to save damsels in distress. I would say I enjoyed about half of it.


Outlast is scary, creepy and very nasty. Like many horror games lately,
it's set in an abandoned asylum, where doctors used to perform
horrific experiments on the patients. For some reason many of these
insane and disfigured patients still roam the facilities, after its closing.


You play a reporter breaking into the facility in the middle of the night,
armed only with a camcorder, trying to get to the bottom of the story.
The graphics are great and the game does exactly what it should do;
It grosses you out and scares the shit out of you.


Most of the game is set in the male ward, most likely a deliberate choice
since many of the things you as a player - and the other characters -
do to each other would take on an entirely different dimension of nasty
had they been done to women. This is a plus in my book and if you are
looking for a really scary horror game, I highly recommend it.


Crysis is as forgettable as it sounds in any of the synopsees
you have read. Robotic aliens, robotic humans and soldiers
are constantly shooting at each other for the length of the game.
The graphics are amazing, but that's about it. It's a boring shooter
without a single female character in sight. Recommendation: Skip it.


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  1. Don't feel like a newbie or a phony! The only electronic game I've ever played is Ms Pac-Man in 1982, LOL! And a feminist perspective is valuable in any endeavour -- so always speak up!

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Debra. I think I will play my first solo game this spring :)

  2. I'm with Debra my exposure to gaming comes from walking through the living room while the Little Princess and my Piano Man are playing LEGO Star Wars (several girls *grin*) and watching my Piano Man play Batman. The last is definitely geared towards males. I've seen some nurses with very poor taste for hygiene or practicality.

    1. Batman started off really moody and pretty, but then the first woman turned up (Catwoman) looking like some kind of porn fantasy, and then we encountered Poison Ivy - who just has some painted on strips of clothing on yet another caricature porn body of a woman - and I was done playing. Sexist game design goes in the trash here.

  3. I haven't played any of those games, as mentioned in a previous comment, sometimes it is kind of fun to just sit and watch.

    By the way, I'm sending a little sunshine your way, just HERE

    1. Thank you, Yvonne!
      I don't know if I can do blog reward posts at the moment, but I really appreciate the sentiment :)

  4. Alan Wake is nice. Almost like a movie. Have you played The Last Of Us yet?

    1. No, I had never heard of it before. But it looks interesting, thanks for the tip!


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