Jar of Inspiration

***UPDATE: This is a cached version, since I accidentally deleted
the original post. All pictures and comments are unfortunately lost.*** 

This is my Jar of Inspiration. In it I have collected almost 200 ideas
of things for me to do while waiting for my lover to come back to me.
When I feel lonely and restless I can pull some inspiration from this jar.
There are no rules, like have-to-do-what-it-says or one-thing-one-time.
Some of them are needful things like clean the bathroom, some are
excursions or social events, some are creative projects, some are LDR-tips,
some are food and drink suggestions and some are grooming tips.
I have gone through the denial, bargaining and anger stages and am now
working on acceptance. To me that means organizing, preparing, planning
- trying to maintain some control in a situation where I really have none.
My next step is to get a pretty wall calendar, so I can count down the days.


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