Bad week

***UPDATE: This is a cached version, since I accidentally
deleted the original post. All comments are unfortunately lost.***

Thank you all for your kind words about the loss of
Cinnamon man's grandmother - from both me and my man.
It has been a heavy couple of days, for other reasons as well.

About a week ago the lock on our front door stopped working.
It's an old lock and it turns out it's not an easy fix. Since I don't
want to get locked out of the house every time I go to work we have to
get a new (and expensive) lock before Cinnamon man leaves.
Then two days ago his laptop died - 1 month after the warranty
expired. These are expenses we don't need right now,
and more trouble my man really shouldn't have to worry about.

We only have one week left together now and everything just feels
so stupid and pointless. People have been telling me to try to enjoy
our last time together, but let me tell you: It doesn't work that way.
 It's all anxiety and sadness, plans we don't want to think about
and nothing but uncertainty about our future together.

Thanks for letting me rant.


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