A new year, and a winner!

No, this will not be a post about New Year's resolutions.
I never do those. I mean seriously, hand on your heart;
How many resolutions have you been able to stick to through the years?

Less meat, less sugar, less alcohol. More exercise, more books,
more BLAAHH. If anything, I vow to eat and drink whatever I want.
To think less about what is the norm, and more about what I want.

Because let's face it: What have restrictions and shame ever done for us,
besides make us feel like utter crap? So, screw it all and bring on the chocolate!
Yes, that is my attitude towards life this year. Feel free to join in :)

Hmm, I guess this actually did become a post about New Year's resolutions
after all... but inversed. Either way, here's my New Year's wish for us all:

And now for something completely different:
The winner of my final blog challenge giveaway is Winter Moon!
Congratulations, Yvonne! I will get the secret package to you soon :)


22 kommentarer:

  1. Oh my gosh, seriously?
    Thank you, that is so sweet of you, what a truly wonderful surprise!
    Yippee! (I'm doing an excited little dance in my head)

    I'm with you on the resolutions, I don't see the point, but I'm definitely going to be doing more of something I enjoy, and that's reading. I am determined to make more time for books this year and get through the ones I've been longing to read.

    Happy new year my dear. May this one be blessed with all the things yourself and your Cinnamon man are dreaming of x

    Thank you :)

    1. Hey congrats, Winter Moon! We're a couple of lucky ducks, aren't we? At least you showed some restraint and didn't shout out I WON, I WON, I WON! ;o)

    2. Ha ha - My Yippee roughly translates as I won, I won I won! :)

    3. It is wonderful to be able to make people living as far as the other side of the world happy with little tokens and gifts! Blog friends are the best :)
      My aim is to get all my (overdue) packages to the mail office in the coming week.

  2. Excellent idea for a non-resolution New Year's, Ms. Misantropia! Honestly, there was only one year I actually managed to stick to the whole “I'm gonna lose 40 pounds” resolution and actually lost it. But it eventually crept back. I think I'm finally at the age that as long as I'm not obese, I can just sit back and enjoy life without worrying too much about that spare tire, right? Anyway, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it. ;o)

    Here's to a wonderful 2014 to you and yours, Ms. Misantropia!

    P.S. I'm sending you this link for Notes from the Universe. I subscribed to this last year and even though I know they're canned notes, I really enjoy reading my little uplifting email from the Universe every morning. I thought you might like it, too... it helps me start out my day on a positive note. :o)


    1. I'm totally with you. The fat shaming and "health" obsession really has to stop. To me, all that is just another addiction. And what is life - really - without some good ale, chocolate, creamy pasta..? (..now I'm getting hungry :))

      I will check out your link, thank you.
      And have a wonderful 2014 you too!

  3. Svar
    1. That's easy: For Cinnamon man to be allowed to stay in Sweden.

  4. Happy New Year!

  5. Congratulations Yvonne! Your post reminds me of Gordon's latest: http://runesoup.com/2013/12/reform-the-line/ :)

    1. I'm a little confused as to how my tiny post reminded you of this guy's essay on foreign politics and atrocities in 2013..? But thanks for the link tip!

  6. Last year I stuck to the most important of my resolutions-- to write every good thing and place it in a jar, and to craft more and keep posting on my blog. But that is the only year I recall ever sticking to my "resolutions".

    My you continue surviving the coming years!
    Hopefully this new year brings you more good days than bad ones! That's the best we can hope for, right? Heh.

    1. Yes, I might have to revise my statement: It is the kind of resolutions most people do that are wrong - Denying ourselves things, or vowing to do more of the things we actually loathe.

      Listening more to oneself, giving oneself (and others) compliments, doing more of what makes us happy - those are excellent resolutions :)

  7. Love and blessings! Hope the New Year will be wonderful, creative, and beautiful for you!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer!
      Happy new Year!

  8. Congrats to Winter Moon!

    You had me at "bring on the chocolate!" :D Happy New Year!

    1. Hah yes, It's a slogan many of us can get behind. Imagine if politicians started using it ;)

  9. A few years ago my only resolutions were "drink more beer" and "go to more concerts." That was a good year.


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