Haunted TV shows

This Humpday I'm gonna talk a little about three new fall TV shows
that fit our Haunted Humpday theme, all dealing with such things
as witches, ghosts, magic, monsters and death.

Sleepy Hollow 

 5 episodes aired. FOX, Mondays.

Pros: Decent acting, scary monsters, fun mythology, pretty setting.

Cons: Silly storyline, too much episodal instead of serial, unanswered/
under developed questions about a 1790's man meeting the year 2013.

Sleepy Hollow is a mixed bag. As others have pointed out; half the time
it's a little dull (when dealing with episodal monsters/issues) and half the time
it's really entertaining (when dealing with the story at its core).
One good sign is that, even though it has already been picked up for
a second season, they are not extending the first with more "filler" episodes
(Can anyone say 'Revenge'? *sigh*). It will remain only 10 episodes long.

American Horror Story: Coven

1 episode aired. FX, Wednesdays.

Pros: Strong and interesting female actors and characters, engaging
and scary story-lines and imagery, beautiful setting, I could go on and on... :)

Cons: Some silly supernatural powers, almost too horrific in places.

Granted, only one episode has aired to date, but I am already thrilled!
It's got voodoo, New Orleans, crazy witchy powers and great characters.
I rarely have anything to complain about when it comes to the making
of AHS - it is pretty much flawless - but the second season was all too
long and depressing for my taste. So I was delighted to see that they have
incorporated a bit more humor and sassiness into this the third season.

Witches of East End

2 episodes aired. LIFETIME, Sundays.

Pros: Strong female characters, pretty setting, has a 'Charmed'/'Practical Magic' feel.

Cons: Jenna Dewan-Tatum's over acting, Julia Ormond looking uncomfortable,
issues with writing, direction, dialog, camera angles, cutting, the "action" scenes...

Witches of East End is unfortunately turning out to be a sad, soapy affair.
Where the first episode struggled with bouts of over acting, at least it
presented a pretty charming storyline, and set a fairly promising pace.
But that second episode - what a mess! Cinnamon man tells me I can't
expect better from Lifetime. Either way, I won't be tuning in next week.

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24 kommentarer:

  1. I absolutely agree with you about all three shows...I am most excited about AHS Coven but sure hope they don't have to be 'over the top' shocking in every episode. Thanks for the reviews and here is my post for HHHD! http://tabithalenox.blogspot.com/2013/10/happy-haunted-humpdayhi-my-name-is-jeff.html

    1. Yes, I hope so too. Those early torture scenes for instance were a little too much.

  2. I have to admit I've only watched American Horror Story.. I really liked it!
    Sleepy hollow looks interesting only because the guy is interesting looking lol
    The other show I won't even bother... I don't really care for that soap opera type stuff.plus I've watched previews for it... And yeah it looks like something I would never watch.

    Thanks for the info:)
    Happy Haunted Humpday!!

    1. No, soap opera is not for me either. I was hoping for something else :(

  3. I was thinking about giving Sleepy Hollow a shot, it seems to be entertaining. I might as well try AHS, but to be honest, I'm sceptic about the charaters...when you say 'strong female characters', do you mean actually developed personalities or more like the badass, tough, overly classy but sassy kind of females who always have something to say...?

    1. AHS has many well developed different female characters. They have strengths and flaws, depths and masks. They get subjected to unspeakable things, they hatch brilliant plans, they act crazy, they act absolutely normal and sane.
      Every season is a different story, with different characters, so you can just jump right in!

    2. Alright, then you, I'll give it a go then. ^^

  4. I haven't watched any of the American Horror Story series, but I'm very excited about Coven (yet to watch). I was worried about the super-supernatural bits... It seems that it's becoming the norm with this kind of show and it annoys me.

    Oh, I also want to watch it because of the great clothes ;-D

    1. Well, AHS is all about vicious people, the über crazy monsters, ghosts and supernatural anything. Last season they even pulled some Nazis and aliens into the mix... Though no vampires or werewolves yet :)

  5. I haven't seen any of them, because I don't have cable.
    I watch TV when it goes to Netflix. The first two, especially the middle one, looks interesting.

    Good reviews!

    1. You can watch many of these shows for free on-line, for instance through tv.com or their respective network websites!

  6. I started watching Sleepy hollow but have not made it a point to keep up. Good thing I can catch up online.
    Since I don't get any of the other channels, I did not know about those shows.

    1. Sleepy Hollow's best episodes were 1 and 4. Don't worry about missing out on anything important with the others :)

  7. I appreciate your reviews. I have watched two of the three. And the only pro I have for any of the is damn, Ichabod Crane can come round and visit me any time he wants. Hot hunk warning.
    Sorry, I didn't even realize that they had any dialog in the episodes of Sleepy Hollow I've watched.
    Tee hee, Oma Linda

    1. I would have to agree with you there, Linda :)

  8. I catch bits and pieces of all three. I usually don't get to sit and watch a show.... I got four kids =)

    1. Four kids - wow. All I have are furry babies :)

  9. Oh - I haven't seen any of these - but have been dying to see Sleepy Hollow.

    Best of luck with your giveaway :)

    Have a lovely weekend x

  10. I watched Coven - my God, I love Jessica Lange. :o)

  11. I've tried to see them and at this point I am not sure what to think....maybe no...
    They just don't hold my interest.

  12. American Horror Story, YES YES! The Witches! I have been waiting for this amazing cast of characters, all my favourites!


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