1 Saturday evening, 4 horror movies

One of the less pleasant side effects of my new and really demanding (but also hopefully
really helpful) dynamic therapy is the sudden onset of new and exciting symptoms.
During the last few weeks my anxiety levels have gone through the roof.
This didn't use to be a big problem for me, since I was always more of an "evenly"
and constantly depressed person. But lately things have been tricky, more unpredictable.

So yesterday afternoon when I came home from work, I told Cinnamon man
that I needed an evening of distraction and escapism, to take my mind off things.
And there are very few things that distract me as much as horror movies do.
Said and done, we started off with the new release, The Conjuring, from this year.
We both liked it a lot. It had good flow, a retro 70's setting and some nice scares.
The haunted house story has certainly been told before, but this one was entertaining.

After the movie, Cinnamon man even found himself inspired to make our own horror movie.
The director, James Wan, clearly did something right, which I thought meant that
he must have made other great movies. And he has; Saw and Insidious for instance.
But on Imdb.com a horror movie I hadn't seen before caught my eye; Dead Silence from 2007.
Encouraged by The Conjuring, we put it on and immediately my curiosity came back
to bite me in the ass. Is it a parody? Is it meant to be campy and shitty? Who knows.

Cinnamon man bailed out half way through to play video games and towards the end,
when The Midnight Meat Train from 2008 came on the TV I was relieved
to avert my eyes from Dead Silence, even though I have seen T.M.M.T. before.
Compared to the two previous horror movies Midnight Meat Train is a gore fest.
But it's nicely and darkly shot, and Bradley Cooper is good in almost everything he does.

 Last but not least; When midnight rolled around, and Cinnamon man was engaged
in an on-line battle, there was nothing else for this insomniac to do than to change
the channel and watch Fallen from 1998. It's such a blast from a past when I was 21,
when watching Denzel doing Denzel was still interesting. And the movie still holds up!
Not so much a horror movie as a supernatural thriller, it is full of chills and mystery.


Honestly I often prefer a solid thriller, since the acting is usually several levels above
that of most horror movies. But can someone tell me what the hell happened
to the thriller genre? It seems like forever since I saw a decent one.
Nowadays everything is action packed, or teeny angsty, or truly boring.

So, how did you guys spend your weekend?


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  1. That's great that your therapy has already begun!

    I'm a scaredy cat and can't watch these types of movies.

    However, I LOVE old thrillers, Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, etcetera. Do they even make thrillers anymore?

    1. Exactly, do they actually make them? It's funny how many adults are afraid of horror movies :)

  2. I watched the trailers, and I'm afraid they're movies I won't be able to watch, either. I had no idea Bradley Cooper was in something called Midnight Meat Fest! I always want to watch the really scary horror movies, but as soon as it gets a little frightening, I have to leave the room. What a baby. :P

    I did go to see The World's End at the theatre last night. I love Simon Pegg and since the movie's about beer, obviously I loved the movie, too!

    So despite being difficult, the therapy is going well? Too soon to tell, probably. This stuff always takes time... :o)

    1. I've been reading about 'The World's End' and now I have to watch it!

      Yes a little too soon to know, but it feels right. Thanks for asking :)

  3. My friend really recommended the Conjuring and said that it is one of the best horror movies she saw as of late. And I remember I really liked Fallen, although I haven't watched it in a long time...

    1. Yes, The Conjuring was really a nice surprise.

  4. Sorry to hear that you've been struggling with a lot of anxiety. It's kind of ironic that you're able to relieve anxiety by watching scary movies. I hope you're feeling a little better soon! :)

    1. Hah, yes. I guess it's like Ritalin for ADHD ;) Horror movies flood my senses and drown out the other strong emotions.

  5. I loved The conjuring!
    Insidious 2 should be interesting also.
    I was really surprised the conjuring was as good as it was... Feeling disappointment after a horror/thriller movie is a pretty common feeling for me lately.
    Sorry your anxiety is on high right now... I'm glad you have something to focus on while its going on.

    Hope your week improves:)

    1. Thank you! I'm also looking forward to Insidious 2, I liked the first one.

  6. We just watched The Conjuring last week. I liked it! Yes, the story is not new, but I really liked the spooky moments, and also the actors on the screen. Vera Farmiga was awesome in her role!
    I can't wait to see some other horror movies of 2013, lets's see if they have something interesting for us.

    1. I too love Vera Farmiga, she is amazing in everything she does.

  7. What a fantastic evening of horror!

    I think I may have been living under a rock - I haven't seen any of these movies.

    I must start watching more - most definitely!

    Have a good week : )

    1. What..? NONE of them? Unfathomable! ;) I definitely recommend The Conjuring - start there.

  8. Movies are delicious therapy. My Piano Man knows that when I'm feeling pissed off I need to watch things going boom, if I'm feeling down a B movie lifts my spirits, horror is good in all occasions ;-D

    I haven't seen The Midnight Meat Train... love that title.

    1. It is exactly as gruesome as the title suggests :)
      And if you enjoy B-movies you might actually like Dead Silence...


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