The dress conundrum, part 2 - or; Dyeing polyester

After I first wrote my last post I have been thinking about
my abundance of dresses - a lot. I wrote that entry a while ago,
and it has been waiting to be published for a couple of weeks.
 One of the first things I did after counting my dresses was to look at
'Shop your wardrobe' blogs, and other tip sites. I also immediately threw out
two old and worn out dresses. Then I googled around for fabric dyes.

Dyes for natural fabrics are easy to come by in Sweden,
but those illusive poly dyes are impossible to find - even at web shops.
So, I emailed a blog friend, the marvelous Magaly of Pagan Culture
- a resident of the more versatile dyeing inclined United States - to ask for help.
Sweet Magaly is a champ, and a few weeks later I had my goods!

Since I'm off (which is also the reason to why I've become such a
prolific blogger during the last few weeks) I dove right in to the dyeing business.
I had two dresses that were just waiting for this; One fairy style blueish dress,
and one pink princess dress. Both pretty, but definitely the wrong colors for me...

Polyester, nylon and other synthetic fibers can only be dyed
at really high temperatures. Dyeing in the washing machine
doesn't work, one has to do it on the stove top, in boiling water.
Other than that it's pretty simple. All you need to do is stir constantly
for up to one hour. I decided to bake some cookies in the meantime :)

When I had dyed the former gray-blueish dress, now an amazing purple color,
I threw in the pink one. I knew this might not work too well,
since most of the dye and the "intensifier" had been sucked up by
the first dress, but I gave it a go. Fortunately the tulle layer dyed anyway
and I ended up with a light lilac dress with a lush violet tulle layer.

As you can tell, the shades turned out differently depending on the fabric,
so the original color can't really be used as an indication of what result to expect.
(For instance, I thought the pink dress would turn out a little 'redder'
than the blue dress, but it was the other way around). Also, boiling damages all types
of fabric, so I wouldn't recommend doing this to something expensive.

But I am so very happy with the results (Purple, purple, purple!),
and the fact that I can now use two more of the dresses in my closet!
I would totally recommend these dye packs to anyone :)

And in the whole dress hoarder scheme of things, I think revamping some,
throwing out some - and just not buying any more for a while - is the way to go.
...and possibly beginning a line of outfit posts..? :)


17 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, I could use these colors as well, there are 3 dresses in my wardrobe which I would prefer in another color. But as in Sweden, in Germany such colors are not available...

    1. It's so stupid, I can't understand why countries who have had dyes for natural fibers for 50 years can't get their act together for synthetics!

  2. The revamped dresses look fab! It's amazing what a simple change of colour can do!

    1. Absolutely, even just re-dyeing ones blacks makes a huge difference.

  3. They do look gorgeous!

    I especially love how the pink one turned out.

    I can't wait to see your future outfit posts : )

    1. Thanks! But I have always kept my face hidden on my blog, so first I'm thinking about different ways to showcase outfits without having to cut my head out of every picture...

    2. You're creative, I'm pretty sure you could make some
      amazing masks to wear for your outfit posts : )

  4. I love iDye! I've never tried the poly stuff before so it's good to know it works. Your dresses are so much better in purple, Ms. Misantropia! :D

    I can't find iDye in Calgary either, so I order online from G&S Dye in Toronto. They ship worldwide AND they take PayPal!


    I love dyeing things. The whole idea of not knowing how it's going to turn out makes me very happy!

    1. I know right - everything is better in purple :) And it's so weird - but that's one of the things I love too, the not knowing exactly what to expect! Thanks for the link tip, I might try them next time.

  5. Så bra det blev! som två helt nya klänningar ju :D

  6. The dresses look fantastic! And the pinkish to purple change looks perfect and then some. They look completely different. I might have to start dyeing some stuff... ;-D

    1. I know - it's like I have a whole new wardrobe now - woot!

  7. Ooooh...gorgeous shades of purple! This makes me want to dye things.

    1. You should! It's such a fun and easy craft, and makes you feel like you have a whole new wardrobe (now that I've dyed 10 more things purple I almost have...)

  8. Wow! I was thinking of dyeing a couple of things in my closet, I might have to do this! I don't know if they would fit on the stove top, though.

    1. I have a big pot (I think my mom gave it to me) that I have only used maybe twice for food, but that is perfect for dyeing projects. I would recommend looking in thrift shops and flea markets. Any old used big pot will do!


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