The dress conundrum, part 1

Some women can't resist a new bag, many women own several pairs of shoes
that they never wear, and some women collect make-up. Me - I have dresses.
Many dresses. Actually, you could possibly say I have a dress fetish.
 But, before I sign up for DBA (Dress Buyers Anonymous - I'm sure they exist!),
I would like your ten cents, my dear readers. Just how many are too many?

I would like to see myself as a collector and thrifter. I like pre-owned and upcycled.
At least 5 of my dresses are 10-15 years old, another 10 are 5-10 years old,
and at least 5-10 have been either gifted to me or were inherited.
5 dresses I have sewn myself, 5 are slips that I wear under thinner dresses.
The big bulk of my dresses though, were bought on the Swedish equivalent to Ebay
- Tradera. They never cost me more than 100 kr (15 USD) a piece.

But - I have around 65 dresses. (Some of them are stored away for summer,
so an exact estimation is difficult.) I could write an outfit post every week
for a year and still have, not only more dresses, but also all my other clothes
left to showcase. I googled "I have too many dresses" and found this blog.
This woman admits to being a shopaholic - and she has 71 dresses...

A small selection thrown together only to have a picture in this post.

I think one of my biggest problems is that I can't resist a crazy bargain.
I don't go for the expensive stuff, and I rarely spend more than 250 kr (40 USD)
on any item of clothing. But when I see that '70% off' sign...
Though, I would much rather have 4 new cheap dresses that I can actually
live and work in, than one super fancy dress I never find a reason to wear.

The second issue I have is that I have never been able to throw out a dress.
I have tons of old clothes sitting by the sewing machine, waiting to be taken in
or changed. And though I would love to give stuff away to friends
who I knew would use and love my cast-offs - I can't bring myself
to put my pretty things in a bin - not even one for donation...

That being said, I do use at least half of my dresses regularly.
I dress up for work and I do a pretty good job rotating my wardrobe.
And I don't have this hoarding issue when it comes to other clothing.

So, what do you guys think? Do you collect something?
Is there something you own that you are afraid to even count..?
I would love to hear facts and numbers, people! :)
(And tune in for part 2, where I actually decide to do something about this!)


16 kommentarer:

  1. These days things in my household are pretty balanced. I haven't had as much of a chance to collect things as I did back in Canada.

    I did have a tendency to hoard fabric, in the past...
    You could say clothes in general, but that just comes with the territory of loving to sew clothing lol.

    1. I have a bit of a fabric collection too. I always imagine I will sew great things - in the future...

  2. I dread to think how many dresses I have, I want to count them now to
    make sure, but I'm pretty sure 65 is a lot.

    Having said that, I know how hard it is to part with lovely clothes, especially dresses.

    I say if you wear them and have the space, keep them all : )

    1. I like you attitude! :) Did you count yours..?

  3. I used to hoard fabrics, & some yarn, but downsizing apartment size has cut that habit! I knew a man who spends every summer in Thailand, & those environs. While there he indulges in tailor made shirts. He has well over 300, probably closer to 400 by now. However, he lives alone, has a spare bedroom for a closet, & wears all of these shirts. I don't think he has too many shirts, I don't think you have too many dresses.

    1. Wow, hundreds of shirts! Thank you, now I don't feel so bad about my dresses :)

  4. I guess by now it goes without saying that I collect and save practically everything. Although not dresses. Boots, however - that's a whole different story! And taxidermy. And fabric. Books. Magazines. Craft supplies. Have I left anything out?

    But if you wear most of them, it doesn't seem like it's so bad to have that many. But maybe you shouldn't listen to advice from someone who could potentially be on the next installment of A&E's Hoarders ... :P

    1. I have my fair share of boots too :) I would love to see your collections on tv, whether it's hoarding or not!

  5. I think that that's a perfectly acceptable number of dresses, if they all still fir you and you have worn them in the last year! All the ones that still need mending and altering, though... I'd give myself a time-limit to mend/alter them, and if I don't do within that limit, then it's time to sell them :)

    1. Hmm - only if I've worn them all within the last year..? That can only be said about a little more than half of them, I'm afraid... You're right about the mending and altering, I should set a date.

  6. Everyone's got their thing. I cache all sorts of weird things. At least dresses are useful.

    1. OOooo, what kind of weird things? I would love to know :)

    2. One of these days I'll have to do a "Weird Things Tante Owns" post.

  7. Jag har faktiskt samma cravings. Klänningar! Jag är dock ganska bra på att skiljas från vissa så jag säljer och köper nya ibland. Det mesta antalet klänningar jag ägt samtidigt är dock bara 21 st. Just nu vet jag inte hur många jag har.

    klänningar är ju ett så praktiskt klädesplagg, det är ju bara att ta på sig en klänning och gå ut, man behöver inte stå och matcha allt möjligt.

    1. Javisst är det superpraktiskt. Nästan hela min garderob består av klänningar, tights och koftor :)


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