A girl and a glue gun

This was supposed to be an entry about my first Halloween craft
for the year, something I entered in to with a certain amount of glee.
It seemed like an easy and quick enough paper task, but alas - no.
In its defense, it's not the fault of the craft itself, but the method I chose.

It's hard to believe, but I had never used a glue gun before.
We bought a cheap little thing at a supermarket 6 months ago,
and it's just been sitting in my craft room ever since. And I should have
left it there, but I thought it would be perfect for this craft.

So I plugged it in, put the glue in and pushed. Nothing happened.
I turned up the heat and a little glue came out, but it stiffened before
I could even put two things together. Two seconds later of course,
there was hot glue everywhere, running down the side of the gun,
dripping on everything - gluing random pieces of paper together.

This craziness went on for about 2 minutes, then suddenly something zinged
- and a red and white spark shot from the gun! I couldn't believe my eyes.
I should have kept to my economy bottle of traditional glue...

After all the commotion the paper craft also turned out less sophisticated
than I would have liked. But that is mostly due to the limited
selection of Halloween themed/ colored papers I had in the house.
Though, I guess Halloween doesn't always need to be pretty...

On a entirely different note; 
My Mad Tea Party giveaway is still open (until Saturday the 20th).
Follow the link and comment on the post for a chance to win!

I have also noticed that I am closing in on 100 followers (Thank you!),
and I'm thinking about stealing an idea from another fabulous blogger friend
- Mme Mortem - and host another (BIG) giveaway when I get there :)


16 kommentarer:

  1. I'm terrible with glue. Your pumpkin turned out very cute :)

  2. Oh, your pumpkin is adorable! You'd never guess that there were dramas behind the scenes. I've used a glue gun quite a lot. They can be awkward, but they're handy for certain crafts, like gluing something onto a wreath, for example.

    1. I can imagine they're good for wreaths, I will have to try a wreath craft... when I get a new gun :)

  3. I love your pumpkin, it is awesome! That is crazy what happened with your glue gun. i use one all the time and i know i have to watch it or it just leaks glue, but not like what you had.

    1. Oh, so the glue leakage is a thing in normal guns too? Good to know :)

  4. Your pumpkin turned out perfectly in the end, I'd never guess you had any problems.

    Congratulations on reaching almost 100 followers, a giveaway sounds like a good idea.

    Enjoy your day : )

    1. Thank you, I want to come up with a really good giveaway - but so far I have no ideas...

  5. Sweet little pumpkin. I can see making up a batch, adding a little goodie bag, & using them for placeholders at a Halloween dinner party. Here there are two type of glue guns: high & low temp. I usually get impatient & end up scorching my finger tips getting everything done the way I want it. As for those little threads of glue, I use a blow dryer to get rid of them. Hope you returned your defective glue gun! Dangerous.

    1. That is such a great idea! I steal your this and make smaller ones for Halloween. Thanks!

  6. Sheesh, Ms. Misantropia... lucky you didn't burn down your cottage! But the pumpkin still looks adorable, no matter the drama!

    I had an inexpensive low-heat glue gun which didn't work very well. The glue never really got hot enough and things wouldn't stay together. So I invested in a high-heat gun and it works great! But I do burn my fingers a lot on that one. Still, like Little Gothic Horrors mentions, they're great for gluing things on wreaths and also attaching taxidermy to the stumps.

    Congrats on being practically at 100 followers - that's so awesome! :o)

    1. Thank you Insomniac! And yes, I've heard horror stories of forgotten glue guns causing fires.

  7. Considering the glue-gun disaster, I think the pumpkin looks excellent! I'd love a few of those in my house when the merry month of October rolls around. :-)

    1. Thank you, tey are very simple to make, just google 'paper pumpkin' :)

  8. Vad fint det blev!

    haha, du skulle bara veta hur ofta jag använder limpistol. Jag använder det till typ ALLT pyssel. Och jag har många permanenta brännskador tack vare det ;P

    1. Usch, det låter hemskt! Men jag förstår hur lätt det kan hända... Jag antar att det tar viss övning för att bemästra limpistolen.


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