'T'was the night before Halloween

Ok no, it wasn't really. More like 134 days before, but who's counting?
As it turns out, quite a few of us apparently. Crazy Halloweenies :)

Last night I dreamt I was walking down a NYC street, and came upon
an old brownstone painted bright Halloween orange, with tons of animated
Halloween props all around the porch, in the narrow sliver of a garden,
and even spilling out into the street. I was completely amazed and elated.
Apparently it was "The House that celebrates Halloween all year 'round".

How could I not have heard about this?! I thought.
Right next door was a charming B&B with a great all-hours colorful bar,
and next to that, a several stories tall beautiful old antiquarian shop.
It was certainly one of the best dreams I have ever had,
and if NYC was anything like my dream I'd move there in an instant!

I got the question recently; What is your favorite movie?
It is a difficult question to answer for someone like me.
To narrow down my long list I need a context, or a season.
 A couple of months ago I listed my 3 favorite comfort movies.
But since Halloween has been on my mind a lot lately, 
today I give you 3 of my favorite Halloween movies:

I have watched them all over the last few days, suddenly longing
for fallen leaves, big orange pumpkins and more scary fun than I can handle.
I think it might have been set off in part by the coming Mad Tea Party...
So, even though it might be considered the wrong time of year by some for this;
 What are your favorite, or traditional, Halloween movies?


8 kommentarer:

  1. Was I there? Close to the ever-Halloween house? I hope I was, 'cause I would love it, too!

    My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus I love the sweet silly thing. And I love watching The Addams Family Wednesday Addams always puts me in the Halloween mood ;-D

    1. Oh, I forgot to include "The Addams family"! I watched that one too just the other day :)

  2. I'm sure I have many more favourites but I just can't think straight under pressure! So for now, the two I always watch at Hallowe'en without fail are Dracula - the original with Bela Lugosi, and the new one with Gary Oldman. And then whatever else happens to be showing on TV that week for Hallowe'en.

    Amazingly, I've never watched Donnie Darko OR Trick or Treat. But just by looking at the Trick or Treat cover, I'm pretty sure that's one I shouldn't watch. Looks scary. :o)

    If you ever figure out where that brownstone is, I'm always up for a road trip!

    1. Trick or Treat is gory in places, but also pretty funny. Donnie Darko is darkly funny, but ultimately pretty sad.

      It's been ages since I watched either of the Draculas, gotta get on that :)

  3. Yea, quite early to think of Halloween, but I like it!!! I can say that my Halloween never ends as I keep on watching horror movies all year long!
    I do LOVE Sleepy Hallow too! watched several times. I agree with Insomniac about Dracula with Gary Oldman - it is an enchanting movie! I also do like The Interview with the Vampire, and come on, Harry Potter!

    1. I never got in to Harry Potter. I never read the books, and the protagonists were too young to watch movie after movie after movie...
      But I have to look up Dracula again - it used to be my favorite movie!

  4. I lived in NYC, and though I've never actually seen what you described, I wouldn't put it past someone to have a house just like that there. I'm sad to admit that I never understood Donnie Darko. But I'm glad it makes you happy! :-)

    1. I don't think there is one clear answer/ solution to Donnie Darko. All we really know is that he is a paranoid schizophrenic with severe delusions and hallucinations. The whole warped story could just be a figment of his mind, or there really is such a thing as time travel. But in that case the movie has several inconsistencies (though, most time travel movies have).


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