Mature dark fashion, or; Life in the jungle

In her latest post Linnéa på landet talks about the difficulties finding  
"stores with a more mature look if you like dark fashion" 
 and it got me thinking about my own style. I can relate to her sentiment,
I definitely have a mature dark look. But pure goth is to young or punky,
and "normal" fashion is boring or too much bubblegum. Maybe there are
 more of us out there; 30 to 40 year olds with a dark fashion sense?

Though, I feel that I have found a way to make the romantic "shabby" fashion
(that can be found everywhere in Sweden) really work for me.
Just a few days ago the store next door pulled out their first summer sale items.
The pinks, greens, whites, beige and yellow were hurting my eyes.
 But among the dresses some lonely blacks and chocolates caught my attention.
And as it turned out - while the pink and beige dresses were 30-40 % off,
their darker exact counterparts were all 70% off! (Of course I bought one.)

When it comes to clothes I like to pretend that I am a big cat in the jungle.
I patiently search out and stalk my pretty dark prey through the whites and pinks.
I gage the prizes compared to popularity, and to my own notebook. Then I settle in,
waiting for the sale - and usually, the darker clothes will always be the last to go.
I have bought many dark and beautiful, originally expensive dresses on sale this way.

So, if this ramble is going to amount to anything, it will be this piece of advice:
Don't let the beige ruffles in the store window dissuade you from going in.
Look at it as a treasure hunt; there are gems to be found among the rocks.
 And if the store does have something for you, the usual clientèle will probably
not go for it, which hopefully means it will be on sale - even in your size!


10 kommentarer:

  1. Actually, I think you should lookat the shapes and cuts rather, than the colors, because most shops will have each design in differen colors and since black is ine of the basic colors, you'll most likely find the item you like in black too.

    It's completely the other way around here, colorful clothes go on sale more often with a much bigger discount...I guess, black is still too classy for 70%...:P

    1. It sounds like things are very different in Eastern European countries...

  2. Yay for getting a dark dress you liked -- and what could be better than 70% off? Great!! :-)

    1. Yes, especially for broke-ass me!

  3. One of the things I love doing when traveling to the southern United States, is scouring their antique stores and flea markets for vintage clothing and jewelry. Since goth isn't usually wildly popular in these small southern towns, you can find some treasures for next to nothing.

    1. Exactly! Over here fashion is very bright and pastel-y, and vintage is all about the 1950's-60's. No-one wants the beautiful black lace dresses!

  4. Ja jag har själv grinat illa åt vissa skyltfönster med pastelliga kläder. Vem fanken vill ha ett par jeans där man ser ut som ett rosa grisarsel i, eller Grodan boll med sina gröna ben.
    Hurra för höstkollektioner och i år verkar de vara tidigare än någonsin! :)

    1. Haha! Jag tycker också att färgerna nuförtiden är så konstigt urvattnade på något sätt; ljus korall, mesig blå och MASSOR av beige. Wtf liksom?

  5. Just like Underground For Tea mentioned-- here in Arizona black is almost always on sale, hehe.
    I don't get to do a whole lot of vintage/thrift shopping these days, but when I do go I always find at least 2-3 gems.

    But in Canada, it's similar to what Lynoire mentioned-- black is scarcely on sale.

    1. Score 1 for Arizona! And one more reason for me to want to visit Canada :)


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