June green house tour

***Warning: Image heavy post***

Today I thought I would invite you on a tour of our large old and decrepit green house.
Please excuse the broken and dirty windows, the weeds and the clutter :)

 We will begin with a look at the tomatoes! This year we planted Roma, Cherry
and Beef tomatoes, but because we were late planting we haven't had any yet.
I make daily inspections - patience is a virtue I have yet to possess...


The big bush in the background there is my Belladonna.
As you might notice, she has tripled in size over the last few weeks!
She is now 7 or 8 feet tall, and even wider than that.
I also noticed little babies of hers popping up here and there...


 Cinnamon man is crazy about zucchini, so we grow several each year.
Last year we let them grow as big as arms, and we ended up with
much more than we knew what to do with. This year we have decided
to pick them while they are smaller and tastier. We had the first 4 a few days ago,
fried with herbal batter, Provencal style. They were delicious!

 This year we planted a mix of six different lettuce and New Zealand Spinach.
We also have sweet peas/sugar snaps growing in one corner
(but I forgot to take a picture of those).
 It's a luxury taking that little harvesting walk out to the green house before dinner!

We put the lettuce in between the tomatoes, and pushed them in to
every other little left over piece of soil we could find.
Then we gave away at least 10 of them to friends and family,
and still we have several plants we don't know what to do with.
I haven't been able to bring myself to throw them out yet.

Last year we planted our Halloween pumpkins on the hill
and unfortunately they were quickly over-grown by heavy weeds.
The resulting harvest was a measly 2 pumpkins from 4 vines.
The edible gray pumpkins on the other hand,
we put in the greenhouse, and got 2 nice pumpkins off every vine.

 So this year we have arranged a pumpkin patch in the green house,
hoping for several big pumpkins in time for October.
(The tree trunks you see are for keeping the collapsing roof in place...)

In the green house I also have two lovely grape vines; Riesling and Himrod.
They are 5 years old and yield way too much fruit every year.
This spring I cut them back heavily, to give the pumpkin patch some light,
but the vines are totally un-phased. They are actually growing through
the ceiling out across the roof of the green house now.

I hope you enjoyed our little tour!
Are you growing something of your own this year?


20 kommentarer:

  1. Do you see the hint of sparkly green leaking out of my comment? That's good old envy. I sooo want an greenhouse! I don't know what you are calling "decrepit," lady, your greenhouse is a dream!

    1. Although the green house was a big reason for buying the house, and I love it, it has begun to fall apart. HUGE chards of glass come crashing down and the roof is caving in. You know that green house scene in "The Hand that Rocked the Cradle"..?

  2. I dare not show this to the spouse, either - he'd also be green with envy. But I might just save a picture or two for him so maybe he can build one next year.

    I love it just the way it is. I wouldn't change anything, especially not the broken and dirty windows - I'm quite fond of those myself. I haven't fixed most of the broken ones in our house - adds to its charm, I think. I'm sure whoever buys the place will think otherwise, though. ;o)

    1. I wouldn't care about broken windows, but when it's in the roof... I expect to be decapitated any day now :)

      I do hope you get a green house in the future. It brings so much joy!

  3. I'm impressed,your plants all look brilliant!
    I especially like the pumpkin plants and am glad to hear you'll have a good crop in time for Halloween : )

    1. Thank you! Yes, the Halloween pumpkins might be the most important thing in there :)

  4. Your greenhouse is awesome! I've never known someone who had a greenhouse before. Cool! Your veggies look great, and I'm sure you'll have a nice haul over the summer. :-)

    1. Thanks! I don't know many who have one either, and it is hard to grow things in Sweden.

  5. Wow! Your greenhouse is spectacular! I'm very envious because I don't have a green thumb at all!

    1. I was sure I had a black thumb for many years too. It turns out, all you have to do is read about your plant on-line and follow the advice :)

  6. Åh vad mysigt med ett växthus!

    1. Det är jättemysigt, men mycket jobb!

  7. Wondergreenhouse! Love absolutely all you have there!!! Aww.. I miss my parents so much now! They must having pretty veggies this year at their dacha :)
    I grow nothing at the present, waiting for better season to come in August.

    1. Thank you, but how great it must be to be able to grow things year around! The growing and harvesting season is short in Sweden.

  8. Nää nu blir jag rejält avundsjuk! Ett sådant växthus skulle jag också¨vilja ha, där man kan få plats med det mesta som är lite tjurigt här. :P . Jag har ritningen klar till mitt växthus men det kommer inte på långa vägar bli lika stort som ditt. Vilken skatt du har!

    1. Växthuset var en av anledningarna till att jag valde att bo här - det är större än lilla huset faktiskt :) Vad spännande att designa ditt eget växthus!

  9. I just fainted with the amazingess of your greenhouse!! Oh my goooodness, it's amazing! I want to peek in! What treasures you grow!

    Greenhouse bliss!! ;)

    1. Thank you - that means a lot coming from you, the magical garden goddess!

  10. You are too lucky with your green thumbs!!! I have some baby basil, but that is all that survived of my lettuce, tomato, and herb trial. Maybe someday I will be as talented as you!

    How romantic to have your own greenhouse. I love those, especially when the condensation runs down the glass.

    1. Growing from seed is tricky for anyone - don't give up! I has taken me 6 years to get good, it's going to take another 6 for me to get great.


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